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IBM-Box enterprise deal yields new content tools

Their content search and assessment tools span Box and on-premise data and aim to help usher enterprises into the cloud era of content management

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Box powers ahead with new app and services for businesses

Box announced a suite of new apps and services on Tuesday during its BoxWorks conference in San Francisco.

Why traditional storage QoS methods aren’t good enough

Only a flash array can deliver guaranteed, predictable storage performance -- and only if it was designed to do so

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Backblaze takes on Google, Amazon with storage at half a penny a gigabyte

New B2 Cloud Storage service is even lower in price than online archive storage -- and the first 10GB are free

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Backblaze lights up cloud storage with dirt-cheap prices

Backblaze slashes prices on cloud storage to a half-cent per gigabyte per month, but the lack of Amazon API compatibility might limit its appeal

Drew Houston at TechCrunch Disrupt

Dropbox wants shadow IT to drive enterprise adoption

Dropbox has an enterprise problem. Its pitch to companies: Your users are already running our products -- now pay us to control them.

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Google Drive for Business boosts data retention features

New discovery features in Google's Drive for Work product could encourage big business adoption

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Apple drops iCloud prices, matches rival storage services from Google and Microsoft

Apple puts costs in line with rivals like Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox but sticks with stingy 5GB of free space

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Microsoft keeps up the fight to respect data’s ‘nationality’

Microsoft has rallied a long list of supporters in its fight against a U.S. warrant for emails stored in Ireland, but the LEADS Act could clear up the controversy for good

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The big greenfield cannabis cloud

The marijuana business is making the leap from paper ledgers to the cloud and big data analytics, offering a provocative example for us all

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Storage spending veers toward cloud

Sales are growing fastest for companies that ship generic storage hardware to big cloud providers, IDC says

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Cloud backup: Don't rely on your provider alone

Cloud providers take care of your data, even in disaster. But you shouldn't leave the job solely to them

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IBM extends Spectrum storage line into the cloud

IBM augments its software-defined Spectrum line of storage offerings with integrated cloud capabilities

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How big will Amazon's data get, and what does that mean for companies working with AWS?

If Amazon Web Service is becoming a nearly ubiquitous technology, what does that mean for the future of data and how companies work with Amazon moving forward?

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Amazon, Microsoft strengthen tools to store app and enterprise data in their clouds

Vendors race to appeal to IT departments that want to move from in-house systems

OneDrive's new sharing funtionality is live, notifies users when files are changed

Microsoft's online storage service ups its collaboration chops in run-up to Office 2016 launch

OneDrive finally lets you sync shared folders

Microsoft's cloud storage service now lets users automatically sync items in folders shared with others


Google Compute Engine now supports bring-your-own-key encryption

Other big cloud providers already offer BYOK, but Google claims its option, available at no additional cost,is more comprehensive

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