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Microservice architecture is agile software architecture

Just as agile development solves an engineering bottleneck, microservices solve an architectural bottleneck


Working with Hashtable and Dictionary in C#

Learn how to work with the Hashtable and Dictionary collection types and when to use one in lieu of the other in your applications

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Rust 1.9 improves speed, error handling

Mozilla's challenger to the C language isn't slowing down, as its latest version adds cross-compilation tools and API deprecation warnings

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Pepperoni spices up iOS and Android app dev

The tool provides a blueprint for building mobile apps with Facebook's React Native JavaScript library

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Google wins retrial over its use of Java in Android

The jury found Google's use of Java was 'fair use,' turning down Oracle's claims of illegal infringement

Constructors in C#

My two cents on constructors in C#

Constructors in C# initialize the members of the class to which they belong and design your classes with elegance

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What's old is new again with MIT's latest bug finder

Called Pasket, the system automatically accommodates for today's huge programming frameworks

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DoppioJVM brings JVM apps to the browser

The project for running JVM code in a browser via JavaScript is still in beta

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Spark 2.0 prepares to catch fire

Today, Databricks subscribers can get a technical preview of Spark 2.0. Improved performance, SparkSessions, and streaming lead a parade of enhancements

Signs you're doing agile wrong

15 signs you’re doing agile wrong

Misconceptions and 'best practices' may have your team spinning wheels rather than continuously churning out productive code

Containers 101: Linux containers and Docker explained

A brief introduction to lightweight, portable, flexible Docker containers and why developers love them

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Dropbox wants to speed up Python with Pyston 0.5

The latest version of the Python runtime sponsored by Dropbox uses garbage collection to enhance compatibility with existing code

Salesforce Snap-ins Service Cloud Lightning

Salesforce brings cross-channel service a step closer with new 'Snap-ins'

You can't always bring customers to your best customer-service tools, but now you can bring those tools to them thanks to a new addition for Salesforce's Service Cloud.

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Google's Abacus API adds security by subtracting passwords

The API, which shifts the authentication burden from users to their Android devices, will be available to developers by the end of the year

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96% off Complete Mobile App Developer Course Bundle - Deal Alert

Learn Everything You Need to Turn Your App Idea into a Real, Working Product with 10 Courses (77.5+ Hours) of Premium Content. For a limited time just $49 with this rather dramatic 96% off deal.

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PowerApps first look: Create mobile apps without coding

Microsoft’s nascent no-code development tool is limited and limiting, but also promising

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PHP 7.1 update puts speed before syntax

The successor to the speedy PHP 7.0 continues to emphasize performance over new syntaxes


jQuery readies version 3.0 release candidate

The upcoming version of the JavaScript library will become the only fully supported edition upon release

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