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Should 'Made in America' apply to cloud providers?

As commoditization creates more competition in the public cloud, U.S. companies may have to choose between buying American and lower prices

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Azure Container Instances: No Kubernetes required

Microsoft's new container service offers a middle ground between Azure Functions and Azure Container Service, with orchestration optional but available

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Best practices for migrating data to the cloud

Moving petabytes of production data is a trick best done with mirrors. Follow these steps to minimize risk and cost and maximize flexibility

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Architect has a better blueprint for AWS Lambda deployments

Project handles configuration and provisioning of Lambda functions and related AWS services with a plain-text manifest file

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Ease into Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

With Kubernetes baked into Azure Container Service, it’s easy to spin up Kubernetes-managed container clusters that tap native Azure services

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Understand the multicloud management trade-off

Tools that abstract away the complexity of running multiple clouds can also hide powerful cloud-native features

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Review: Google Cloud Spanner takes SQL to NoSQL scale

Google Cloud Spanner achieves horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and five nines availability as a service, at a price

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Cloud app slow? Blame the app, not the cloud

Those who complain about cloud performance often overlook the obvious. It’s the application, dummy

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Attack and response: Cloud-native cybersecurity vs. virtual machine security

Securing containers and cloud-native workloads is different than securing virtual machines (VMs), and it all starts with understanding attack and response and the ever-evolving nature of threats.

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Open clouds – Let freedom ring!

Pierre describes the basic options and value of those options for open clouds. He also gives a short description of the business terms issue to watch out for. This blog sets the stage to delve more deeply into open cloud choices and...

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Amazon Alexa is so smart it's stupid

Amazon's intelligent personal assistant has amassed more than 15,000 skills. If only we could find them

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Think twice before using bare-metal clouds

While there are some benefits to using bare-metal clouds, they often don't outweigh the downsides

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Serverless computing. What?

This article discusses serverless computing, what it is, how it works, and the benefits and drawbacks to your organization.

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Cloud portability is still science fiction

When will we have the ability to move workloads between public cloud providers without major surgery? Not soon

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How to get started with Kubernetes

From Hello Minikube to Kubernetes Anywhere to example microservices apps, the options for learning Google’s container orchestration tool abound

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8 keys to DynamoDB success

How to ensure that Amazon’s fast and scalable key-value database works for you, not against you

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Will your cloud smarts be rewarded?

Many enterprises are reorganizing around cloud. For the right people to get the top jobs, IT orgs will have to change

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A cloud in your datacenter? Azure Stack arrives

Microsoft brings core Azure cloud services and subscription pricing to the datacenter, albeit with heavy hardware requirements

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What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now

Cloud computing has evolved beyond basic SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS offerings, as the cloud matures to become the engine of enterprise technology innovation

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How will the cloud change IT? Look at Microsoft

The tech giant is reorganizing to address cloud business realities. Count on following its lead in two years

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