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Oracle customizes project management for lines of business

Government, financial services, and construction are all getting custom project management software packages from Oracle

HP boxes up the cloud for the enterprise

The HP Helion Rack provides a prepackaged cloud ready to run

Docker is great for the cloud -- but too often misused

Docker and its container brethren are the pinnacle of distributed computing ... if you understand how to use them

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Scenes from the Docker revolution

Docker is enjoying the kind of success most enterprise startups can only dream of. But when will its benefits be seen in production?

9 cloud analytics

The all-consuming future of cloud analytics

An explosion of use cases is driving runaway growth in cloud analytics -- but can anyone really declare that the cloud is the omega of IT platforms?

Smart CIOs ignore cloud extremists

Still, there are pro-cloud and anti-cloud extremists that you have to watch out for

Google Cloud organizes all the log files to ease troubleshooting

Google Cloud Logging collects dozens of metrics from Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine

Cloudy sky with flying saucers

It came from the cloud: The looming change in IT

PaaS is finally getting traction, and when it takes hold, the lives of developers will change forever

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How to migrate your Exchange server to Office 365

It's easy to decide to use Office 365 for email, but not so easy to actually move from on-premises Exchange

Cisco, HP, and IBM find hidden fortune in the cloud

While public cloud providers seem to dominate the market at the expense of traditional vendors, the truth is not so simple

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Adobe reinvents Acrobat for mobile and cloud

Adobe is repackaging many of its existing e-signing and form-routing tools into a pay-as-you-go service akin to its Creative Cloud

Microsoft customizes Azure for the Internet of things

The cloud service will provide many technologies to run distributed networks

Oracle introduces big data-infused marketing services

Oracle is launching three new services around customer service and prospect marketing

Stop building the cloud backward

Too many in IT start wit the technology first, wasting precious time and goodwill

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Google Cloud Storage Nearline wants to be your cloud data vault

Data stored in Google's inexpensive alternative to offline cold storage can be accessed in under 3 seconds

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Outage hits Apple services, including iCloud and App Store

An Apple services outage has left users unable to sign into iCloud and App Store services since before 3 a.m. PT

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The cloud is full of zombies, but that's OK

Zombie VMs comprise half the public cloud, which enterprise IT needs to embrace -- that's where the best new stuff is being built

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Review: BitTorrent delivers cloud-free 'Dropbox for business'

New BitTorrent Sync 2.0 aims for business users with user-management and NAS-synchronization features, but its decentralized design complicates integration into larger organizations

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