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US government wants to sharply increase spending on cyber security

The $3.1 billion plan calls for replacing outdated IT infrastructure and recruiting cyber security experts into government roles

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Adwind evolves to offer cyber criminals one-stop shop for malware

Remote administration tool Adwind is back on the market, this time as JSocket, an online marketplace selling malware and a slew of other tools

Cyber criminals cash out using PowerShell, other legitimate tools

Kaspersky Lab found three cyber crime gangs using customized malware and APT-style reconnaissance to get the stolen money into their pockets


Fed up with bogus computer support calls, man turns tables on scammers

Played along with scammer using a Windows PC whose 'My Documents' folder was loaded with malware

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China's next five-year plan offers clues about cyber security targets

Is your industry next in line to be targeted by China's government-sponsored hackers?

Average successful hack nets less than $15,000

Survey of cyber attackers shows the majority are motivated by money, but they make a quarter of what a cyber security professional makes

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27% of all malware variants in history were created in 2015

Last year was a record year for malware, with more than 84 million new malware samples collected over the course of 2015

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Over 113 million health records breached in 2015 -- up 10-fold from 2014

One out of every three Americans was affected by a healthcare record breach last year

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How much at risk is the U.S. critical infrastructure?

The U.S. intelligence community is well aware that hostile hackers have gained access to portions of the nation’s critical infrastructure. But the debate about how big a threat it is rages on

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Why you don't need an RFID-blocking wallet

You don't need a tinfoil hat, either. Opportunists have exploited consumer fears to create an industry that doesn't need to exist

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Train your users to beat phone scams

'Press 1 to hand us the family jewels' works more often than you might think. A little training can stop this sort of social engineering


Cyber criminals abusing free Let's Encrypt certificates

Trend Micro researchers have identified a malvertising campaign targeting sites that use free Let's Encrypt certificates

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Microsoft mirrors rivals, pledges to warn customers of state-backed hacks

Microsoft failed to alert more than a thousand Hotmail users as long ago as 2009, former employees claim

08 prediction

Top 15 security predictions for 2016

Cyber security experts and analysts weigh in on what the new year will bring in the world of evolving threats and solutions


Hyatt Hotels says payment-processing systems hit by malware

The company has asked customers to review their payment card account statements

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How computer security changed in 2015

We made progress, suffered setbacks, added complexity, and did little to deter the onslaught of cyber crime

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Machine learning: Cyber security dream-come-true or pipe dream?

Machine learning has demonstrated enormous value in enhancing search engines or spotting patterns, but the debate continues about its value in cyber security

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Data breaches will affect 1.5 billion people by 2020

Watch IDC's free FutureScape webcast for more security predictions and their impact on your business

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