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EMC Virtustream cloud
Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

cloudy buildings

The application-centric cloud paradigm

The changing nature of clouds as the focus moves to composable applications hosted in the new cloud model

Taking enterprise mobile development beyond the essentials

How the Backend brings flexible user authentication, granular access control, and other enterprise features to mobile applications

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Refactor or not? Decision No. 1 when porting apps to the cloud

Should you lift and shift, partially refactor, or completely refactor your apps when porting to the cloud? Here are the pros and cons

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Will the cloud automate operations out of existence?

Microsoft distinguished engineer Jeffrey Snover says the future is bright for ops, but sophisticated cloud automation suggests a different outcome

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With OpenShift 3, Red Hat puts container power in developers' hands

With the new version of OpenShift and the brand-new Atomic Enterprise Platform, Red Hat moves to make container technology a developer tool, not just an admin's one

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Don't use the cloud like a data warehouse

The 'single source of truth' data model is what IT knows, but not what it should be doing today

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A new document database emerges from the cloud

The NoSQL trend has given us a crazy array of new database choices. Clusterpoint has just jumped in to offer a cloud-based document database

IBM, Box partner on cloud analytics technologies

Box users will be able to store data on the IBM cloud and use Watson Analytics

Snowflake Computing opens data warehouse to the masses

Cloud startup led by Microsoft veteran Bob Muglia also announces a new $45 million funding round


How to make cloud backup a no-brainer

It's time to move from a disk-to-tape to a disk-to-cloud backup strategy

Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle is finally all-in on the cloud

The company's new services complete its cloud platform, but analysts say it still lags behind the major cloud players

container technology

IBM announces container service for Bluemix

IBM Containers service, based on open source Docker software container technology, is designed to help developers deliver apps across hybrid cloud environments

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3 ways to screw up a cloud deployment

If you want a cloud deployment that actually works, avoid these three mistakes

Oracle says it has completed its stack of cloud services

Oracle has launched 24 new services to help customers onto the cloud


Peggy Test video

Peggy's test video

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The private cloud is for suckers

Managers embrace private cloud solutions such as OpenStack because they keep IT in control, but are they simply old men shaking their fists at the public cloud?

Man standing in the middle of green field

Is your cloud green enough? That's the wrong question

If you want greener data centers, go after enterprise IT, not the cloud providers

Salesforce tailors new analytics apps for specific roles

The first app in the series to arrive is Sales Wave Analytics, which targets salespeople

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