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A horse race, with one horse pulling away from the rest.

Dropbox unleashes 'universal app' for Windows phones and tablets

Cloud storage service offers new features for designers while promising better image handling

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First look: Windows Server 2016 goes on a cloud diet

Under the familiar skin, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 offers something very different

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OpenStack simplifies setup with Community App Catalog

OpenStack's latest move to broaden its reach is an open catalog of apps and infrastructure, for newbies and experts alike

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IBM doubles down on OpenStack for hybrid clouds

IBM's next OpenStack move is Bluemix-hosted services for managing cloud infrastructure -- but will they create dependencies of their own?

Google offers cut-rate computing for low-priority jobs

The Google Preemptible Virtual Machine is a budget cloud offering for large jobs that don't need to be run in real time

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The case for managed service providers in your cloud strategy

Although they seem like natural cloud enemies, managed service providers are a great complement much of the time

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Google one-downs Amazon with new cloud price cuts

With lower pricing and a new instance type, Google is determined to match its cloud pricing to the progress of Moore's Law

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Red Hat reworks OpenStack, OpenShift for containers

Red Hat's repackaging and integration effort aims to ease app delivery across all platforms: bare metal, VMs, and containers

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For remote collaboration, Google Apps still can't be beat

Successful team meetings require input from everyone. When you can't be in the same room, Google Hangouts and Google Drawings offer an effective virtual alternative

The serious side of the cloud playground

The ability to experiment with cloud technologies will help you make the right technology and business decisions

Citrix launches Workspace Cloud with BYOD flexibility

Enterprises can deliver a customized IT environment for each user, combining resources on premises and in the cloud

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Microsoft's Office 365 push tramples partners -- and IT

New migration tools and other recent Exchange cloud moves will help you move your data to the cloud, but they'll also end your choice in the matter

Your top 5 cloud priorities for the rest of 2015

Now's the time to get serious about containers, service governance, cloud brokerage, and more

IBM cloud will reach back into tape for low-cost storage

Project Big Storage combines data on flash, disks and tape under a single namespace

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IBM's next big Bluemix move: API management

Amid stiff competition, IBM is leveraging Bluemix's API capabilities to transition to a services company

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Hoisting big data to the cloud

The general consensus about big data has been that it's too expensive to move. But what if you could use remote backup copies in the cloud for analytics, app dev, and other applications?

Docker vs. CoreOS: A container battle worth waging

Real-world deployments will eventually settle who wins IT's heart, giving IT a chance to choose the best technology

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IBM Watson adds hybrid cloud developer tools

Watson Explorer helps developers build hybrid cloud cognitive applications using data sets resident in a mix of on-premises, public and private cloud environments

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