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BlackBerry campus in Waterloo September 23, 2013


Open secrets: BlackBerry might share what's on your phone

CEO John Chen defends helping law enforcement as reports emerge that multiple governments can unlock BlackBerry communications


True confessions: Why I stick with my BlackBerry

A relationship with BlackBerry requires commitment and reluctance to change. The end may be near, but I will stick with my BlackBerry Q10 till then

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BlackBerry will attempt its last hurrah with a pair of mid-range smartphones

The company plans to launch two more Android phones this year before it decides whether to quit the device business


BlackBerry makes BBM secrecy functions free

BlackBerry is dropping additional charges for the retract and time-delay functions of its messaging app

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BlackBerry eyes IoT, diversifies with new cybersecurity practice

Struggling smartphone vendor BlackBerry is looking to diversify its business by launching a cybersecurity consulting service, focusing in part on the Internet of Things, and providing related tools to customers

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Samsung comes at BlackBerry’s security crown -- and will not miss

The Galaxy series will take greater advantage of Knox technology at the hardware level, even if you use Android for Work

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It's official: Mobile means only iOS and Android

Firefox OS has died, BlackBerry OS is unofficially dead, Sailfish is on life support, and Tizen is AWOL -- gone are the purported competitors

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Let us now finally bury the BlackBerry

BlackBerry can't survive with poor-performing hardware and a privacy phone that doesn't protect your privacy


4 old-school BlackBerry features in Android-powered Priv’s Al Sacco demonstrates four distinctly BlackBerry features in the new Priv, BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone.

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It's time for BlackBerry to kill the BlackBerry

CEO John Chen keeps saying he may kill the now-obsolete smartphone pioneer; it's time to actually do it


BlackBerry CEO may kill off BlackBerry phones

If they don't make money next year, BlackBerry's CEO said he’d think about giving up on handsets

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Mobile security: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone

Android Marshmallow and iOS 9 add new tricks to the MDM arsenal, especially for app management

Will this handset become BlackBerry’s first Android device?

BlackBerry pins hopes on an Android phone as handset losses continue

With the Priv phone, BlackBerry is moving away from its proprietary OS and embracing Android

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BlackBerry buys Good, exposing MDM weakness

The surprise purchase shows that BlackBerry's BES has been a market failure, but Good isn't doing so well either

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6 flagship smartphones you can safely ignore

Though they get a lot of coverage in the press, these smartphones should not be on your list when it's time to buy

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Android on BlackBerry: More harm than good

An Android strategy is no sure winner for BlackBerry, due to market, execution, and technological reasons

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Report: BlackBerry’s next devices could run Android

BlackBerry may transform into a software and services company, focused on its BES12 mobile management tool

BlackBerry shocks with Q4 profit but CEO Chen can't stop sales slide

BlackBerry's revenue dropped by 32 percent year-on-year

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