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mit bug finder ruby on rails

What's old is new again with MIT's latest bug finder

Called Pasket, the system automatically accommodates for today's huge programming frameworks

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Google's Abacus API adds security by subtracting passwords

The API, which shifts the authentication burden from users to their Android devices, will be available to developers by the end of the year

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Apple hires mobile encryption pioneer amid encryption debate

Jon Callas joined the company from Silent Circle earlier this year

insider threats

By the numbers: Cyber attack costs compared

Not all cyber attacks are created equal. Infographic shows what are the most expensive cyber attacks, how costs are distributed, and where organizations are putting their money

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New DMA Locker ransomware is ramping up for widespread attacks

New version of ransomware fixes previous flaws and adopts exploit kit-based distribution model

Bank Vault protecting data inside

5 steps to stronger data security

The old cliche is true: Your organization's most precious asset is its data. Five basic security building blocks can ensure its safety

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Recently patched Flash Player exploit is being used in widespread attacks

An exploit for the previously zero-day CVE-2016-4117 vulnerability is now in the Magnitude exploit kit

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How data virtualization delivers on the devops promise

Your data could be standing in the way of getting the most out of devops and continuous delivery. It's also a significant security risk in development -- and that's about to get more expensive

Legislation of privacy security keyboard law legal gavel

Criminal defendants demand to see FBI's secret hacking tool

The ability of defendants to confront the evidence against them is 'absolutely essential,' civil rights groups argue

android security

Google's Android N strengthens security core

File-based encryption, Mediaserver hardening, and automatic updates will come to Google's mobile platform this summer

network monitoring

Open source tool watches Linux systems, containers for suspicious activity

New from Sysdig, Falco alerts you to unwanted behaviors, not just in Docker apps, but throughout the system

Linux containers vs. VMs: A security comparison

More vulnerable than virtual machines? In fact, containers have some security advantages

1 linkedin

A hacker is selling 167 million LinkedIn user records

The data includes hashed passwords for 167 million accounts and likely dates back to 2012

email security

Google to shutter SSLv3, RC4 from SMTP servers, Gmail

Google Apps customers who still rely on SSLv3 or RC4 need to update to TLS or face the prospect of no longer being able to send out mail

HPE cybercrime table

Cybercriminals are increasingly embracing a sophisticated business-model approach

Criminal hacking groups can employ HR specialists, marketers, and training gurus, HPE says

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A critical flaw in Symantec antivirus engine puts computers at risk of easy hacking

The flaw could be exploited by simply sending a malicious email or tricking users to visit a link

computer data security keyboard hands programming developer

Defend yourself! Build a cyber security database

Attackers have all kinds of data about the threat landscape -- and about your organization, if it happens to be a target. Now's the time to arm yourself with data, too

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Why Android hasn't beaten Apple in business

Despite significant improvements in recent years, three key realities give iOS the edge in the enterprise

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