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Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Cool Devops Tools

ww blogillustration supplychain

Managing data and the supply chain, from soup to nuts

Campbell Soup is about to start disclosing its GMO ingredients on labels. Believe it or not, there's a technology lesson here

hot job skills microsoft

Microsoft skills: What's hot and what's not?

SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint, and .Net are among the Microsoft skills most in demand

floating umbrellas against a blue cloudy sky

The cloud rains on VMware's parade

The numbers aren't good for VMware and other companies that profited from old-school data centers. Could this be the beginning of the end?

hidden costs expensive money

What the increasing venture capital investment in devops means

In the end, money is talking in the debate over the phrase -- more investors and VCs are voting for devops with their dollars

SanDisk's Sumit Sadana

Q&A: As prices fall, flash memory is eating the world

Sumit Sadana, SanDisk's chief strategy officer and general manager of its Enterprise Solutions unit, shared his insights on the pending merger with Western Digital and his take on the evolving role of flash in corporate data...

The Natick Team

Microsoft tests underwater data center

Such data centers can be taken close to users who live by the sea

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Cisco's CTO charts a new direction

In an exclusive interview, Zorawar Biri Singh sketches Cisco's future role in a next-generation data center infused with containerized microservices and pervasive analytics

Electric plug against green background

Prepare now for the death of Flash and Java plug-ins

Countless IT admin tools depend on these technologies. Do you have a plan to keep yours working?

hybrid cloud

Microsoft Azure Stack brings the cloud to your data center

Azure Stack for private data centers is meant to give customers development and management experiences very like the public Azure

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The best enterprise products, projects, and services -- all in one place

For the 15th year in a row, our expert contributors call out the top enterprise tech in InfoWorld's Technology of the Year Awards

Traits and Talents of Devops Ninjas

9 hidden talents of devops ninjas

The secret to devops success begins with an open, flexible, and lazy approach to systems and code

esri severe weather public information map

Snow in your forecast? Here's how GIS will help ease the pain

Predictive analytics are helping governments and businesses prepare for brutal winter storms

IBM's new S822LC Linux Power server

IBM's Power systems business is growing for the first time in years

A new strategy to embrace Linux and open up the platform is starting to pay off

shutterstock 176927753

How to succeed in the new connected-everything continuous IT stack

Mobile app dev technology is changing more rapidly now than ever before, and traditional development teams need to rapidly evolve in order to embrace the new connected everything continuous stack.

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Technology of the Year 2016: The best hardware, software, and cloud services

InfoWorld's 2016 Technology of the Year Award winners recognize the best tools and technologies for developers, IT pros, and businesses

toy 2016 intro center crop

InfoWorld's 2016 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld editors and reviewers pick the best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services of the year

IoT data flood

Hardcore computing: The nitty-gritty of embedded systems

Want an in-depth, hands-on view of computing? Take a trip to the wild side with embedded systems

data center planning photo

For IT admins, remote doesn’t have to mean less control

You can end up working with one hand tied behind your back when you rely solely on the tools that come with your tech ecosystem

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