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Docker 1.5 seeks to ease networking, documentation woes

The newest Docker release rolls in IPv6 networking and a comprehensive description of Docker's image format

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The world of containers doesn't end with Docker

Docker, the open-source app containerization startup has built up quite a bit of momentum in the past six months, but it's still not entirely ready for enterprise. (Insider, registration required.)

Dell, EMC, VMware, and others get giddy over converged infrastructure

What started as a niche market has blossomed into a multi-billion-dollar industry led by IT heavyweights

EMC's all-in-one compute appliance comes with an app store

Users will be able to download third-party tools to the VSPEX Blue converged appliance for midsized enterprises

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VMware's OpenStack plants itself firmly in vSphere

VMware jumps on the OpenStack bandwagon with a brand new distro designed to be managed with VMware tools

Microsoft updates cloud-based SQL Server to simplify management

The updates are aimed at companies that choose to run SQL Server on a virtual machine on Azure

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CoreOS Rocket hits second stage, still aimed at Docker

With the release of Rocket 0.2.0, CoreOS hints that its developers are trying to learn from Docker's legacy

Understanding cloud storage models

The roles of instance, volume, and object storage in the modern, virtualized data center


EMC shoots down break-up talk: 'We’re better together'

EMC exec Jeremy Burton shoots down calls by activist investors for the company to split off VMware or RSA

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Xen 4.5 flexes its muscles on Intel and ARM

The Xen hypervisor's latest version focuses all the more on performance, high availability, and feature support for ARM chip sets in the data center


2015 will be the year of container wars

Docker's getting all the container headlines, but, as we're going to see this year, there's a lot more to containers than just one company

Citrix aims to cut virtual desktop costs with next-gen XenServer

Version 6.5 offers better performance and improved GPU virtualization capabilities

Google Cloud offers streamlined Ubuntu for Docker use

Ubuntu Core provides a minimal Lightweight Linux environment for running containers

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Can't wait for Docker on Windows? Try Spoon

Spoon app-containerization technology for Windows offers some Docker technology, but with an emphasis on desktop apps

Wozniak aims to simplify all of enterprise storage

Woz has joined former Fusion-io colleagues at Primary Data, a startup that virtualizes data

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Docker container or VM? Canonical's LXD splits the difference

With LXD, Docker containers can emulate virtual machines while maintaining close-to-the-metal speed and high security

Google updates cloud with new virtual technologies and price cuts

Google has embraced the Docker container technology and expanded the Firebase mobile development platform

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Desktop-as-a-Service: Your BYOD assist

Using virtualized desktops delivered from the cloud is a way to bring apps to wherever your users are working and whatever they're working on

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