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DHS hack

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Decrypt SSL traffic to detect hidden threats

As more enterprises increase the amount of SSL traffic, more criminals are able to hide

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27% of all malware variants in history were created in 2015

Last year was a record year for malware, with more than 84 million new malware samples collected over the course of 2015

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Data destruction 101: There's more to it than wiping your drive

Infographic: What you need to know about preparing hard drives for reuse, recycling, and disposal

Court of Justice of the European Union

No agreement as deadline to replace Safe Harbor nears

EU and U.S. negotiators are struggling to reach agreement on a new transatlantic data-transfer agreement ahead of a Jan. 31 deadline set by privacy watchdogs

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Over 113 million health records breached in 2015 -- up 10-fold from 2014

One out of every three Americans was affected by a healthcare record breach last year

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Software development trends to look for in 2016

Native mobile and DevOps will be a continued focus, and "cloud computing" will become simply "computing"

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No matter who wins in US vs. Microsoft, we all lose

As the U.S. government and Microsoft battle over access to cloud data, major implications await both users and corporations

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Containerization moves beyond the full erase

The latest containerization technologies enable IT to create separate, protected areas for work apps and data on employees' personal devices. The challenge is to maintain security


Trend Micro flaw could have allowed attackers to steal all passwords

Trend has patched that problem and another remote execution flaw found by a well-known Google security researcher

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Antivirus software could make your company more vulnerable

Security researchers are worried that critical vulnerabilities in antivirus products are too easy to find and exploit

Dumb security mistakes that will get you fired

10 security blunders that will get you fired

From killing critical business systems to ignoring a critical security event, these colossal slip-ups will get your career in deep water quick

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HP tackles 'visual hacking' with privacy filters in laptop, tablet screens

HP wants to prevent Peeping Toms from stealing data with new privacy filters integrated in laptops

08 prediction

Top 15 security predictions for 2016

Cyber security experts and analysts weigh in on what the new year will bring in the world of evolving threats and solutions

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Vulnerability in popular bootloader puts locked-down Linux computers at risk

The flaw can allow attackers to modify password-protected boot entries and deploy malware

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Data breaches will affect 1.5 billion people by 2020

Watch IDC's free FutureScape webcast for more security predictions and their impact on your business

smartphone encryption

Maximum security: Essential tools for everyday encryption

Thanks to technical advances and increased adoption, securing your data and communications is a lot easier than you might think

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Google continues enterprise push with Data Loss Prevention for Gmail

The feature lets enterprises protect their information from being shared via email

[SINGLE USE] Richard Borge illustration for Computerworld: Security Takes Center Stage

Forecast 2016: Security takes center stage

After a year of high-profile hacks, security is top of mind for tech execs in 2016

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