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Startup launches big data-as-a-service

Cazena's managed service platform addresses the security and complexity challenges that have kept many enterprises from the cloud


Why Spark is spiking in the cloud

Interest and investment in Apache Spark have increased dramatically in recent months, to the benefit of cloud customers

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Privacy and open flow of data can – and must – co-exist

Is digital trade really the enemy of privacy? Unfortunately, that seems to be message being delivered by many commentators, analysts and policymakers, who have bought into the false notion that the free flow of data across borders...

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Python and Hadoop project puts data scientists first

Still under wraps, Cloudera's IBIS combines Python and Hadoop with data scientists in mind

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Yahoo struts its Hadoop stuff

A peek under the hood of Yahoo's Hadoop deployment illustrates how vast the ecosystem has become -- and how the company that invented it is still leading the way

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2 ways to expand business intelligence to the outside world

Most business intelligence projects primarily deal with information and serve consumers inside the enterprise. How, and why, should you expand these projects to the outside world?

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IBM's machine-learning crystal ball can foresee renewable energy availability

By predicting the weather, the technology can then forecast how much energy will be generated by solar- and wind-powered sources

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Streaming analytics enter the fast lane

Already we've moved on to a new phase in analytics where data never rests

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Microsoft business tools get the Cortana treatment

With Cortana Analytics and GigJam, Microsoft presents Cortana as a way to power business applications with everyday languages, not only programming languages


5 hot jobs in data

Not so long ago the "sexiest job of the 21st century," the Data Scientist is now joined by a couple other hot job titles in the data industry. Do you think you may be a Data Wrangler, a Data Shaman, a Data Interpreter, or even a Data...


3 critical components of connected object infrastructure

Internet of things projects are around the corner for many businesses. The backend, and the way connected objects connect to it, are essential to a successful project.

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Which freaking Hadoop engine should I use?

These four truths will help you determine which Hadoop technology to use for the types of workloads you anticipate

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Self-service BI review: Tableau vs. Qlik Sense vs. Power BI

All three next-gen BI solutions make data discovery and analysis remarkably easy, but Tableau does it best

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Hadoop keeps marching on, somehow

Deployments of Hadoop in production have been slower to arrive than many thought, but Hadoop job growth data shows that enterprises are keeping the faith

Crash Course Internet of Things

Crash Course: How analytics and the Internet of things raise the stakes for IT

This in-depth story, available for download as a PDF, examines the business implications of IoT-generated big data and analytics

10 keys to successful machine learning for developers

Machine learning can bring tremendous value to the applications you build, but beware the bearers of false gifts

Navigating a field of uncertainty and doubt questions

Big data, big challenges: Hadoop in the enterprise

Fresh from the front lines: Common problems encountered when putting Hadoop to work -- and the best tools to make Hadoop less burdensome

Virtual face of artificial intelligence circuits and binary data

Will AI drive the human race off a cliff?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to help mankind, but we need policies to prevent the technology from one day killing us all

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