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Surveillance cameras most dangerous IoT devices in enterprise

Networked security cameras are the most likely to have vulnerabilities, according to a new report


Yahoo investigating if insiders knew of hack

Yahoo said in a filing it was possible that its acquisition by Verizon could be terminated or renegotiated

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No, you still don't need an RFID-blocking wallet

Criminals with RFID scanners roaming the streets stealing credit card numbers should be way down your list of worries

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How Clinton could have avoided the Wikileaks fiasco

Hillary Clinton's email server and her advisers' email accounts are no more or less vulnerable than most, but securing them would have been easy

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Why blockchain’s growing pains will be worth it

Experts say blockchain has a bright future, much like the optimistic predictions the industry had for the cloud 10 years ago


Friday's IoT-based DDoS attack has security experts worried

The cybersecurity attack that relied on IoT connected devices was serious, unusual, and historic

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The only realistic plan to avoid DDoS disaster

Emergencies like the Dyn DDoS attack will keep occurring. The only solution is a better, more secure internet

What I learning playing prey to Windows scammers

Younger users more likely to fall for tech support con jobs

Two-thirds of those polled in 12 countries say they have encountered the scam

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Which country has the best hackers: Russia or China?

Both are notorious for high-profile attacks, advanced persistent threats, and theft of money or intellectual property. And the award goes to ...


Enterprises outsmarting themselves with security, while attackers easily use common techniques

Attackers use common techniques to steal data while companies focus too much on sophisticated attacks

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Leaky IoT devices help hackers attack e-commerce sites

Akamai first noticed a big spike in attacks that used credentials from breaches such as the recent Yahoo hack, and traced them to badly configured IoT devices

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Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines

Election systems have problems, sure, but voters are the larger, softer target

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Q&A: The myths and realities of hacking an election

We explore the myths and realities of hacking an election, by speaking with a number of security experts

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Data leaks evolving into weapons of business destruction

Increasingly, attackers are using data leaks to target the companies themselves, going after proprietary or embarrassing information and releasing it in such a way as to do the most harm.

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Security for your collaborative software

Collaborative apps like Slack and Convo are like a sieve, but no one quite knows what to do about it

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A quick fix for stupid password reset questions

This ridiculous feature is a major vulnerability. If you're forced to use it, here's how to make it more secure

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Trump hotel chain fined over data breaches

The chain, one of Donald Trump’s businesses, also delayed in reporting the breaches to consumers

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Hackers have a treasure trove of data with the Yahoo breach

The data breach affects at least half a billion Yahoo accounts

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