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Computerworld - Is IT Having an Identity Crisis? - Illustration by Jon Krause [ SINGLE USE ]

3 questions IT must answer to stay relevant

The perception of IT's value and status within an organization are in constant flux. Here's how IT can prove its worth

CIO Career Coach

CIO Career Coach: How IT leaders can succeed in the digital marketplace

Martha Heller showcases what it takes for CIOs and IT leaders to lead a digital strategy and move their organizations forward.

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How CIOs are transforming their organizations for the digital era

CIOs discuss key efforts to shake up their IT departments as they lay the foundation for digital business strategies

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Why GE is winning the war for tech talent

GE is poaching elite engineers from top technology companies by offering big challenges, sexy software and attractive compensation packages

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The cloud will demote the CIO in 2017

As the datacenter and IT systems move outside the CIO's grasp into the cloud, most CIOs will find their role diminished

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Fannie Mae CIO: Regulation fostered innovation

CIO Bruce Lee says regulation resulting from the subprime crisis put needed standardization in place. Now the stage is set for AI, IoT, an API ecosystem, and more

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Nationwide CIO: Here's how we centralized IT

During his long tenure, Nationwide CIO Mike Keller has overseen the adoption of lean and agile practices -- and increased economies of scale through consolidation

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CIOs may finally get a seat at the grown-ups' table

A recent framework called TBM promises to bring finances, utilization, and operational effectiveness into a whole to get IT focused on strategic value

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The era of nine-digit defects

For big business, IT and software risk can result in nine digit defects. These are the massive outages we read about in the news that cause big consumer headache and sometimes cost CTOs, CIOs and CEOs their job. Better adherence to...


Reality check on the Internet of Things

In this contrarian look ahead at the IoT roadmap, maturity levels and emerging trends, IDC’s Vernon Turner, SVP of Enterprise and IoT Research Fellow, shares his thoughts on how CIOs can prepare their companies for the dramatic...


Transforming development in the race to innovate

The technology field is moving faster than ever. With more companies entering the fray businesses are always looking to shorten development times and get to market faster with their product and/or services. Modern practices like...


Inspiring crazy loyalty: A leadership workshop

Chris Laping, author and former Red Robin CIO, discusses the challenges of being a change agent and in leading the charge through digital business transformation. He offers practical advice to help CIOs enable the right conditions to...

iot retail internet of things

How the internet of things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and its network of connections


How to make IT governance work

In this free report prepared by the CIO Executive Council, three IT execs describe how they turn business partners into “informed co-investors of the IT budget.”

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To move to the cloud, you may need to fire your CIO

CIOs should be cautious about adopting new technology, but not blindly opposed -- otherwise, shadow IT takes over

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Millennials force CIOs to rethink tech, training processes

Millennials are pressuring companies to implement new training processes to acclimate these younger employees to new technologies

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Disrupt or die? Beware the siren calls of tech consultants

Every company should intentionally and actively design and execute its tech strategies, instead of jumping on the latest consultant fad

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Who wins and who loses as the cloud moves out of IT

IT spending may appear to be dropping, but it's actually shifting from IT to the business

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