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Windows 10's usage share lead over Windows 7 evaporates

Even a free upgrade offer can't sustain Windows 10's early head start over Windows 7 in each operating system's first 123 days

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Is Microsoft making Windows worse to make it better?

Windows 10 is being presented as an OS in continuous development. We're used to cloud services being a work in progress, but how well does that transfer to an operating system?

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Microsoft pulls Windows 10 v 1511 Threshold 2 release from download page

It now takes two downloads to get the latest Windows 10 update, and Microsoft is turning the support community into liars -- again

Windows at 30: Microsoft’s biggest OS missteps

Windows at 30: Microsoft’s biggest blunders

The first three decades of Windows has brought unparalleled frustrations -- and an undying hope that the next version will be the best one yet


How to buy a productivity tablet

Whether you're opting for an iPad or a Surface, here are five things to consider before you buy a tablet.

Windows at 30: What we've loved

Happy 30th, Windows: What we've loved through the years

Celebrate three decades of Microsoft's desktop innovation with a trip down 64K memory lane

Intel Galileo

Microsoft pulls Windows 10 support from Intel's Galileo boards

Support for Microsoft's Windows 10 edition for IOT on Galileo's board will end on Nov. 30

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Bing gains search share after Windows 10 gives it a hand

Search query volume up 5 percent since Windows 10's launch, beats industry growth average

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Microsoft debuts controls that postpone Windows 10 feature upgrades up to a year

The move puts the final 'Windows Update for Business' pieces in place

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Microsoft fixes Hyper-V bug in Windows

While it's not critical, this Hyper-V bug can cause denial-of-service issues in guest VMs

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Windows 10 upgrade woes include deleted apps, system hangs

The rollout of Windows 10 version 1511 has hit a few bumps, but we have solutions

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Review: New Windows 10 version still can't beat Windows 7

Microsoft’s 'Fall Update' promised to put the finishing touches on Windows 10 -- it doesn’t

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Microsoft launches Windows 10, Version 1511, build 10586

Users can manually upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 now, or wait and have it done for them overnight

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Microsoft surreptitiously reissues botched patch KB 3097877 for Windows 7

The new, fixed patch has the same KB number as the old, bad patch that crashed Outlook and busted network logon

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Box boosts Windows 10's enterprise potential with new app

The Box app works across PCs, tablets, and smartphones

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KB 3097877 crashes Outlook, causes network sign-in black screens

Also, the Win7 sidebar and gadgets disappear, and Asus Audio Center dies

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Windows 10 Insiders: Make sure your PC updated to build 10586.3

It's a good idea to be on the latest build, as the next version of Windows 10 could roll out as early as tomorrow

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KB 3105210, KB 3105213 Windows 10 updates lead Patch Tuesday deluge

Twelve Security Bulletins covering 49 separately identified vulnerabilities, two additional security patches, 39 nonsecurity Office patches, and two confusing Win10 cumulative updates

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