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FCC won't back down on broadband users' privacy

Broadband providers argue they have consumers' interests at heart as they continue their fight against regulation as common carriers

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Beware zero ratings, the new threat to Net neutrality

'Zero ratings' let users stream some sites without incurring bandwidth charges, but not others. So what happened to Net neutrality?

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Take that, ISPs: FCC declares war on data caps

Charter's merger with Time Warner is headed for approval -- but with a 7-year ban on usage-based pricing, interconnect fees, and antistreaming contract provisions

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Comcast raises trial data caps to a terabyte but won't commit to nationwide rollout

That sounds like an enormous amount of data, but 4K video could eat that up quickly

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Verizon is offshoring jobs, records say

Verizon has been moving call center work overseas, and now IT jobs may be shifting as well

Kansas City, Missouri

Google to test innovative 3.5GHz wireless in Kansas City

Tests will last up to 18 months and use shared spectrum the FCC created last year

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5 ways your ISP is screwing you

These are only a few of the rip-offs committed by everyone's least favorite companies

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Stop renting: 30% off Arris SURFboard Cable Modem - Deal Alert

If you're currently renting your cable modem through your ISP or cable provider, you may not realize you can buy your own. At 30% off this deal may pay for itself in just months.

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Gigabits matter: Techies must spread tech literacy

Even successful, well-educated people can be taken in by fantastical stats and numbers. That's where our techie knowledge comes in

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Google piggybacks on fiber to jump-start ISP efforts

Google Fiber announces expansion to two new cities, including 'game changing' partnership with a city-owned network in Alabama

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Google Fiber to use existing fiber optic cable in San Francisco

Some residents of affordable housing will get Google's gibabit Internet for free

5G wirelesss technology

5G follies: The network that doesn't exist

There's no 5G technology, no 5G standard, no agreement on what 5G even means, and, thus, nothing to plan for


Good news: True choice is emerging in broadband

Innovative projects in mesh networking, free public Wi-Fi, and a statewide open-access network could help subvert cable monopolies

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The Internet isn't ready for really big news

A worldwide, globally gripping news event would likely crash the major media providers, sending us back to our TVs and radios

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Harder than herding cats: Carriers seek international agreement on new mobile spectrum

At a meeting in Geneva starting next week, government representatives will hash out proposals to hand over more radio spectrum for use by mobile networks

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Carriers want to take your Wi-Fi for their own use

An unlikely alliance of consumer advocates, cable providers, and tech companies push back on carriers' congestion-handling technology

U.S. Internet connection speeds still lag behind other developed nations

The U.S. came in 19th in average connection speed according to the latest State of the Internet report from CDN and cloud service provider Akamai

gigabit internet

Gigabit Internet access grows out of its niche

Google proved gigabit Internet feasible at a price. Now, with a critical mass of customers and ISPs, the gigabit Internet community seeks the killer app

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