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Microsoft re-releases seven optional patches, including KB 3046480

The surprise release doesn't include a fix for last week's KB 3022345, which failed to install with error 800F0922


How Microsoft plans to coax you into using more apps in Windows 10

Microsoft woos app developers with the promise of new promotional opportunities.

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Microsoft woos Android, iOS devs with porting toolkit

At Build, Microsoft unveils plan that lets developers reuse Java, C++, and Objective-C code for Windows

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Microsoft wants to turn Android apps, iOS apps, and websites into Windows apps

If the strategy is successful, it could be the end of Microsoft’s app gap problem

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What's new in Windows 10 build 10074, the Insider Preview

Build 10074 is widely believed to be the version of Windows 10 that will be distributed at the Build conference

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Windows 10 updates force enterprises to shift eval tactics

With the advent of Windows 10, enterprises will have to rethink the way they evaluate Microsoft operating systems, because the company has a new approach to development that involves ongoing upgrades.

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Microsoft preaches the gospel of universal apps at Build

The Build conference also will focus on Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, and mobile app dev

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New Windows 10 Insider Preview, build 10074, released for direct download

With the Build conference set to start tomorrow, Microsoft coined a new term: 'Insider Preview'

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Where Windows 10 stands right now

Windows 10 betas are coming fast and furious. Discover what Microsoft has released so far

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Microsoft posts second straight double-digit downturn in Windows OEM revenue

Can Redmond make enough from consumers in services to offset the decline in OS revenue?

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Windows 10 won't save the PC

Fixing Windows 8's most glaring flaws is nice, but the new Windows doesn't address the fundamental PC dilemma

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Windows 10 patch KB 3055415 released with no details

The patch arrives with no description and no warning, other than that it requires a reboot

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Windows patch KB 3045999 conflicts with McAfee (error c0000018), Romax, VirtualBox

An 'important' patch from this month’s Black Tuesday causes odd problems in many applications

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Microsoft acknowledges -- but doesn't fix -- KB 3038314 installer fail with error 80092004

However there's still no admission that MS15-032 blocks the installation of search providers

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What's new and important in Windows 10 build 10061

Here's the best source for all the details, and the big picture

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Microsoft kicks off two-month Spartan bug bounty program

Offers up to $15K for top-notch reports and exploits of the still-under-construction browser slated to ship with Windows 10

Intel's Compute Stick goes on sale for $149 with Windows 8.1

A Compute Stick with Ubuntu Linux will go on sale this summer for $110

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Optional Windows 8.1 update KB 3022345 fails to install with error 800F0922

At least one of the 34 patches Microsoft released yesterday is having big problems

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