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News and analysis on cyber warfare

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The real threat to our elections: Disinformation and doubt

Hackers are working to sabotage the upcoming election, but not through the expected avenues

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Keep the faith: A vote for voting systems

Rising fear about Russian hacks of US voting systems could do as much damage as actual breaches, but only if we let it

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Hollywood's 5 biggest hacking myths

Press Enter and watch the magic happen -- as if! Why does Hollywood's portrayal of hacking have to be so far off the mark?

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The NSA's hoard of cyber weapons makes some experts nervous

An alleged hack has raised questions about the agency's practices

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Machine learning offers new hope against cyber attacks

Game-changing technology could deliver a new level of protection for enterprise networks

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FBI probes DNC hack as suspicions of Russian involvement widen

Russia's involvement in trying to influence a US presidential election would be a 'watershed moment' in cyberespionage, a security expert said

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Feds to hire 3,500 cybersecurity pros by year's end

The U.S. government is trying to improve the recruiting and retention of cybersecurity pros and has already filled 3,000 security positions since Oct. 1

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Israeli cybersecurity prowess on display in DC and Tel Aviv

Israeli cybersecurity know-how has become a sought-after commodity around the world

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U.S. cyberwar against ISIS could use methods and tactics criminals use against enterprises

Attacks could support traditional military operations or open up a new front

fbis most wanted cybercriminals

The FBI's 10 most wanted cyber criminals

The Internet has impacted the world in numerous ways, but it isn't always positive


NSA seeks to combine offense and defense in its spy efforts

NSA chief Michael Rogers argues against a presidential commission's proposal to restrict the NSA to foreign intelligence, and asks the tech industry for help

Cyber security breach attack on monitor with binary code

Israeli cybertech startups set global security trends

The Cybertech 2016 conference took place in Tel Aviv, where Israeli startups showcased their latest innovations and technologies in combating global cyber security threats


US, China cybersecurity hotline offers no guarantees

Speaking at the New England Cybercrime Conference the nation's top lawyer for national security also addressed the threat of cyber terrorists. He doesn't think they have advanced cyber weapons because if they did they would have used...

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U.S., China reach 'common understanding' on cyber attacks

No one expected sanctions or an actual cyber security truce, but as agreements go, this one is as toothless as it gets

Hacked, unlocked, unsafe.

The most dangerous data breach ever known

If the federal government can't protect extraordinarily sensitive data on its own employees, should it be collecting data on the rest of us?

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Making certain the cyber-attack cure doesn't kill the patient

Cyber-attacks are accelerating and having a real economic impact. What can Washington do to help cure our cyber-attack epidemic? In the fast-moving world of information security, government technology mandates don’t work, but there...

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CISA will mean more surveillance, not fewer cyber attacks

The proposed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act would make us less secure

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In cyber war, lying is its own reward

Even tech savants like Elon Musk could take a lesson from the Chinese government on how to cover up your bald-faced fibs and outright confabulations

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