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Bigger Stronger Faster

Xen 4.6 strengthens security and Intel support

The latest version of the open source hypervisor that powers many a cloud adds deep-seated security measures and now works with key Intel-only hardware features

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SAP unveils SaaS analytics platform

SAP Cloud for Analytics combines business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics into an offering built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

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Adobe teams up with Dropbox as part of Document Cloud upgrades

A massive set of changes levels up Adobe's document management and e-sign platform

A better approach to cloud encryption

Many cloud encryption solutions weaken security to preserve functionality; it doesn't have to be like that

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AWS is leading IT's reinvention in the cloud

Amazon Web Services succeeds more than the rest because it doesn't stop innovating or offering new services

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Box's future lies in developer tools

Developer platform will 'eventually' generate more revenue than storage

Michael Dell

Dell agrees to acquire EMC for $67 billion

The price tag includes shares in a VMware tracking stock

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Amazon wants to eat enterprise IT alive

The full scope of Amazon's ambitions emerged at re:Invent last week: AWS thinks its cloud will be the enterprise platform of the future

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How AWS, Azure, and Google import data in bulk

Curious how the major cloud providers migrate data en masse to the cloud? Here's what Amazon, Microsoft, and Google offer


Amazon upgrades container services to keep up with Google, Docker

A distributed registry, a CLI, and slicker scheduling have landed in Amazon's container system to help it keep up with the competition

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Alibaba sets up second data center in the US in $1B cloud expansion

Launch of a second data center in Silicon Valley enables Internet companies in China to expand their businesses in North America, Alibaba says

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7 warnings to heed before a cloud migration

Veterans of cloud deployments offer tips about hardware, legacy systems, and staff

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It's time: Out with 'cloud,' in with computing

Cloud computing is now simply a pattern of computing, but no one's about to retire the term


A quick look at Amazon QuickSight

Matt Wood, GM of Product Strategy for Amazon Web Services, chats with Network World about the company's QuickSight offering. The new offering gives AWS users business analytics from cloud-based services.

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AWS Mobile Hub streamlines app dev

Amazon introduces Mobile Hub for easier, faster app delivery and adds Python support to AWS Lambda

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Jaws takes a bite out of AWS Lambda app deployment

Applications without servers, containers, or infrastructure? The Jaws framework attempts to deliver exactly that for AWS Lambda

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Microsoft: Go old-school to lock down Office from changes

Microsoft tells businesses to purchase one-time licenses -- not an Office 365 subscription -- if they don't want to receive constant changes

Cloud Security

AWS security and compliance tools embrace enterprise clouds

Two new Amazon cloud products proactively deal with security issues before they become security and compliance problems

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