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New features in Windows 10 laptop
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Flip Feng Shui attack on cloud VMs exploits hardware weaknesses

A sneaky attack on neighboring VMs in a cloud can be executed via the infamous Rowhammer memory-altering vulnerability, say security researchers

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Microsoft’s cloud-based operations manager tackles security

The newest OMS component provides security analysis and threat detection across cloud and on-premises systems

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The cloud computing effect: Better security for all

IT's paranoia about the cloud forced better security approaches to become the norm and helped on-premises deployments


Cloud denial sliding into oblivion

No organization today can pretend that they are 100% cloud-free. As software investments shift toward the cloud, it has become time to embrace the cloud rather than fight it.

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9 data security tips for cloud migration

For organizations considering cloud migration, here are nine proactive steps that companies can take to ensure a smooth transition and get tighter cloud security

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StackPath offers security as a service to enterprise clouds

Whether their cloud is powered by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or IBM, developers need security tools. StackPath is poised to bring them to the enterprise

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Salesforce expands encryption options with 'bring your own key'

Adding BYOK encryption to its Salesforce Shield cloud services could help to alleviate data-sovereignty concerns, one analyst says

The silver lining of ransomware FUD

The upside of overhyped security threats

Check your Office 365 security settings before you cave in to (or blow off) security vendor FUD

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Cerber ransomware targets enterprises via Office 365

Millions of Office 365 users were potentially at risk for a Cerber infection last week as ransomware targeting shifts from individuals to enterprises

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3 ways to screw up data security in the cloud

Securing the cloud doesn't mean you've secured your data in the cloud

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Sorry, but there's no universal cloud security solution

Cloud security in a box is a myth; in reality, each cloud project comes with its own set of unique problems to solve

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Fear your on-premises security, not the cloud

Yet another vendor report stokes fears about security in the cloud, though in truth, your on-premises systems are at greater risk

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Home invasion? 3 fears about Google Home

Always-listening devices accelerate our transformation into a constantly surveilled society. That's a problem not only for us but for our kids, too

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Symantec to acquire Blue Coat for $4.65 billion

Greg Clark, CEO of Blue Coat, will head the combined security company

PowerShell for Exchange Admins

Salesforce puts Lightning in a tightly sealed bottle

The LockerService architecture isolates components in their own containers and stops them from calling undocumented or private APIs

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Review: Hot new tools to fight insider threats

Fortscale protects traditional networks, Avanan works in the cloud, PFU systems focuses on mobile devices

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EU's data privacy regulations put the pressure on IT

European Union authorities are requiring companies that handle EU citizens' data to comply with some of the strictest data privacy regulations in the world -- or pay a steep price

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IT leaders pick productivity over security

Implementing security measures can make systems run slower and essentially bog down productivity -- which is causing some enterprises to abandon them

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