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09 patched brick wall paint

Mystery solved: KB 3150513 is another Windows 10 update-enabling patch

Released by Microsoft without documentation, it's safe to hide this patch if you don't want Windows 10 or its related updates

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WSUS on Windows Server 2012 R2 appears to be badly broken

Windows Update server won't synchronize and is throwing errors 7032 and 7053 when trying to connect

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Microsoft re-releases Windows OLE patch KB 3146706 with little explanation

Microsoft doesn't say whether the new version fixes conflicts with EMET 5.5 caused by the original, so it's best to steer clear

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Windows 10 nagware patch KB 3035583 back on Windows 7 PCs

Documentation is sketchy, but the patch has just appeared as an unchecked optional sucker punch

New features in Windows 10

Windows 10 on pace to reach 20% share by June

Growth slows in April after a push by Microsoft the month before


Microsoft to begin SHA-1 crypto shutoff with Windows 10's summer upgrade

IE11 and Edge will drop the lock icon for sites that secure traffic with SHA-1 certificates this summer and will block access by Feb. 14, 2017

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Death of Intel's Atom casts shadow over rumored Surface Phone

Microsoft still reportedly remains committed to Windows 10 Mobile running on ARM chips. But is that enough?

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Cortana now restricted to Edge and Bing: It’s the clicks, stupid

There’s a reason Cortana will only work with Edge and Bing, and it isn’t quality of experience

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Docker's ready for Windows Server 2016

The latest build of Docker for Windows Server 2016 addresses Docker's distribution of apps written for multiple platforms and OSes

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Microsoft finally gets the bugs out of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Users' complaints about buggy, unreliable systems have subsided since the massive April 19 fixed most driver problems


Mingis on Tech, Episode 12: All about the Surface Book (and the importance of ports)

If you're eyeing a Microsoft Surface Book, or want to make sure your next laptop is future-proof, this episode's for you.

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Cyberespionage group abuses Windows hotpatching mechanism to hide malware

The Platinum cyberespionage group has been leveraging a Windows feature known as hotpatching to inject malicious code into running processes

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

New Windows 10 beta build 14332 introduces 'Quests for the Bug Bash'

Build 14332 has dozens of bug fixes, but most notably it introduces a geeky scavenger hunt known as the Bug Bash

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Is Microsoft using security patch KB 3146706 to break pirate copies of Windows 7?

It's not clear whether it’s intentional, but the patch is throwing blue screen error 0x0000006B on Ghost pirate copies of Windows 7


Should beginners install Kali Linux on their computers?

Also in today's open source roundup: Black Lab Linux 7.6 released, and the meaning of Bash on Microsoft's Windows operating system

Microsoft gives OneDrive users until July to shrink their storage

Users must reduce what they store in the cloud or face locked accounts and file deletions

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Latest Windows 10 beta build 14328 draws well-deserved praise

Significant concerns linger, but Windows 10 appears to be on track for a worthwhile Anniversary Update

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Botched WSUS patch KB 3148812 throws errors 80244019, 80244008, 8024401f

Two days after the patch rolled out, Microsoft provided instructions for dealing with reported problems -- but the new fixes don't work either

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