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Integration Platform as a Service, the new kid on the integration block

iPaaS is still a fast-moving market segment. What does it do and who are the players?

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The IT janitor

Business IT landscapes are full with technological debt. Why do we keep ignoring the crud that has accumulated?

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Extreme connectivity: EAs need enterprise graphs

For businesses with massive volumes of data and digital assets, graph databases provide a better way to make data available to users, query it, manipulate it and analyze it in real-time

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Docker Swarm beats Kubernetes? Not so fast

A new study from Docker shows its Swarm orchestration framework beats Google's Kubernetes in raw startup time, but critics say it's about more than speed alone

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Why IT tasks take as long as they take

An hour or a week? For technical work, estimating the time required is the eternal challenge

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Call for entries: The 2016 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Enter the 2016 InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards and get the recognition you deserve for an initiative that has had substantial impact on your organization

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HP, Dell, Cisco maintain their dominance in enterprise hardware

HP and Dell are still server kings, but Cisco retains a lock on every other kind of enterprise hardware in a slow-moving market

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16 for '16: What you must know about Hadoop and Spark right now

Amazingly, Hadoop has been redefined in the space of a year. Let's take a look at all the salient parts of this roiling ecosystem and what they mean


A tale of application rationalization (not)

Application rationalisation is a popular idea in enterprises. It promises architectural simplification of the IT-landscape. But often rationalisation is an illusion as enterprise-specific functionality has to be recreated in the new...

Web scale vs. hyperconverged: Understand the differences

Why Web-scale architectures are not hyperconverged, and hyperconverged architectures are not Web-scale

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Six secrets of top enterprise architects

Over the past 20 years I've worked with some hugely talented enterprise architects, and I've noticed there are some skills common to the very best of them


Architecture principles considered harmful

Architecture principles are a very popular tool in the enterprise architect's tool box. The underlying concept of 'comply or explain', however, makes them particularly toxic.

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4 ways businesses can close the legacy tech skills gap

As older IT professionals age out of the workforce, companies need to ensure they have the right knowledge and skills to keep their legacy tech running smoothly

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Roadmapping: The key to getting your digital house in order

Here's what a best-practice roadmapping approach looks like, plus a structure to set your course

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Why we need enterprise architects now more than ever

In the era of decentralized IT, enterprise architects will find fresh opportunity to help businesses meet their most important objectives

Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2015 Enterprise Architecture Awards

This year's five winners, selected by a panel of EA practitioners, show how enterprise architects help businesses roll out initiatives with transformative value

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5 interview questions for enterprise architects -- and how to answer them

Enterprise architects are in-demand, challenging to hire, and salaries are on the rise. Answering these 5 questions the right way will help you land the job.


Data center myopia creates cloud illusions

What is the Cloud other than 'other people's data centers'? What happens if you move IT-support for your business to the cloud? It disappears from your data center and that makes it seem as a reduction of complexity. But it also moves...

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