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New query language could turn log files into business insights

There's gold in them thar hills of log data, Logentries says

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Salesforce wants enterprise big-data users to catch its Wave

With Wave for Big Data, Salesforce is determined to keep a foothold in enterprises with growing interests in Hadoop -- assuming existing self-service analytics outfits haven't gotten there first

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Predictive analytics: Where big data and messy humans meet

Corporate decision making is increasingly driven by big data, but the involvement of human beings in algorithmic systems makes things more complicated than the elegant models might seem.

Salesforce doubles down on big data with new analytics tool

Through a variety of partnerships, Wave for Big Data aims to open new data sources to Salesforce's Analytics Cloud

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4 strategies to distribute your data between front end and back end

Where you store and process your data has a significant impact on issues such as privacy or performance, but also on the ability for apps to access and deliver relevant data

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Data wrangling with R: Download the free PDF

Sort, summarize, reshape, and more with this free guide to R data munging


Make your data both human-readable and machine-readable

The number of connected objects is growing faster than the world’s population. You will soon need to publish data not only for your web site users, but also to machines. It’s not that difficult, actually.

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The mythical Hadoop skills gap

Oh no! Big data is failing because we can't find enough people who know the technology! Relax, they're out there -- but don't fall for the buzzwords

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Delphix secures sensitive data in the cloud by virtualizing it

New approaches to data virtualization and masking are aiding the movement of enterprise datasets to the cloud while keeping them secure and versatile


R in 5 Lines or Less: Webscraping with R

In her latest how-to video on R techniques, Sharon Machlis shows how you can quickly webscrape sites to get pertinent data for your project

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3 ways the data lake is actually not helping with IT agility

Through a data lake, everyone can access any data they need for their agile IT project -- even if they are not in IT. Yet, at the end of the day, this nice concept can turn into more of a challenge and hardship than the agility it...


Apache Drill 1.0 tears into data, with or without Hadoop

Drill 1.0 queries Hadoop data via SQL, but may have a life of its own outside of the framework

IBM, Deloitte bring big data to risk management

The work is part of an ongoing partnership

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Hadoop demand falls as other big data tech rises

Hadoop isn’t living up to its hype -- which means that both Hadoop vendors and their customers need to widen their array of big data technologies

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Data-driven marketing brings an amazing 224 percent return, but will you get there?

There is only one way to optimize the efficiency of marketing, and this way is through data-supported trial and error. Data-driven marketing requires techniques and tools, which are highlighted in a comprehensive report.

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Stephen Hawking fears robots could take over in 100 years

Famed physicist talks -- again -- about machine learning and his robot fears

Oracle zeroes in on Hadoop data with new analytics tool

Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph focuses on spatial and graph capabilities

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Sick of ETL? Database virtualization can help

Database virtualization, a seemingly bad idea from the past, turns out to be a good idea in the present

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How to put the R programming language to work

We're at the beginning of a new wave of numeric data -- and the new R language provides a powerful array of tools to make sense of it all

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