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What you need to know about Power BI now

Power BI is now much more than an Excel query tool. Here’s how to use it for your business data analysis and reporting

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This time, you can trust the cloud Magic Quadrant

Often, analysts’ vendor maps mislead enterprises in their technology choices, but this time IT can safely start with this vendor assessment

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13 reasons to ditch AWS for another cloud

Amazon beats the other public cloud providers in lots of ways, but not in every way

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The 2 cloud security myths that must die

Too many people treat cloud security as a black-and-white proposition, which risks wasting lots of money or having security gaps—or both

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Forget the GUI: The return of the command line

Managing Windows at the scale of the cloud means going back to the command line with PowerShell and Bash

Highest paying jobs in tech

3 killer cloud skills that will get you hired today

Companies are paying mad money for these cloud skills

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Serverless computing: Don’t make the wrong choices

Tools like Amazon Web Services’ AWS Lambda and Microsoft’s Azure Functions let you develop serverless applications, but too many developers use them on the wrong apps


Why you should use microservices

Today’s applications need to be modified, scaled, and updated constantly to meet changing business needs. Microservices allow you to manage that flux easily and reliably

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How serverless changes application development

Serverless architecture and function-as-a-service platforms open a whole new world of simplicity, speed, and flexibility for developers

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Inside Windows Server’s containerized Linux future

Microsoft’s Windows Server strategy is about to change, with faster updates, a lot of Linux love, and a devops focus

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CFOs have discovered the big stick of cloud computing

CFOs are more likely to drive cloud adoption than CIOs are, to save money. That’s a painful political reality, but so what? It’s for the right cause

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The 3 dumbest things enterprises do in the cloud

The enterprise move to the cloud is on. Don’t let these dumb mistakes trip up your migration

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Focusing on the cheapest cloud price could cost you more

If you skip doing cost governance and cost monitoring, any savings you get upfront will evaporate over time as your actual costs grow

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How Cosmos DB ensures data consistency in the global cloud

Microsoft’s new database provides three cutting-edge approaches designed for applications that span geographic regions

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Leave AWS? Not for easier cloud discounts

If Amazon's competitors think they can win customers with better pricing, they should think again

Cray Trinity

Cray puts its supercomputer in the cloud

Now that you can rent a Cray supercomputer as a cloud service, do you actually need it? For most, high-performance computing services make more sense

Read the fine print contract agreement

Microservices need to honor contracts

In the ever-expanding era of cloud computing, microservices must adhere to contracts

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Kubernetes foundation takes on container networking

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation adds another open source project to its container-centric toolbelt

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