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GitHub still recovering from massive DDoS attacks

The attacks, which started Thursday, were particularly aimed at two GitHub-hosted projects fighting Chinese censorship

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Smart home or dumb security risk?

Internet-connected devices are flooding into homes, but with convenience comes vulnerability

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'Google search on steroids' brings dark Web into the light

Memex crawls content ignored by commercial search engines and uncovers patterns in online data that can aid law enforcement

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FBI probes for source of fraudulent TurboTax filing spike

There has been a significant increase in fraudulent tax returns so far this year using Intuit's tax preparation software

Facebook builds platform for companies to share cybersecurity threat data

Members of the platform will be able to query and upload data about the attacks they had to deal with

US government forming cyber security agency to combat online threats

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will share threat data among federal agencies

Researcher releases 10 million usernames, passwords from data breaches

The data is already public but has been cleaned up to enable better analysis

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Corporate cyber security: Sharing is caring

Cyber security may finally be a unanimous, bipartisan national priority, but lawmakers should focus on information sharing, not security mandates

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White House wants 10% hike in cybersecurity spending

Money will be used to improve technology and fund investigations

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Gap between perception and reality of cyber threats widened in 2015

There is a widening gap between what security executives believe to be true and the reality of cyber threats,

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Obama proposes new 30-day data breach notification law

The president previewed a new data breach notification law today in a speech to the Federal Trade Commission

Obama revives call for immunity to companies sharing threat data

The president is expected to announce the liability protection and a measure to increase penalties for computer crimes on Tuesday

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'Spam Nation': Brian Krebs' must-read security exposé

In 'Spam Nation,' Brian Krebs explains the inner workings of the world's largest cyber crime operations, with rare courage and scrupulous reporting

Obama aims to tighten laws on data hacking and student privacy

The moves come in the wake of the hacks of Sony Pictures and retailers like Target and Home Depot

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The Coder War: Approaches to cybersecurity defense

Looking inside the history of cyberdefense and how NIST is moving the government forward

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4 positive predictions for security in 2015

Sick of the constant drumbeat of data breaches and destructive exploits? There's no magic bullet, but these four measures may help in the coming year

Holding masses of data, cyber criminals face new hurdles to cashing out

Hackers are looking for new ways to get higher margins on stolen data

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CNTL + ALT + Defeat?!? The anatomy of government hacking

Whether you reside in Washington DC or Waco, Texas, the depth of hacking has reached new heights and is affecting how the government runs itself

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Blame China for the NSA's spying campaign on us all

'@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex' explores the origins of the NSA’s war on privacy -- and Silicon Valley's complicity

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