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Google's Chromebook Pixel opens USB Type-C to Android, Chrome OS devices

Google adds horsepower to the Chromebook Pixel, and paves the way to faster charging Chrome OS and Android devices

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'Bingbooks' need free Office to compete with Chromebooks

Analysts debate the wisdom of giving Office 365 away to sell low-end laptops and tablets

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MacBook to Chromebook: No regrets

Two years on, switching from a MacBook Pro to a Chromebook was the right answer for this geek. Read on for hints and tips


Review: 6 business-class Chromebooks test their mettle

Is a Chromebook for you? Which one? We put top models from Acer, Dell, Google, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba to the test

10 things you need to know about Microsoft's Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 sports some impressive capabilities. Here's the scoop on its software to its performance to its sound and camera

The PC is dead? Then the Chromebook must be comatose

Microsoft haters close their eyes to any evidence that PC sales are still strong, which they are

Welcome to the next tech revolution: Liquid computing

The Handoff feature in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is the first taste of truly contextual computing

One user's path to a Chromebook enterprise

Auberge Resorts exec explains the logic, tools, and issues involved in a shift to Chrome OS and Google Apps for Business

First look: xPrintServer for Android, Chrome OS

Printing from Android and Chrome OS isn't so simple, but Lantronix's tiny print server makes it much easier

Google and VMware advance plans for the death of the desktop

VMware's Horizon View partners with Google's Chromebooks as both outfits seek to make the most of the waning desktop PC

Google Chromebox wants in on enterprise meetings

Google+ Hangouts could also benefit from the $999 videoconferencing tool

Chromebooks have just a 1 percent market share -- and a tough road to the enterprise

The key to their success over time may be in the classroom

The Android 'un-PC' is no real threat to the PC

Flood of Android notebooks and even desktops at CES 2014 bode well for Android, but they still can't replace a full-featured PC

The Chrome Apps empire could be coming to iOS

Google plans to let developers deploy Chrome-packaged apps on any platform where there's Chrome -- including Android and iOS

Microsoft books 'Pawn Stars' to power reality-distortion field

Much like reality TV, Microsoft's anti-Chromebook ads overlook several facts about Google -- and Microsoft itself

Trouble's brewing in Android land

Indications of desperation at Samsung, chaos at HTC, and reduced focus at Google suggest Android faces rough sailing

Google's new desktop strategy: Invade and conquer

Google's new strategy to make Chrome OS into everyone's OS: Build it straight into Windows by way of Chrome itself

4 things to love about Google's Chromebook Pixel -- and 4 things to hate

Google's latest Chrome-OS-powered Chromebook laptop is a sleek machine with a lot to love -- and hate

Move over, Android: The future will be Chrome

Android may be just a stopgap operating system for mobile devices until Google gets Chrome OS to work everywhere

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