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Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

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3 simple steps to compliance in the cloud

You need more than a strategy; you need the knowledge and the tools to bake in compliance

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Who's responsible for data compliance? 25% of execs don't know

A new survey sheds some light on just how little grasp U.S. organizations have on privacy and security regulations

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Office 365 opens a window into data governance

A new dashboard will let IT more easily monitor, retain, and manage data across Office 365 -- not email alone

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5 tools for making sense of system logs

Security and systems administrators discuss the best and worst features of log management products such Splunk, ArcSight and LogRhythm.

7 tools for cutting through software legalese

EULAs got your eyes swimming? Head spinning from open source licensing terminology? These resources help you get the straight dope

Responsibly moving at market speed

Security, availability, and compliance -- by design

Embracing the philosophy of security, availability, and compliance by design can help institute the technology foundation, processes, and culture that enable companies to have the resources of an enterprise, with the agility of a...

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Watch what you do with that big data, FTC warns businesses

'We need systems for auditing the proprietary algorithms,' an ACLU attorney says

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Office 365 December update: More security, compliance

Available in the new E5 bundle and as add-ons, here's what Advanced Threat Protection, Customer Lockbox, and Equivio Zoom e-discovery will do

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Google Drive for Business boosts data retention features

New discovery features in Google's Drive for Work product could encourage big business adoption

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Security testing compliance down from last year

Verizon report shows compliance rates between audits increased substantially across all PCI DSS requirements -- except for security testing

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