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open cloud app

Open source tool manages AWS Lambda apps

The open source tool deploys, runs, and manages AWS Lambda apps from the command line, even using apps written in languages not supported directly by Lambda

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Google's Diane Greene: Here's why enterprises want our cloud

Google's new senior VP outlines her plans to grow the company's enterprise cloud business -- and what she sees as the top benefit of Google's cloud

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The method behind Google's machine learning madness

When Google open-sourced its TensorFlow and SyntaxNet machine learning technology, it gave away its most precious intellectual property. Here's why that was smart

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HANA on the Azure cloud brings IT a new choice -- at a cost

The good news: HANA will run on both Azure and AWS. The bad news: You have to figure out which path to commit to

Connected and Intelligent Cloud APIs

An intelligent cloud?

Today's new cloud-only offerings are trainable and open up a whole new consideration for the role of the cloud

machine learning

Google's cloud strategy becomes clearer with TensorFlow

Google is open sourcing key frameworks, from container management to load balancing and machine learning. With the announcement of Google's new machine learning hardware, its cloud platform strategy is becoming clear. Here's how.

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Google has a new chip that makes machine learning way faster

The new Tensor Processing Unit is a major leap forward for intelligent applications

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Google expands APIs to import other apps' data

New APIs for Google's Sheets, Slides, and Classroom apps offer integrations to eliminate repetitive tasks like copying and pasting

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The 3 paths to managing identities in Office 365

If you aren't ready to let go of on-premises Active Directory management, you have three good options

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

SAP seeks to simplify IT with a beefier new version of Hana

SAP has updated its flagship Hana in-memory computing platform with a raft of new features designed to make IT simpler while giving organizations a better handle on their data

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Microsoft and SAP deepen partnership with Azure and Office integrations

Updates include support for SAP HANA on Azure and a new Outlook add-in for Concur

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How the IoT keeps Ben & Jerry’s ice cream safe

Smart technology such as temperature sensors help Udder Ventures keep freezers at its Ben & Jerry's franchises running and prevent ice cream meltdowns

google io 2016

Five questions for Google to answer at its big I/O conference

Google is expected to make a raft of important announcements at the conference's keynote on Wednesday

Monopoly Go to Jail

Arizona may force CIOs to adopt the cloud

Go cloud or go to jail? A law sent to the governor of Arizona would force a review every two years of systems not using cloud technology

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5 ways Microsoft has improved SharePoint security

Revamped SharePoint platform enables more granular security controls, hybrid cloud and on-premise auditing, and BYO encryption keys

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EU's data privacy regulations put the pressure on IT

European Union authorities are requiring companies that handle EU citizens' data to comply with some of the strictest data privacy regulations in the world -- or pay a steep price

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How's your business doing? Ask the dashboard

New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne explains why cloud-based application monitoring and analytics are vital to digital business

microsoft gigjam preview

Microsoft's fascinating GigJam service is open to anyone who wants an invite

The productivity service is an interesting combination of tech that's aimed to help people work together quickly

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