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Spark 1.6 feeds big data's hunger for memory

The forthcoming version of the popular data processing framework makes more efficient use of memory, addressing a common developers' complaint

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We don't need a million new Spark jockeys

Spark may have taken big data by storm, but IBM's promise to train a million people on Spark goes too far, mainly because the technology is evolving too fast

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Spark speeds up SQL on Hadoop in Splice Machine 2.0

Apache Spark is being used to enhance yet another third-party data processing product

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Microsoft rolls out open source toolkit for machine learning

The newly-open sourced Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit features fast, parallelized, and easy-to-deploy machine learning algorithms

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IDC says big data spending to hit $48.6 billion in 2019

Research firm predicts the market for big data technology and services will grow by 23.1 percent annually through 2019


5 things we hate about Spark

Spark has dethroned MapReduce and changed big data forever, but that rapid ascent has been accompanied by persistent frustrations


Securing big data, a cross-technology challenge

With all this valuable data in a single place, there are many reason why hackers are going after the data lake. Securing big data is a real challenge, but one that needs to be addressed properly

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How big data is changing the database landscape for good

From NoSQL to NewSQL to 'data algebra' and beyond, the innovations are coming fast and furious

Deep learning: A brief guide for practical problem solvers

When prediction is the goal, deep learning is faster and more efficient than other machine learning techniques

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Joyent: The Docker-friendly cloud you’ve never heard of

Joyent started the container party, later validated by Docker. Despite superior technology, does an independent public cloud like Joyent have a chance?

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IBM acquires the Weather Channel: when technology vendors become data vendors

It’s unusual for technology companies to buy data providers, but IBM just made the move. With the Weather Channel, not only does it get access to a highly powerful data platform, but also on data that is critical for most of their...

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MongoDB extends database to new users, adds enterprise features

MongoDB 3.2 is designed to make data in the NoSQL database accessible to business analysts, data scientists, execs and other users


MongoDB 3.2 entices enterprises with encryption and analytics

With new analytics connectors and in-memory processing, the NoSQL database seeks a broader enterprise audience than only the DBAs who've taken it to heart

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Greenplum goes open source -- and a new cloud analytics star is born

An open source Greenplum presents a golden opportunity for cloud vendors of big data solutions

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SQL Server 2016 gets an R (language) rating

SQL Server's next on-prem version will have built-in support for analytics written in the R language, via Microsoft's acquisition and its own implementations

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Microsoft unveils new betas for SQL Server 2016, Azure Data Lake services

Company continues its big data push with a smorgasbord of data-related announcements at the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit

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IBM snaps up and more in Watson IoT push

IBM also announced this week six new partners that are using Watson to develop new apps

IoT data flood

IoT and the data-driven enterprise: How to dive into the data flood

Virtually every kind of company will eventually have to become a data-driven enterprise. Experts share strategies for making the most of IoT data

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