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Don't be fooled: June's high IT job numbers are deceptive

What looks like a surge in IT hiring is simply Verizon strikers returning to the job. The year's IT hiring remains weak

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Hey AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile -- your days may be numbered

As mobile users overwhelm shared cellular data networks, scrappy independent providers armed with low-cost equipment could bring the solution


US phone users least likely to switch after security breach

Slow updates by carriers and manufacturers are a long-standing problem, but survey shows that globally, 47 percent of consumers would switch carriers in the event of a security breach

Don't panic: There’s more to May's dismal IT jobs numbers

Government stats for IT jobs in May took a nosedive. But take away the impact of the Verizon workers' strike and the picture is less dire, though still not rosy

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AT&T's latest business discount is a 2-for-1 smartphone deal

AT&T announced aggressive discounts on new smartphones and devices, including a 2-for-1 smartphone offer for business customers.

Campout at the FCC

Net neutrality could be on the line in Washington court battle

Oral arguments begin in 10 lawsuits that challenge the FCC's new Net neutrality rules


NSFW: T-Mobile hurls insults at competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Warning: Graphic language T-Mobile CEO poked fun and insulted competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint during a company event.


T-Mobile will let video stream for free

T-Mobile will exempt certain video providers from data caps.

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Silicon Valley's 'pressure cooker:' Thrive or get out

Spotlight may be on Amazon, but tech jobs are high profit and high stress

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