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Red Hat builds on its open source storage portfolio

Red Hat has updated both its Ceph and Gluster file systems for enterprise usage

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Atom at 1.0: GitHub's Node-based editor is just getting started

Atom 1.0 is not just a code editor with cutting-edge add-ons, but a platform upon which other editors and IDEs can -- and are -- to be built

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Docker donates container specs for OPC open standard

The Open Container Project is working on a common app-container format, but a standard needs to be more than simply open to work well

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LibreOffice debuts in the Mac App Store

Getting an open source project into the storefront of Apple's walled garden is tough. But LibreOffice has done it, thanks to hard work from community member Collabora

Amazon Web Services jumps on Spark bandwagon

Growing competition for Spark services should help it take off on larger scale

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Mozilla restarts work on multi-process Firefox

Separating rendering from content prevents the browser from crashing when a website or app fails

Software applications have on average 24 vulnerabilities inherited from buggy components

Developers often unwittingly use components that contain flaws

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Open source: Big benefits, big flaws

Open source is now a dominant force in IT, but experts warn that it can also make things risky and may not be for everyone

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IBM fires up Spark with Bluemix, machine learning contributions

IBM doubles up on Spark, adding it to Bluemix and contributing its SystemML machine-learning code to the Apache project

It's alive! Microsoft to let Live Writer live on as open source

Devoted followers, including some within Microsoft, get their wish, as eight-year-old blogging tool will survive

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Cascading big data framework gets Apache Tez support

Version 3 of the Cascading open source Java big data application framework has support for the Apache Tez compute fabric

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Questions loom over 'open source' Swift

Apple says it will open-source the Swift language, but the issue of software freedom lingers

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Apple open-sources Swift to draw more developers to iOS

Apple's plans are promising, but they're mainly about getting Swift into the hands of more developers

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SourceForge: The end can't come too soon

Don’t look now, but one of the first and largest open-source project hosting services has turned into a zombie

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SourceForge commits reputational suicide

Despite seeming reformed last year, download hosting site SourceForge has been caught red-handed abusing the reputations of open source projects

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MongoDB at the crossroads: Growth or openness?

MongoDB World 2015 introduces interesting new features in MongoDB 3.2 and more interesting questions about the future of the company and its community

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Open source and Apple: The nagging nausea

Apple may be the polar opposite of open source's values, but open source activists sure love their Apple products

A sign that says We’re Open

Red Hat CEO: Here's how to create an 'Open Organization'

In a brand-new book, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst explains what he's learned from leading the largest open source company and how the lessons can be applied

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Fedora 22 provides three ways to don Red Hat

Red Hat's latest Linux distribution tests new server and cloud features, but Fedora's long-standing desktop legacy may get in the way

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