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Aaron Swartz
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How ICANN enabled legal Website extortion

The .sucks domain was all fun and games until a greedy but enterprising Web registry decided to blackmail major corporations into paying up

Haunted house scary frightening terror

Privacy and security should be the least of our tech fears

As technology takes over more and more of our lives, it threatens not only our privacy or security, but our very wiring

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Washington launches a war of words on cyber security

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but apparently, executive orders may thwart cyber attacks -- at least according to the government

Beauty girl cry 177314622

The April Fools' survival guide: Laugh till you cry

To help you separate fact from fiction on this mendacious day, we present six news stories that should be jokes -- but are not

 Business strategy on blackboard

Tech execs, stick with what you know

That is, data mining and invasion of privacy -- leave the drones and the moonshots to someone else

managing business process cycle rotate phases

The tech cycle: Out with the old problems, in with the new

Smart refrigerators? PCs breathing viruses onto other PCs? Beware of new tech solutions in search of a problem

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In cyber war, lying is its own reward

Even tech savants like Elon Musk could take a lesson from the Chinese government on how to cover up your bald-faced fibs and outright confabulations

Apple watch availability

Apple Watch: A Nano by another name

With its patented sleight of hand, Apple turns your old MP3 player into your new, more expensive smartwatch. Get yours today!

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Tech startups to Yale grads: Go to a real school

Hot tech companies are scrambling for smart grads from top schools, but one Ivy League university has fallen far behind the hiring curve

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In search of: A Silicon Valley scandal, juicy and ripe

Apple did what? Microsoft said that? We've heard it all before, and now's the time to turn around the snoozefest known as tech news

angry cell phone smartphone man user

The end of smartphone supremacy is nigh

While the Blackphone and BlackBerry bore in Barcelona, Ford and superhero glasses offer a frisson of excitement at Mobile World Congress

i'm with stupid graffiti artwork

The evils of Net neutrality for dummies

You think you want fair and equal Internet access for everyone? Cable TV's brain trust may seek to have a word with you

robots kick groin nuts

The triumph of Kickstarter and synergy over solutions

Thanks to Kickstarter, anyone can be a venture capitalist. But good luck with the IPOs for your jarred farts, exploding kittens, and 'smart' jump ropes

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

Superfish stumper: What did Lenovo know and when did it know it?

There's only thing worse than Lenovo not knowing about Superfish: Lenovo knowing about Superfish


Why approve the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger? Science!

How dare California tie Comcast merger approval to rural broadband coverage! Lucky for the ISPs, researchers may have cleared the last hurdle

tv man hiding behind couch stock

Choosy gadget users know: Stupid is the new smart

Sick of your smartphones, smart TVs, and smart doodads leaking personal information? The answer is obvious: Go dumb

Security symbols lock key shield

One step forward, two steps back: The state of cyber security in Washington

Even as one senator speaks sense on connected cars, the president's latest cyber security agency won't likely leave hackers shaking in their boots

binary eye circuits

Beauty is in the eye of the bot holder -- and woe be unto the rest of us

This is how the world ends: The greatest minds of our generation have united to create the equivalent of a pageant judge, wrapped in a silicon shell

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