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5 ways to save money on your cloud costs

Quickly estimate the cost of your cloud environment

career fired

Adopt and perish: The CIO's cloud dilemma

Resistance to the cloud is an easy way to get fired, but succeeding with the cloud may eliminate the justification for a CIO

Simple encryption and control come to Office 365

When collaboration moves to the cloud, security policy and controls must move into the documents themselves

IBM launches its data warehouse service into the cloud

The DashDB data warehouse relies on in-memory technology to speed up analysis

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Hey Google, it's time for a real cloud strategy

Google may be the world's most advanced technology company, but you have to wonder how serious it is about its enterprise cloud business

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Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO: We’re growing strong

CEO Sam Ramji says Pivotal will turn over the trademark soon

The cloud is too hard, so Intel launched a sweeping project to fix it

The first step is a project with Rackspace to make OpenStack easier to deploy and manage

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When migrating apps to the cloud, don't forget containers

You may not be taking advantage of an application approach between lift and shift and cloud-native

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Silver Peak CEO: We're re-imagining the WAN for a cloud world

Silver Peak made its name as a top provider of wide-area network optimization capabilities. But the company has its sights set on a loftier goal today: Completely changing the way you build your entire WAN. Silver Peak is moving...

Storage management in the application-centric cloud

Microservices and containers using data volume management and object storage, enable new applications

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Startup launches big data-as-a-service

Cazena's managed service platform addresses the security and complexity challenges that have kept many enterprises from the cloud

Office 365 migration path

The more customers Microsoft adds to Office 365, the less it makes from each subscriber

Three million more consumers take to 'rent-not-buy' Office, but per-subscriber revenue falls under $50 for the first time

New industry group to bring Web-scale tech to the enterprise

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation will develop software for creating a 'micro-services' architecture

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OpenStack wins big with Google partnership

Google is the go-to company for making containers work across technology stacks

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Networking in an application-centric cloud

Networking for containers and VMs in the application-centric cloud

machine learning

Can Microsoft’s Azure bring machine learning to the masses?

Here’s how Microsoft aims to make machine learning as available and easy to use as any other software program


3 virtualization vendors worth watching

Amid the noise over Microsoft, VMware, and Red Hat, three other virtualization players have ideas and innovations worth mining

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Replace your NAS with cloud storage: 8 key requirements

For cloud storage to be useful for unstructured data, it needs to provide equivalent flexibility, performance, and productivity as enterprise storage systems

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For better cloud performance, either go deep or go wide

You can spend your money on adding cloud resources or, better, on refactoring your apps to be more efficient

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