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Windows 10

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Windows 10: It's make-or-break time for Microsoft

Windows 8 has been a debacle on several fronts, and the Windows name is so tarnished that only a hit new version will save it

12 things to know about Windows 10

The major update to Microsoft's OS is due next year and will run on all devices

Microsoft Windows

What Windows 10 means for the enterprise

Microsoft’s first glimpse of Windows 10 packs plenty of intrigue regarding its future impact on IT

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Windows 8 user share nose-dives in September

Windows 10 can't come fast enough for Microsoft as ailing Windows 8 falls by record amount

Trying Windows 10 Tech Preview? Keep these 7 things in mind

The software you'll install on your PC is an early stage version of the OS that'll have bugs and will change a lot over time

Microsoft skips a number, says Windows 10 will be a big break from the past

The company showed an early build of its new OS in San Francisco on Tuesday

Microsoft stealthily rebrands Bing Finance, with other Bing apps to follow

In a curious game of hide-and-seek, Microsoft appears to be rebranding its Windows 8 Bing apps as MSN apps

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Leaker claims only some Windows 8.1 users will get free Windows 9 upgrades

For those currently running Windows 7, the upgrade will come with a price tag, according to tweets from "Wzor," a notorious spiller of Microsoft secrets.

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Windows Tech Preview: Your pregame guide to Microsoft's big event

A concise list of what you need to know before Microsoft launches its next Windows extravaganza on Tuesday

With new OS, Microsoft will try to put Windows 8 era behind it

The company is expected to unveil a preview of the Windows 8 successor on Tuesday


Surface Mini saga portends end of Windows RT

Recently revealed details about Microsoft's aborted Surface Mini are a likely indicator that Windows RT is headed the way of the dodo

HP leads Microsoft in Metro app usage

Only 17 percent of Microsoft's usage was on Surface Pros, showing that people who have a choice rarely chose Metro apps


Microsoft exec: 'Windows 9' to be announced next week

A tightly-guarded detail on the next version of Windows may have slipped out.

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Microsoft mind games surround Windows Technical Preview

Whether Microsoft will release a public Technical Preview of Windows 9 at its Sept. 30 press conference remains in doubt

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New leaked screenshots reveal more about Windows 9

New info from build 9841, including a resizable Start Menu and multiple virtual desktops, adds to expectations for Windows Technical Preview

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Windows 9: A new hope

Three UI changes show a positive new direction away from the unloved Windows 8

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What to expect with Windows 9

With Build 9834 leaks and confirmations springing up all over, here’s what to expect from Microsoft on Sept. 30

Windows 9

Microsoft sets Windows 9 reveal for Sept. 30

Microsoft issued invitations on Monday for a Sept. 30 event where it will unveil the next version of Windows, according to multiple online reports.

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