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38 productivity-enhancing Android apps for the enterprise
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Now more than ever, work on coding fundamentals

Early on in my career, I struggled writing code. The key to better code: Learn fundamental coding principles

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GNU compilers learn new C++, parallelism tricks

GCC 6.1 defaults to the C++ 14 standard and enhances experimental support for C++ 17

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10 Android apps developers will love

From full-blown IDEs to essential resource utilities, these Android apps bring powerful programming features to smartphones and tablets

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Xamarin starts to connect Mac devs with Visual Studio

Android and iOS are focal points in latest technology rollouts from Microsoft's recent acquisition

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CIOs still don't get open source

CIOs are clueless about open source in 2016? So it appears, according to a fresh Forrester report


How to create a RESTful service in WCF

Take advantage of WCF to build light-weight RESTful services and keep the resource URIs clean and lean

V-8 engine

Google's V8 JavaScript engine now backs WebAssembly

Version 5.1 also boosts performance and standardization, and it implements more of the Orinoco garbage collector

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GitHub Enterprise 2.6 streamlines workflows

Admins and developers have a cadre of new tools to ease their jobs in the latest update to the enterprise-grade edition of GitHub

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Node.js 6 taps V8 update for more speed, security

The server-side JavaScript platform gets a new version of Google's V8 JavaScript engine and more standards compliance

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Jenkins 2 addresses ease and security, not scalability

A future version of the continuous integration and delivery platform will tackle the scalability problem

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New functional programming language can generate C, Python code for apps

The open source Futhark makes it easier to program for GPUs that speed up machine learning and other math-intensive apps

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Mozilla gives WebAssembly a parallelism boost

By using parallelization in its Firefox browser, the company has reduced startup times

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Hackathon Starter gets newbies up and running on Node.js

The tool provides templates for easy coding and serves as a starter point for Web app development

Task Parallel Library

On Task.Factory.StartNew and Task.Run methods

Learn the best practices to create and schedule tasks efficiently in .Net using Task.Run and Task.Factory.StartNew methods

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Meteor’s Apollo unites client apps and back-end databases

The technical preview works with JavaScript, but native iOS and Android backing is in the works as well


How to work with MSMQ in C#

MSMQ is a simple, convenient, reliable and persistent backing store for storing your messages

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PyPy 5.1 puts Python's pedal to the metal

The optimizing compiler features powerful performance improvements, but the default version of Python has its own speed tricks slated for version 3.6

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Twitter provides mission control dashboard for Fabric mobile apps

Metrics can be viewed in a single dashboard to help developers monitor how a mobile application is performing

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