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Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions


Why approve the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger? Science!

How dare California tie Comcast merger approval to rural broadband coverage! Lucky for the ISPs, researchers may have cleared the last hurdle

tv man hiding behind couch stock

Choosy gadget users know: Stupid is the new smart

Sick of your smartphones, smart TVs, and smart doodads leaking personal information? The answer is obvious: Go dumb

Security symbols lock key shield

One step forward, two steps back: The state of cyber security in Washington

Even as one senator speaks sense on connected cars, the president's latest cyber security agency won't likely leave hackers shaking in their boots

binary eye circuits

Beauty is in the eye of the bot holder -- and woe be unto the rest of us

This is how the world ends: The greatest minds of our generation have united to create the equivalent of a pageant judge, wrapped in a silicon shell

Man happily throwing money up in the air against green background

Profits or patches? Take a wild guess at Microsoft's choice

Due to cost-cutting measures in Redmond, an eerily familiar crew may soon be responsible for testing bugs: You, me, and everyone we know

businessman puppet pulling strings

Deep pockets and political puppets: Inside Comcast's merger machine

All across the United States, Comcast is propping up a puppet regime of local politicians ready to do its bidding

Las Vegas sign

Linux kills, 3D blooms: Last look from Vegas

In the aftermath of CES 2015, one exciting new possibility arises from the desert floor

International CES welcome

The CES conundrum: Nothing you need, lots you'll want

In tech, of course -- our intrepid reporter finds a few new wrinkles in old tech at the annual Consumer Electronics Show

north korea hack sony security

The fog of cyber warfare: Hacked if you do, hacked if you don't

Get used to the new doctrine of state-backed, weapon-grade cyber assaults: You hit us, we hit ... somebody. You've been warned

zuckerberg f8

The Church of Zuckerberg, now welcoming converts and creators

O come ye Facebook faithful, Cloud Starchaser wants to spread the good word of Saint Mark of Palo Alto. Do you have what it takes to save humanity?

Artificial intelligence computer brain circuits electronics grid

Bring on our robo-lords; they can't be worse than us

With all due respect to Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, the coming AI aristocracy might not be so bad

winged flying iphone 6

When iPhones fly? Don't put it past Apple

You can have your bigger screens and better battery life -- Apple is too busy taking future iPhones to the skies

Uber truck drive vehicle

Uber bulldozes ethics, demolishes decency to pull ahead

The red-hot ride-sharing service is no stranger to controversy, but its recent targeting of a journalist is both telling and indefensible

google data center douglas county color coded pipes

AT&T on Net neutrality: He who controls the pipes controls the universe

AT&T issued its latest threat to those who would want fair Internet access for all: Not without our pipes, you won't

baby on headset at laptop

Tech believes children are the future

Teach them well and let them lead the way, and throw them six-figure startup sums for their efforts. Meet the baby Einsteins who make Zuckerberg look old

digital health

Mobile madness is our most ridiculous epidemic

When did we become so dependent on devices? And is there any hope of breaking the addiction? Cringely sees few signs of a cure

covering his eyes bu004744

Apple, Google turn blind eye to dirty high-tech job hiring

High-tech job brokers hit new lows with claims of cruel treatment of immigrant workers, while big names play dumb

mad scientist

Meet the kooky, quirky startup hero we need

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and in ego-bloated Silicon Valley, a curious eccentric is a breath of fresh air

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