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What is a data-driven company?

Most companies claim to be data-driven, but more often than not, these claims are exaggerated. Data is hugely valuable and should play a major role across all departments, from sales to marketing and IT to finance. To become...

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Businesses harbor big data desires, but lack know-how

A fresh survey shows that while more companies are investing in big data, putting the results of all that processing to use remains dicey

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Need more analytics speed? Cray wants to light a fire under your big data

The new Urika-GX supercomputing platform is tuned for highly iterative and interactive analytics

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Who's in your store right now? SAP's new data service can tell you

Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming. That's where SAP aims to help.

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OK computer: When pop music meets machine learning

Who needs 'American Idol'? 'Algorithm Idol' is poised to take its place in the pop music mill

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

SAP seeks to simplify IT with a beefier new version of Hana

SAP has updated its flagship Hana in-memory computing platform with a raft of new features designed to make IT simpler while giving organizations a better handle on their data

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Want to boost your salary? Learn Scala, Golang, or Python

Scala, Golang, and Python, along with big data tech like Apache Spark, reliably bolster your paycheck, according to salary-tracking site PayScale

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8 reasons you'll do big data this year

To know what people are really doing with big data technology, you need to get dirty in the trenches. Here's what we've found

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Dear Silicon Valley: Stop saying stupid stuff

Silicon Valley has its head so far in the future it can't hear the laughter in response to its over-the-top pronouncements

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Adobe adds data-science muscle to its cloud services

Adobe on Wednesday announced a host of new algorithms in its cloud services designed to help brands uncover new patterns and put them to work.

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Is your data safe when it's at rest? MarkLogic 9 aims to make sure it is

A new update to the NoSQL database adds Cryptsoft technology

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Redis plants the seeds for an open source ecosystem

Redis Modules help the caching and in-memory storage system work with new data structures and database behaviors

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Review: 6 machine learning clouds

Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks, Google, HPE, and IBM machine learning toolkits run the gamut in breadth, depth, and ease

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IBM's Watson is going to cybersecurity school

The result will be a cloud service called Watson for Cyber Security that's designed to provide insights into emerging threats as well as recommendations on how to stop them

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How the skills shortage is transforming big data

As the field of data analysis matures, jobs are growing more specialized

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Data sharing and medical research, fundraising is only the first step

As philanthropic undertakings show, well-managed data integration and data sharing innovation are crucial

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White House worries about bad A.I. coding

In the artifical intelligence world, bad design is as much a worry as good

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HBase: The database big data left behind

As the default database for Hadoop, you'd expect HBase to be more popular than it is, but its time may already have passed

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