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AWS tries to protect its customers from DDoS attacks with new service

Shield is available for free and enabled by default for all web applications running on AWS

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Who's responsible for data compliance? 25% of execs don't know

A new survey sheds some light on just how little grasp U.S. organizations have on privacy and security regulations


Security Sessions: Lessons learned from the Dyn DNS attacks

In the latest episode of Security Sessions, CSO Editor-in-Chief Joan Goodchild chats with Stephen Boyer, CTO and co-founder of BitSight, about the recent DNS attacks against Dyn, and how CSOs can prepare their systems against future...

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10 key security terms devops ninjas need to know

If devops teams are going to move fast without breaking security, they’ll need to learn key IT security concepts

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16% off Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera - Deal Alert

With Nest Cam Indoor, you can check in -- even when you’re out. 24/7 live streaming. No dead batteries. And a versatile magnetic stand that lets you put it anywhere. Nest Cam is currently discounted 10% on Amazon.


Android malware steals access to more than 1 million Google accounts

The Gooligan malware targets devices running older versions of Android

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The new Mirai malware strain has gone beyond Deutsche Telekom

Hackers attacked routers in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Iran, Thailand, and other countries

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CERT to Microsoft: Keep EMET alive

Windows systems with Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit properly configured is more secure than a standalone Windows 10 system, says CERT

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San Francisco's Muni says server data not accessed in ransomware hit

The alleged ransomware attacker has reportedly threatened to release data stolen from the transit system

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3 clues to spotting a spam scam

The notice looked real at first -- but turned out to be an obvious scam. Unraveling its origins offered an object lesson in how not to get suckered

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Azure customer saves Microsoft from an RHEL disaster

Were it not for an alert customer, attackers could have compromised every RHEL instance on Microsoft Azure due to improper configuration of Red Hat Update Appliances

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San Francisco’s Muni transit system reportedly hit by ransomware

The ransomware attacker is said to be demanding $73,000


How to protect the C-suite from spear phishing

CSO Editor-in-Chief Joan Goodchild sits down with Kevin O'Brien, founder and CEO of GreatHorn, to discuss ways that security leaders can fend off spear phishing attempts aimed at the executives at their companies.

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Time is running out for NTP

Everyone benefits from Network Time Protocol, but the project struggles to pay its sole maintainer or fund its various initiatives

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NTP fixes denial-of-service flaws

Attackers can exploit NTP to generate large volumes of junk traffic for distributed denial-of-service attacks. Update NTP to keep your servers out of the DDoS botnet


Best smaller cities to land a cybersecurity job

If you're ready for a change of scenery or job, check out these locales

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Time's almost out for websites to abandon SHA-1

One-third of all websites still rely on the insecure SHA-1 encryption algorithm, as the deadline to switch draws closer

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Moment of truth: Web browsers and the SHA-1 switch

SHA-1 encryption is ending. Here's how your browser will react

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