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Computerworld - Is IT Having an Identity Crisis? - Illustration by Jon Krause [ SINGLE USE ]


Transforming development in the race to innovate

The technology field is moving faster than ever. With more companies entering the fray businesses are always looking to shorten development times and get to market faster with their product and/or services. Modern practices like...


Inspiring crazy loyalty: A leadership workshop

Chris Laping, author and former Red Robin CIO, discusses the challenges of being a change agent and in leading the charge through digital business transformation. He offers practical advice to help CIOs enable the right conditions to...


MIT uses custom programs to help organizations solve their toughest problems

CIO.com's Sarah White visits MIT's campus to speak with associate dean, Peter Hirst, about MIT's custom programs that educate IT leaders and organizations on enabling digital transformation and innovation in the enterprise.

Responsibly moving at market speed

Security, availability, and compliance -- by design

Embracing the philosophy of security, availability, and compliance by design can help institute the technology foundation, processes, and culture that enable companies to have the resources of an enterprise, with the agility of a...

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