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Apple turns on iCloud two-step verification after nude selfie scandal

Two-step verification is not mandatory though Apple recommends the added security protection warns customers of malware attack

A new version of the Dyreza online banking Trojan is stealing log-in credentials

The Home Depot in Knightdale

Hollywood or Home Depot: Whose breach is better?

Trick question, but odds are you were too busy leering at exposed celebs to notice yet another massive security hack

IBM secures SoftLayer with Intel trusted modules

Intel's Trusted Execution Technology helps the IBM cloud service meet stringent compliance and auditing regulations

Apple CEO says iCloud security will be strengthened

Two-factor authentication will be enabled on iCloud, along with more warnings for certain account actions

AT&T and Box to pave secure path to cloud content via VPN

Service extends AT&T's NetBond technology to Box and works in conjunction with the carrier's Toggle software

Nude photos, phone records, NSA data offer essential lessons for admins

Whether via Apple's iCloud, the DEA, or the NSA, data is leaking everywhere -- can anyone avoid exposure?

Celebrities get phished, but the cloud gets blamed

No system is perfectly secure, but the fact is the cloud is more secure than on-premises systems

Shadow cloud services pose a growing risk to enterprises

Non-approved SaaS apps are growing rapidly and pose serious risks for enterprises, says PwC

4 cloud horror stories -- and how to survive them

Here are four cloud horror stories along with spoilers, so you can make it out alive

Dropbox for Business grows more security, IT admin muscles

The workplace version of the popular cloud storage service competes against offerings from Google, Microsoft, Box, and others

Sorry, cloud resisters: Control does not equal security

Many of those who push back on cloud computing citing security fears are doing their employers a disservice

Amazon: Our new doc-sharing cloud service is enterprise-grade

Managed document storage/sharing services could be the piece of the puzzle that enterprises have been missing

Don't freak out over Google Drive security (yet)

Following a solid response to a Google Drive security issue, Google must now apply the lessons learned across the board

Russian forensic firm's tool snags iCloud backups without an Apple ID

The new tool from Elcomsoft, intended for law enforcement, only works under certain conditions

Evernote hit by denial-of-service attack

The attack temporarily shut down Evernote, which now has over 100 million users

Users fear cloud breaches are more expensive

In a survey, IT workers hold bleak views on cloud security and data breach costs

How multifactor authentication works in Office 365

New options introduced this year makes it much easier to increase the security of Office in the cloud

Security in a cloud world: Go multifactor

As Microsoft moves to delivering everything in the cloud, it's time to get serious about cloud security

Encryption in the cloud is scarcer than you think

Ponemon Institute report shows more encryption across cloud environments, but only a modest increase over the years

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