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How Intel could prolong Moore's Law with new materials, transistors

Intel could start using exotic materials and a new transistor structure in upcoming chips to keep Moore's Law going

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Mac sales up 8% as industry remains in doldrums

IDC projects that Q1 Mac shipments grew to 4.45 million, outpacing the PC industry which was down 7% overall

Five paths for Moore's Law

Even after the prediction dies, there may be ways to make devices smaller, faster and power efficient, analysts say

Moore's Law at 50: The past and future

Moore's Law, which has provided a guideline to maker cheaper, smaller and faster computers, endures even after 50 years

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Pompous professor swallows placebo PC

A tech pro's people skills are put to the test by a professor who demands more computing power than he knows how to handle

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11 keyboards beloved by programmers

Software developers can become quite attached to the keyboards they use to bang out code all day. Here are some models that have significant coder followings

MODt 3D printer

How companies will convince you to buy a 3D printer

New Market's MODt printer allows users to message each other with printable designs

7 new hardware technologies for Windows 10 PCs

Laptops with Windows 10 may have a host of new technologies like USB Type C ports, 3D cameras, and Skylake chips

Intel shrinks RealSense camera to target smartphones

Intel is showing off its technology in Shenzhen, China, a major tech manufacturing base

New battery could reduce phone charging to just one minute

Researchers say the aluminium-ion battery is safer and cheaper than lithium ion

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Apple's new 12-inch MacBook goes back to the past in performance

Benchmark scores for the new Retina MacBook are similar to those of a circa-2011 MacBook Air

Acer to bring Chrome OS to an all-in-one PC, as vendors experiment

The Chrome OS still hasn't found much demand in the desktop space

7 things to know about Intel's 'Cherry Trail' Atom chips

Microsoft's Surface 3 is the first device announced with Intel's Atom chip code-named Cherry Trail

Carbon3D printing

New 3D printer claims to be 25X to 100X faster than the competition

Carbon3D says its Continuous Liquid Interface Production printing process can create objects in minutes versus hours

PC sales may be worse than expected this year

IDC forecasts PC shipments will drop 4.9 percent in 2015, but expects an uptick later in the year as products roll out based on Windows 10

Google's Chromebook Pixel opens USB Type-C to Android, Chrome OS devices

Google adds horsepower to the Chromebook Pixel, and paves the way to faster charging Chrome OS and Android devices

Microsoft slashes backup power costs with lithium-ion batteries

The company designed a system that's five times cheaper than a traditional data center UPS

HP embraces open hardware designs with Cloudline servers

HP adopts specifications from Open Compute Projects for its new line of low-cost cloud servers

One of HP's Cloudline servers

HP creates new server line for cloud computing

HP is joining with Foxconn to create the Cloudline cloud-optimized servers

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