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IBM Watson's next trick: Helping you write better

Tone Analyzer can help tweak the attitude in that email before you hit 'send'

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CA Technologies embraces devops with updated tools

CA's application management and infrastructure management software can now work together

IBM, Nvidia rev HPC engines in next-gen supercomputer push

'The race is on to the exascale milestone,' one analyst says

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Hey, United! Try moving your IT to the cloud

A data center outage grounded United flights -- again. Perhaps the airline should look for a more reliable venue for its systems

Small IT, big problems: Log data reveals the unknown

Even the smallest IT team can leverage log management for smoother operations and stronger security

China retains supercomputing crown in latest Top 500 ranking

The U.S. is close to an all-time low for its number of machines in the supercomputer ranking

Software update caused NYSE suspension

An incompatibilty between new software and customers' systems was the cause for the outage

Computer issues halt NYSE

All trading was halted on the NYSE due to an unspecified 'technical issue'

United Airlines flights grounded by 'network connectivity' issues

Passengers in the U.S. were unable to check in for flights or print boarding passes

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Will the cloud automate operations out of existence?

Microsoft distinguished engineer Jeffrey Snover says the future is bright for ops, but sophisticated cloud automation suggests a different outcome

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How containers change everything

When you integrate containers into the build workflow, all the pieces of our multi-cloud future begin to fall into place

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1 in 3 data center servers is a zombie

Fully 30% of all physical servers in data centers are comatose, meaning they use energy but deliver no useful information

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Is your cloud green enough? That's the wrong question

If you want greener data centers, go after enterprise IT, not the cloud providers

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Cloud and devops shops, avoid the overautomation trap

Automation is good in many cases -- but not all. Too many enterprises don't make that assessment

Oracle offers software to ease move to a hybrid Oracle cloud

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 5 can manage the company's databases and application servers in the cloud

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Mesosphere OS manages entire data centers with one click

Mesosphere's DCOS manages both apps and their Linux systems and could be a particular boon to public cloud users

Dell PowerEdge FC830 server module

Review: Dell’s slim FC830 server packs a heavyweight punch

The latest Dell FX2 server module stuffs a massive amount of computing power into a 1U space

Prototype of HP's futuristic 'Machine' coming next year

The single-rack prototype will have 2,500 CPU cores and 320TB of main memory -- more than 20 times the amount of any server on the market today

IBM muscles up on OpenStack with Blue Box buy

IBM will fold Blue Box's private cloud capabilitiues into its own cloud services

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