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A deeper look at business impact of a cyberattack

Hidden costs can amount to 90% of the total business impact on an organization, and will most likely be experienced two years or more after the event

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Cerber ransomware earns $2.3M with 0.3% response rate

The fast-growing Cerber ransomware uses an affiliate distribution model that recruits non-technical customers, according to a new report by Check Point

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Hackers are targeting the Rio Olympics, so watch out for these cyberthreats

Cyberthreats will escalate over the coming weeks and could creep into your inbox or websites you visit. Cyberterrorists and hacktivists could also try to disrupt the event

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Feds shut down tech support scammers, freeze assets

Scammers duped consumers out of millions using pop-up messages generated in search results on PCs and Macs

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New HIPAA guidance addresses ransomware

New guidance stresses need for regular backups and confirms that a ransomware attack is a breach that must be disclosed

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4 basic security facts everyone should know

The bad news: It's you against an army of cybercriminals around the world. The good news: A little knowledge can provide an effective defense

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Study: More than 50% of small businesses were breached in the past year

In a new study, the Ponemon Institute found a dire state of security in small businesses

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Why CIOs should care about click fraud

Click fraud is more than just a marketing problem -- it presents a real security risk to your organization, experts say

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Mobile ransomware use skyrockets, blocking access to phones

Kaspersky Lab has detected almost four times as many attacks on its Android customers compared to last year

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Israeli cybersecurity prowess on display in DC and Tel Aviv

Israeli cybersecurity know-how has become a sought-after commodity around the world

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Hacker puts 9.3M U.S. patient records up for sale

The hacker who stole databases from three U.S. healthcare organizations claims to have already sold $100,000 worth of records

Web attack silently modifies DNS configurations in routers

Hackers sold access to 170,000 compromised servers, many in the US

New data paints a much darker picture of the underground market for hacked servers

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Interview with a Craigslist scammer

Ever wondered what motivates people who swindle others on Craigslist? Read on for a fascinating look into the mind of a small-time criminal


Why your password policy still sucks

Password policies don't prevent problems, they cause them. Humans are predictable, and generic password policies help attackers crack (or guess) passwords faster.

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Companies pay out billions to fake-CEO email scams

In the U.S. alone, victims have lost $960 million to the schemes over the past three years, according to new data from the FBI

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Cost of a data breach: $4 million. Benefits of responding quickly: Priceless

That's $158 per compromised record, in case you're keeping track

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Massive DDoS attacks reach record levels as botnets make them cheaper to launch

Nineteen attacks that exceeded 100Gbps were recorded during the first three months of 2016


Extortion schemes expand, threatening consumers and businesses with data leaks

Hackers use high-profile data breaches as opportunity to extort money from victims by threatening to release personal and sensitive data about them.

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