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Court of Justice of the European Union

Max Schrems at irish dpc

EU court rules US privacy protection inadequate

The Safe Harbor agreement, which businesses rely on for the transfer of personal data from the EU to US, is ruled invalid

Security online

Scottrade had no idea about data breach until the feds showed up

The breach affected around 4.6 million customers' names and addresses


Breach at Experian may have exposed data on 15 million consumers linked to T-Mobile

Consumers who applied for credit from T-Mobile since 2013 may have been affected

emv chip and pin

EMV sets the stage for a better payment future

Most merchants now have EMV credit card readers in place, yielding marginally improved security today -- and a platform for better payment systems arriving soon

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Dyreza malware steals IT supply chain credentials

Cyber criminals are shifting gears from online banking to companies that provide order fulfillment, warehouse management, and other services

Digital Key

Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise

Google's Project Zero team discovered two serious flaws in the driver the TrueCrypt full disk encryption program installs on Windows systems

cloud security lock

Is BYOK the key to secure cloud computing?

How realistic is it to 'bring your own keys?' Does your business want the burden of managing and securing its own cloud encryption keys?


What can be done about rogue IT?

Securing a customers information is critical, and Kelly McGowan, the Senior Director of Information Technologies at American Securities, tells us about how they are helping clients start those conversations.

Victim of identity theft

OPM breach nets another 4.5 million stolen fingerprints

The fingerprints of 5.6 million people have been stolen as a result of hackers penetrating the computer systems of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management earlier this year.

court of justice of european union

U.S. protection of Europeans' personal data is inadequate, says EU court official

The Advocate General's opinion could spell disruption for U.S. companies such as Facebook and Google processing Europeans' personal data


Why you should care about security and reliability of data on the Internet of things

Hortonworks just added to their portfolio an open source project, originating from the NSA, that provides and secures access to data from the Internet of things. This addition puts in an interesting perspective some challenges linked...

p6 man drawing cloud security

At Demo, Hadoop inventor calls NSA snooping a cautionary tale for devs

The NSA's secretive bulk collection of data should be a warning to developers that transparency about what data is collected and how it's used should be a cornerstone to any work they do


Why hackers want your health care data most of all

Not content to go after credit card info, hackers are honing in on health care data, which is much more valuable

Data security

5 facets of data security

From securing data from malicious attacks to preventing its unexpected dissemination, the palette of data security issues is broad, and technology is not the only answer

Digital Key

Credentials stored in Ashley Madison's source code might have helped attackers

The company's developers were careless with sensitive credentials like database passwords, secret keys, and authentication tokens, a security consultant found

Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozilla admits bug-tracker breach led to attacks against Firefox users

Hacker accessed Bugzilla for at least a year, maybe two; gained insight into flaw before it was patched

healthcare it security jobs

More than 80% of health care IT leaders say their systems have been compromised

Only half of IT managers feel they are adequately prepared to prevent future attacks

millennial hipster standing in front of huge black chalkboard looking at data

Are you a data hoarder? Hadoop offers little choice

Data governance is one of the toughest, dreariest problems in computing. Sadly, the tools offered with the major Hadoop distributions aren't really up to task

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