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Review: SaltStack shifts devops into high gear

SaltStack Enterprise 5.0 draws on high-speed messaging for superior scalability and control, but the web UI is still catching up

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How much can a fiber carry? Facebook and Nokia are pushing it

Facebook and Nokia have found a way to push a lot more data through a submarine cable across the Atlantic, which could help the social network keep up with the growth of video and virtual reality.

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Calculate your cloud costs with this simple formula

Cloudops is an ongoing expense that too many enterprises don't properly estimate, putting critical operations at risk. Here's how to get the number right

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IBM chases Google, Microsoft with Kubernetes in the cloud

IBM follows Google and Microsoft in offering hosted Kubernetes as a service, with direct access to the container orchestration system's APIs

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From chaos to containers

Modernizing IT always takes longer than you think it will, in part because Silicon Valley often has trouble escaping its own echo chamber

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Why the U.S. should give tax breaks to cloud adopters

India wants to subsidize cloud adoption, but America is considering taxing it. We’d all be better off if the government instead used tax policy to favor the cloud

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AWS offers Alexa developers free cloud credits

Developers interested in extending the capabilities of Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant have some more free tools in their arsenal, thanks to a program the company announced Wednesday.

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Who will win the battle for cloud dominance?

Enterprises are contemplating the impact of cloud computing on matters on IT. The scalability and flexibility of cloud resources have become highly attractive to CIOs across industries.

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SAP adds new features to Vora and readies a cloud version

New data engines will run on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services and elsewhere

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AWS follows Google with Reserved Instance flexibility changes

Customers who have Reserved Instance contracts with Amazon Web Services will be able to subdivide some of their Linux and Unix virtual machine instances while maintaining their capacity discounts, thanks to pricing changes announced...


March Madness: Bringing cloud-based automation to a whole new level of play

The cloud is creating a transformative shift in how companies build and deploy apps. Platforms such as Microsoft Azure are enabling companies, like a sports management firm, to up their game when it comes to real-time deployment of...

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Is Google Cloud experiencing challenges going upmarket?

Google's first day keynote did not go down well within the community, focusing on enterprise and with nothing really new to say, but it made up for it on the second day. Are they in danger of forgetting their developer roots?

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The path to cloud success goes through your data

Here are the three key capabilities you need to succeed in the cloud once you’re operational


Here’s why Google Cloud support is now priced per person

Per-user pricing should reduce costs for business customers and help streamline the support process

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which free tier is best?

Every major cloud company now has a free tier, with Google recently rolling out no-cost VMs and other services. Here's how they compare

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Pivotal, Google team up for Kubernetes cloud management

Project Kubo provides release engineering for the container management platform

Focusing on cloud computing's important role.

Google Cloud sharpens its enterprise strategy

Google used to rely mainly on its technical bona fides to sell its cloud, but now it's meeting customers halfway with new enterprise-friendly capabilities and support


Google offers new 'Always Free' cloud tier to attract users

Customers will be able to run tiny workloads free of charge, beyond Google’s limited-time trial

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