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container stack

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RancherOS: A tiny Linux for Docker lovers

Rancher Labs takes the container paradigm to its final destination with a completely Dockerized operating system

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Build an app with Flask and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

A step-by-step guide to defining an API with Flask and deploying to Oracle’s mobile back end as a service

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If AWS is serious about Kubernetes, here’s what it must do

Amazon’s new membership in the CNCF isn’t matched by actual code contributions to the Google-driven container project. That could ultimately hurt AWS

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2 cloud tasks to do before 2017 ends

These two efforts are typically low-risk, high-reward, and you can easily complete them before the end of the year

Cloud Security

AWS unveils AI monitoring for Amazon S3

Amazon Macie discovers and classifies sensitive data in S3 and automatically alerts to unusual activity and exposures

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How to move into a cloud career from traditional IT

From architects to developers, there is a path from traditional IT to the gold-plated jobs in the cloud

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Edge computing: What you need to know before you deploy

Here are the three critical factors in deciding when to use edge computing’s specific techniques in your systems

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Amazon joins Kubernetes-focused CNCF industry group

Amazon has joined the consortium that supports Kubernetes and the world of containers in the cloud, though its Kubernetes intentions are unclear

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3 open source projects that make Kubernetes easier

From cluster state management to snapshots and DR, companion tools from Heptio, Kubed, and Kubicorn aim to fill the gaps in Kubernetes

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Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud

The Achilles heel of the hybrid cloud is the private cloud, a technology platform that just isn’t up to the job

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Fix your databases now as you migrate to the cloud

Fear shouldn’t define your IT strategy. Fixing your databases when you migrate to the cloud is cheaper than doing it later—or not at all

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21 technologies transforming software development

The very nature of programming is evolving faster than you might think, thanks to these powerful tools

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What is ACI? Microsoft’s Azure Container Instances explained

The “container as a service” lets you rapidly create and launch containerized applications, including from Kubernetes, without any overhead and with an easily scriptable set of commands

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You need a cloud exit plan, even for AWS, Google, Microsoft, or IBM

Business continuity planning was long a staple of IT management; it needs to be one for cloud management as well

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Should 'Made in America' apply to cloud providers?

As commoditization creates more competition in the public cloud, U.S. companies may have to choose between buying American and lower prices

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Azure Container Instances: No Kubernetes required

Microsoft's new container service offers a middle ground between Azure Functions and Azure Container Service, with orchestration optional but available

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Best practices for migrating data to the cloud

Moving petabytes of production data is a trick best done with mirrors. Follow these steps to minimize risk and cost and maximize flexibility

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Architect has a better blueprint for AWS Lambda deployments

Project handles configuration and provisioning of Lambda functions and related AWS services with a plain-text manifest file

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