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brain mind robot

Boob tube to brain drain: TV's long, strange trip

Is watching TV too demanding? Has 'Downton Abbey' drained your life force? Rejoice, for the BBC may have invented the couch potato's dream device


Top 3 gaming trends from E3 2015

We chatted with Lewis Ward, gaming research director at IDC, about three key trends from E3 that will change gaming.

Fathers Day tech gifts

Top techie Father’s Day gifts

The Apple Watch, a home security system, gadgets for the grill, and 'Star Wars'-themed headphones all make the list of great Father’s Day buys

Google IO 2015

7 things we’re looking for at Google I/O 2015

Here's a look ahead to next week’s Big Google Thing in San Francisco

Intel's Compute Stick goes on sale for $149 with Windows 8.1

A Compute Stick with Ubuntu Linux will go on sale this summer for $110

Drones Behaving Badly

Drones behaving badly: Dark skies ahead

Technical advances -- and questionable use -- are fast accelerating the need for policies regarding the unmanned future of our skies

apple watch online store

Apple Watch, MacBook ship times slip even more

Most Apple Watch orders wll now ship in June; MacBooks are pushed out 4-6 weeks

apple watch online store

Apple wants you to buy an Apple Watch online after you try it on in-store

Apple Stores are getting makeovers to prep for Apple Watch appointments, but buying a watch online will be your best bet

googleglass closeup

3 lies about Google Glass

The conventional wisdom about Google's experimental smart glasses project is all wrong. Here's why


Reality check: Apple Watch vs. Pebble Time (vs. no smartwatch at all)

We compare the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time on features like screen quality, battery life, functionality, and price. Both work with iOS, but that's just about all they have in common.

Apple watch availability

Apple Watch: A Nano by another name

With its patented sleight of hand, Apple turns your old MP3 player into your new, more expensive smartwatch. Get yours today!

apple watch wireless charging

Why is Apple avoiding wireless charging?

The list of smartphones that offer wireless charging is enormous, but Apple shunned the technology with iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Google new chromebook pixel

Google's new Chromebook Pixel features excellent battery life, USB Type-C ports

Google's new Chromebook Pixel may look identical to the first generation, but a pair of USB-C connectors and a Broadwell processor inside take the Pixel into the modern era. Still, what do you do with it?

Wi-Charge charger case

Real wireless charging might finally be here

A new approach from Wi-Charge based on infrared beams truly delivers power at a distance

apple watch

Apple Watch: What it brings to business users

The Apple Watch's notifications, contextual status, transactions, and communications extend the iPhone's capabilities to your wrist

Far-out future display technologies

9 fantastical future display technologies

Fast-moving tech is redefining the electronic display as screens get bigger, better, and bendier

Sony to release developer edition smart glasses for $840

The price tag is about half of what Google wanted for Glass before it shut down sales


10 surprising technologies that could change the world

These 10 technology breakthroughs can make lives better, and many people don't even know they exist

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