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Inspiring crazy loyalty: A leadership workshop

Chris Laping, author and former Red Robin CIO, discusses the challenges of being a change agent and in leading the charge through digital business transformation. He offers practical advice to help CIOs enable the right conditions to...

iot retail internet of things

How the internet of things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and its network of connections


How to make IT governance work

In this free report prepared by the CIO Executive Council, three IT execs describe how they turn business partners into “informed co-investors of the IT budget.”

man holding box of personal items after being fired from job

To move to the cloud, you may need to fire your CIO

CIOs should be cautious about adopting new technology, but not blindly opposed -- otherwise, shadow IT takes over

Group of millennials cheering in office

Millennials force CIOs to rethink tech, training processes

Millennials are pressuring companies to implement new training processes to acclimate these younger employees to new technologies

winners losers sign directions arrows

Who wins and who loses as the cloud moves out of IT

IT spending may appear to be dropping, but it's actually shifting from IT to the business

person holding megaphone against blue background

Disrupt or die? Beware the siren calls of tech consultants

Every company should intentionally and actively design and execute its tech strategies, instead of jumping on the latest consultant fad


MIT uses custom programs to help organizations solve their toughest problems's Sarah White visits MIT's campus to speak with associate dean, Peter Hirst, about MIT's custom programs that educate IT leaders and organizations on enabling digital transformation and innovation in the enterprise.

challenges facing infosec workers

8 fears keeping security professionals up at night

As the need for enterprise data and technology grows, it only widens the skills gap for security professionals. That means, security professionals are feeling the pressure to get more done with less

Young executive man balancing on tight rope over city buildings

CIOs, stop dreaming about total cloud control

Facts on the ground may force even control-oriented CIOs to accommodate departmental cloud computing

seesaw balance lego

Let’s bring back the balance between IT and business

IT's past abuses haunt it in the present, but it doesn't have to stay that way

depression businessman thinking loss sad overworked

The CIO's days may be numbered

Technology is no longer a weird 'other' thing, and it should be fully integrated into your business management

digital transformation data code

IDC predicts bad news for old-school IT as CEOs embrace digital transformation

CEOs are making the 'digital transformation' part of their business strategy, which means big changes for IT departments, according to IDC's analysis. Watch the free IDC FutureScape webcast "Worldwide Digital Transformation 2016...

career fired

Adopt and perish: The CIO's cloud dilemma

Resistance to the cloud is an easy way to get fired, but succeeding with the cloud may eliminate the justification for a CIO


Speaking modern code to your dev team

CIOs must learn new approaches to talking with their development teams in order to foster greater success.

working mother and child / work-life balance

Moms in tech: Tales and tips from the IT trenches

Mothers who work in technology share their best stories of work + children collisions -- and their go-to gadgets and apps for balancing the two

state cio

How CIOs can earn back credibility

Business counterparts are questioning the CIO's role, purpose and credibility. Here's what CIOs must do to build their personal and departmental credibility and help advance greater company business and strategic goals

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