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Think that printer in the corner isn’t a threat? Think again

Sitting in the corner, sometimes collecting dust, is an overlooked attack surface

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Enterprises fall behind on protecting against phishing, detecting breaches

The ninth annual Verizon Data Breach Report had bad news on multiple fronts

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4 tech nightmares keeping IT leaders up at night

From data breaches to social engineering, there’s plenty to keep tech types tossing and turning

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Key battle looms in the war to protect privacy

User privacy is under attack from hackers, data miners, and the government, but the EFF and tech groups are fighting back

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Fight, Microsoft, fight: Save our civil liberties

It's an all-out war with the feds over safeguarding our personal freedoms, a cause that Microsoft has actively joined Apple on

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Inside job: What CIOs miss in preventing data leaks

DLP and user training are good defenses against accidental data loss, but companies need a third approach to detect insider threats

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Denial Syndrome: Users don’t think they'll get hacked

People who spend a good portion of their personal and professional lives online say they care about security and privacy. But most of them don’t act like it

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HTTP compression continues to put encrypted communications at risk

Researchers improve the BREACH attack to extract sensitive data from encrypted HTTPS connections faster

Matthew Karlyn

Why IT can’t handle data breaches alone

The entire C-suite and board is on the hot seat for security these days -- and that makes data breaches everyone's business

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Verizon's breach experts missed one right under their noses

An intruder to Verizon Enterprise stole contact data on customers -- maybe as many as 1.5 million

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27% of US office workers would sell their passwords

Password hygiene is actually deteriorating, despite all the recent media attention on data breaches, according to a new survey

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How to respond to ransomware threats

Your actions depend upon your level of risk and how badly you want the data returned to you unharmed

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Fight, Apple, fight: Don’t let the feds kill our security

We either have strong encryption and unassailable digital privacy, or we have total madness


DOD to invite security experts to Hack the Pentagon

The cyber bug bounty program is a first for the federal government, but you'll need to undergo a background check to enter

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

NSA seeks to combine offense and defense in its spy efforts

NSA chief Michael Rogers argues against a presidential commission's proposal to restrict the NSA to foreign intelligence, and asks the tech industry for help

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Companies detect breaches sooner, but attackers have gotten nastier

Organizations are getting better at spotting breaches -- nearly 30 percent sooner, according to a new report from Mandiant

EU-US Privacy Shield Logo

Five things you need to know about the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement

The Privacy Shield isn't yet in effect, but it could soon be providing privacy protection when EU citizens' personal information is transferred to the US

Vera Jourova

EU adds detail to Privacy Shield agreement, prepares to give it force of law

The agreement that will allow the export of EU citizens' personal data to the US for processing is taking shape

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