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13 ways the cloud has changed (since last you looked)
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EU-US Privacy Shield offers flimsy protection

The data transfer agreement is neither a safe harbor nor an effective privacy shield. Instead the prospect of months -- or years -- of legal limbo remains

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Box makes it easier for businesses to control encryption of cloud data

The new KeySafe service leverages Amazon's cloud to help companies lock files down

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What businesses need to know about Privacy Shield

The successor to the Safe Harbor agreement may not stand up in European court, one policy expert warns

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IBM Bluemix adds graph analytics, DB management

Four new data-centric services, hosted on IBM's Bluemix PaaS, expand on IBM's ambitions to build machine learning services for business

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Microsoft launches IoT Hub to ingest data from the physical world

The Azure IoT Hub helps companies manage a massive fleet of embedded devices


The 3 technologies retailers need to succeed

Retailers looking to grow in a fast-changing industry need to focus on three main technologies. Computerworld's Sharon Gaudin -- just back from the National Retail Federation's Big Show -- and Executive News Editor Ken Mingis have the...

How to secure containers and microservices

The cloud will never be less complex; a policy-driven approach to deployment and management delivers security and trust

Containerization illustration: loading dock for binary code data containers

Are containers ready for prime time yet?

As we enter 2016, Linux Containers look like one of the hottest technologies of the year. It's all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of "The Containerization of Everything." But are containers really ready for enterprise IT...

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What's the real reason Microsoft and Google are releasing open source?

When individuals release open source projects, their motivations are often altruistic, but when it comes to companies, that is not usually the goal. Open source releases backed by companies should usually have a strategic value,...

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US, EU reach agreement on Safe Harbor alternative

The agreement on the new Privacy Shield framework will make it easier for companies to transfer data between Europe and the U.S.

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Why Microsoft's private Azure cloud will fail

Microsoft Azure has made great strides, but as a private cloud platform, it's going backward

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'Big bets' cost Google parent Alphabet $3.6 billion in losses last year

Google's parent company Alphabet racked up $3.6 billion in losses last year through investments in "big bets" such as self-driving cars and Internet balloons

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Where there's smoke, there's PaaS

PaaS's wide range of acceptance shows that it's matured to the point where it's an unavoidable part of the future of development

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Microsoft's revenue falls, but cloud remains a bright spot

Microsoft's push to reinvent itself as a cloud company is paying off, with Azure revenue rising 127 percent

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Confused yet? Clouds crib from enterprise licenses

The ELA and its variants may comfort IT buyers, but they also increase the complexity and make it harder to know you made the right decision


Improved comments come to Google Apps on mobile

Google added new commenting features to its mobile productivity apps for iOS and Android Wednesday.

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VMware cuts 800 jobs as it transitions from older 'blockbuster' compute products

Revenue was up 12 percent year-over-year, but the company says it is facing pressure in its core server virtualization business

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Why we must stand with Microsoft on data privacy

The U.S. government dangerously seeks access to cloud data anywhere. There's a better way that business should support instead

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