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Be thankful for these 3 cloud advances

Cloud security, operational reliability, and big data access have made major strides in 2015, but there's more work to be done

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Office 365 December update: More security, compliance

Available in the new E5 bundle and as add-ons, here's what Advanced Threat Protection, Customer Lockbox, and Equivio Zoom e-discovery will do

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Are vendors on the wrong path where smart plant security is concerned?

Cyber criminals can't wait for enterprises to mainly apply access controls and encryption as their toughest solution for securing smart plants

Amazon inspector

How to push security earlier into the dev process

A new crop of tools are automating security compliance checks in cloud environments

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ISO 27018 compliance: Here's what you need to know

It's 3AM; do you know where your personally identifiable information is?


Ellison: Oracle has fixed security

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison has put better security at the heart of his pitch for the company's new products.

Ellison OpenWorld

Oracle's Larry Ellison decries poor state of security, says he's fixed it

Ellison claims Oracle's new servers would have stopped Heartbleed in its tracks


Meet the man-in-the-middle of your next security crisis

That pesky, stealthy man-in-the-middle shows up everywhere from the cloud to SSL. You could be at a disadvantage if you don’t know where he’ll strike next

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Intel Security will discontinue McAfee SaaS products

Some products will be replaced, but admins will need to start over for setup and configuration

A better approach to cloud encryption

Many cloud encryption solutions weaken security to preserve functionality; it doesn't have to be like that

Cloud Security

AWS security and compliance tools embrace enterprise clouds

Two new Amazon cloud products proactively deal with security issues before they become security and compliance problems

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Researchers steal secret RSA encryption keys in Amazon's cloud

Now-patched attack raises questions about security of cloud environments

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Security risks increase as cloud data centers change

Change is always risky. Fast change is even riskier, leaving less time for change management and checks on changed technologies

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Got 'em! Researchers steal crypto keys from Amazon cloud

Researchers demonstrate a cloud provider's nightmare: How to use a rogue VM to steal crypto keys from neighbors

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Is BYOK the key to secure cloud computing?

How realistic is it to 'bring your own keys?' Does your business want the burden of managing and securing its own cloud encryption keys?

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IBM tackles shadow IT with a new cloud security tool

Hosted on IBM Cloud, Cloud Security Enforcer can scan a corporate network, find the apps employees are using, and provide a more secure way to access them

Locking the

Microsoft to strengthen cloud security with acquisition of Adallom

The growing popularity of cloud services is putting pressure on vendors to improve management tools

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Managing data in a mobile and cloud world

A simple strategy for standardizing metadata can improve decision-making, data governance and data security. (Insider; registration required)

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