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Money bags, full of cash.

Something for nothing: Apple and Amazon's new economy

All for us, none for you -- that seems to be the basis behind Apple and Amazon's latest moneymaking plans

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Tech's real driver is back in pole position

It's a race to the top -- or maybe the bottom -- as tech's once and future pioneer takes its rightful place at the head of the pack

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub supersizes smartphone addiction

Is your smartphone too distracting? Microsoft has the answer for you: A giant, overpriced screen for all your mobile computing needs. Who can resist?


John McAfee: The hero we need, not the one we deserve

As our elected leaders show they can botch data security in new and unexpected ways, an unlikely figure steps up with sage words

now even apple watch is an enterprise product

Failing upward: The Apple Watch story (so far)

Based on Jony Ive's promotion, you probably wouldn't wish Apple Watch's success on your worst enemy

hipster dude

One security hepcat's guide to the groovy new tech slang

Did you hear? 'Social engineering' has gone the way of the hula hoop. Get ready for 'wetware,' the latest threat to your network

upgrade maintain speed road sign

Upgrade or die: The second life of useless apps

Before you download yet another app, ask yourself two questions: Do you really need it? And do you have any idea how much of a pain it will be?

doctor bag

No cure in sight for the sick, sluggish U.S. patent system

How many dumb patents do we need to approve before we fix the broken system?

thelist texting a bad idea

Texting kills ... in more ways than one

Don't text and drive -- you know that. But between the arrested development and emoji abuse, our text addiction is destroying us from the inside

students group laptops study

Behold the good bot and more surprises from our undergrads

Our society hinges on the teachings in university classrooms. Thankfully, there's good news to report

Aaron Swartz

Second time's the charm? The welcome return of Aaron's Law

Congress can finally right its wrongs with the Aaron Swartz tragedy with the passing of this much needed cyber crime bill

Man with sad face on chalkboard

Public shaming and Internet bullies on parade

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and today's media outlets, public humiliation is moving at the speed of the Internet, and there's no stopping it

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How ICANN enabled legal Website extortion

The .sucks domain was all fun and games until a greedy but enterprising Web registry decided to blackmail major corporations into paying up

Haunted house scary frightening terror

Privacy and security should be the least of our tech fears

As technology takes over more and more of our lives, it threatens not only our privacy or security, but our very wiring

Young man speaking with flying letters coming out of mouth

Washington launches a war of words on cyber security

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but apparently, executive orders may thwart cyber attacks -- at least according to the government

Beauty girl cry 177314622

The April Fools' survival guide: Laugh till you cry

To help you separate fact from fiction on this mendacious day, we present six news stories that should be jokes -- but are not

 Business strategy on blackboard

Tech execs, stick with what you know

That is, data mining and invasion of privacy -- leave the drones and the moonshots to someone else

managing business process cycle rotate phases

The tech cycle: Out with the old problems, in with the new

Smart refrigerators? PCs breathing viruses onto other PCs? Beware of new tech solutions in search of a problem

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