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Apple Watch under scrutiny for privacy by Connecticut attorney general

Attorney General George Jepsen is particularly concerned about the protection of health information collected by the new wearable device

Wi-Fi group acts to simplify peer-to-peer video, printing, and other tasks

The Wi-Fi Alliance has defined standard ways to carry out common uses of Wi-Fi Direct

3 security practices IoT will disrupt

The rush to bring IoT products to market has created a new wave of security issues

Neura's novel approach: Baking intelligence into connected devices

Neura, a startup that has been accepted into Microsoft Ventures' accelerator program, has a novel approach to connecting devices

3D printing makes its move into production

The use of 3D printing for finished goods is about to disrupt manufacturing and supply chains in a big way. Here's why, and here's how IT will be critical to that transition

The 3 ways the Internet of things will unfold

The three key segments of the real IoT are on different paths, so don't think of them as one entity

PwC: IoT will become multitrillion-dollar market by 2020

The number of businesses adopting 'Internet of things' technology continues to grow

Boost your security training with gamification -- really!

Don't scoff; rewarding good deeds actually works

The Internet of things at home: Why we should pay attention

Some of the current consumer products could lead into important enterprise tools

DoCoMo introduces wearable SIM for network access

Portable SIM card stores authentication information to wirelessly connect any smartphone or tablet to a network with the wave of a hand

Head games: What we saw at NeuroGaming Conference 2014

The premier event on brain-controlled games had plenty of devices to bend the mind around

Cisco's Internet of things chief resigns

Guido Jouret led Cisco's efforts to link sensors, machines, and other equipment -- a trend predicted to generate $19 trillion in value over the next 10 years

Embedded systems are a 'life form'

In-Q-Tel's security chief says the systems that help run the Internet of things may need a fixed live expectancy to maintain long-term security

The ABCs of the Internet of things

You've heard about smart homes where the toaster talks to the smoke detector, but what makes it all connect? These FAQs help explain it all

Internet of things could strip away personal privacy

White House report on IoT describes electrical devices with unique signatures that can tell marketers, police -- and criminals -- a lot

Here's whom to blame for those terrible tech buzzwords

Some buzzwords evolve from the foam of language, while others are invented in strokes of evil genius

IT shops losing control over technology

IT consumerization is exacerbating a shift in tech spending, but IT is still held accountable for integrating the technologies securely

The accidental IT pro and the IT-ification of the business user

The cliché is that IT is being 'consumerized' by smartphones, mobile apps, and SaaS. But in truth, BYOD and DIY also mean business users must be more tech-savvy

Tech pros name their most-wanted job perks

Attention hiring managers: These are the extras that will give you an edge in the fight for top talent

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