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32% off Asus 15.6-Inch Laptop, 2.1GHz Core i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Windows 10 - Deal Alert

Housing multiple USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer and the latest 802.11ac wireless for fast Internet connectivity, Asus promises it'll be fast and easy to get things done with their F555 laptop, currently discounted 32%.

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3 ways Windows Server 2016 is tackling security

Windows Server 2016 could be a generational shift in security on par with Bill Gates’ introduction of Trustworthy Computing in 2002


Microsoft previews telemetry push with new Win7/8.1 patches KB 3192403, 3192404

Microsoft plans to roll out major extensions to its Diagnostic and Telemetry service in November


Review: HP Elite x3 Windows phone

Incredible hardware, Win32 apps, Continuum: the HP Elite x3 is the first Windows phone your friends are going to envy.

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UML to be ejected from Microsoft Visual Studio

The company is removing UML support in Visual Studio 15 due to a lack of usage


What to do when you hate Windows 10

You have a few options for backing out of Windows 10, but most of them aren’t pretty.

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Signals suggest next Windows 10 upgrade will be in March 2017

Microsoft has said it plans on two Windows 10 updates in 2017

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Microsoft Update Catalog finally works with (almost) any browser

A key part of the new Win 7/8.1 updating regime, the Update Catalog at long last emerges from the digital dark ages

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Problems continue with Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607, KB 3194798

With recurring and new problems in spades, Win10 Anniversary Update is still not ready for prime time

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Win 7/8.1 'patchocalypse' springs a few surprises

Most of the changes to Windows 7 and 8.1 patching happened as expected yesterday, but a few unexpected twists deserve attention

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Group policies, meet EMM: New and old Windows 10 management unite

MobileIron Bridge lets IT apply familiar group policy objects to Windows 10 PCs via enterprise mobile management, filling a big gap in Win10's new APIs

How to prepare for Microsoft’s Win7/8.1 ‘patchocalypse’

How to prepare for the Windows 7/8.1 ‘patchocalypse’

Microsoft is changing the way it patches Windows 7 and 8.1. Here’s what we know -- and what to do to keep having Windows your way

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Why Microsoft doesn't need Windows anymore

Perhaps it's time to bid adieu to the venerable OS, now that Microsoft has planted itself in the cloud and app business

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Get more done: 16 helpful Windows 10 tools

Microsoft has stuffed Windows 10 full of productivity-enhancing tools and features that streamline common pain points

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Microsoft remains silent as Surface Pro 3 battery woes pile up

Surface Pro 3 owners with LGC batteries report their tablets have to stay plugged in to remain operational

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Satya Nadella's comp package slips 3% to $17.7 million

Microsoft board dings CEO for missing Windows 10 target


Asus ZenBook 3 review: This compact laptop puts the MacBook on the ropes, but doesn't deliver a KO

This 12-inch MacBook clone is a premium Windows ultraportable, but a few design choices keep it from rising above all its competition—MacOS and Windows alike.

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Detested snooping patch KB 2952664 reappears

Reappearance of patch designed to provide telemetry stokes users' fears about a return of 'Get Windows 10' nagware

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