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security phishing hook

Sony attackers thought to be behind multiple large attacks

Security researchers have found similarities in malware and attack methods and now know what digital breadcrumbs to follow

Cyber security breach attack on monitor with binary code

Israeli cybertech startups set global security trends

The Cybertech 2016 conference took place in Tel Aviv, where Israeli startups showcased their latest innovations and technologies in combating global cyber security threats

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Study finds anti-encryption laws won't work on an international stage

Passing anti-encryption laws wouldn't change a thing, as criminals and terrorists would simply look globally for alternatives

Internet Explorer

It's official: Older versions of IE are now at risk

Two-thirds of the vulnerabilities patched this week in IE11 and Edge likely exist in now-retired IE7 and IE8, definitely in semi-obsolete IE9 and IE10

 Republican Presidential Debate

All the president’s spies: Which candidates back the NSA

Here's what the presidential candidates have to say about NSA spying, the USA Freedom Act, and government surveillance

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Big data needs big security changes

Access control for big data analytics needs policy-based security that includes context as well as users and roles

Hammer breaks glass

Office 2010 patch KB 3114750 clobbers Outlook Calendar (again)

Microsoft released a cavalcade of fixes with February's Patch Tuesday, including one that reintroduces an earlier bug in Outlook 2010


Bill in Congress would ban states from seeking encryption backdoors

Proposal blocks states from writing their own laws about technology to decrypt private messages or asking manufacturers to install backdoors

UCLA Phase Stretch Transform algorithm

UCLA just open-sourced a powerful new image-detection algorithm

The algorithm helps computers 'see' in ways that human eyes can't, and could be used in face, fingerprint and iris recognition for high-tech security

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Microsoft fixes 36 flaws in IE, Edge, Office, Windows, .Net Framework

February’s Patch Tuesday brought 12 security bulletins, five of which Microsoft rated critical


Setting up a Windows 10 picture PIN

How cool is it to draw on a picture to log into your Windows 10 PC? It's a lot cooler than remembering a bunch of letters and numbers. Here's how to set it up.

Internal Revenue Service IRS tax filing form 1040

Identity thieves obtain 100,000 electronic filing PINs from IRS system

The automated attack using previously stolen personal data attempted to obtain E-file PINS for over 460,000 people

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Let’s bring back the balance between IT and business

IT's past abuses haunt it in the present, but it doesn't have to stay that way

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Google adds warning to unencrypted emails

Users will also be told when they may be conversing with someone who is not a real person

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US government wants to sharply increase spending on cyber security

The $3.1 billion plan calls for replacing outdated IT infrastructure and recruiting cyber security experts into government roles

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Adwind evolves to offer cyber criminals one-stop shop for malware

Remote administration tool Adwind is back on the market, this time as JSocket, an online marketplace selling malware and a slew of other tools

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5 tips to protect your admin credentials

Credentials are the main battlefront in our ongoing computer security war. Deploy everything you have to keep them safe

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Java installer flaw shows why you should clear your Downloads folder

Older versions of the Java installer were vulnerable to binary planting in the Downloads folder

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