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Hey Microsoft, a rewrite of the R language is a silly idea

The acquisition of Revolution Analytics gave Microsoft ownership over a distribution of the open source R language. Let's hope Microsoft doesn't go through with its rumored plans for a GPL-free rewrite of R

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A new document database emerges from the cloud

The NoSQL trend has given us a crazy array of new database choices. Clusterpoint has just jumped in to offer a cloud-based document database

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Will you get paid for all this data?

There is no such thing as free. In the realm of free services, you are the product and barter yourself. But when you have to pay to actually become a sensor and provide data, the game actually moves to a totally different inning.

IBM, Box partner on cloud analytics technologies

Box users will be able to store data on the IBM cloud and use Watson Analytics

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Review: Qlik Sense 2 chases Tableau

Combining rich visualizations with ease-of-use extras, Qlik brings powerful analytics to the rest of us

machine learning eye circuits

Algorithms for eyes: How deep learning can help the blind

Algorithms for real-time collision avoidance, geospatial nav, and situational awareness -- coupled with haptic feedback -- may soon provide the visually impaired with invaluable aid

Salesforce tailors new analytics apps for specific roles

The first app in the series to arrive is Sales Wave Analytics, which targets salespeople


Debunked! 9 myths about big data and Hadoop

These unfounded beliefs about budget skills, technology, and technology fit can lead you astray

SAS automates data modeling for fast analysis

SAS Factory Miner can automate the buidling of data models and pick the best ones to predict the future


Are you a sensor on the Internet of things?

Far from science fiction scenarios in which you are surgically implanted with sensors, more and more organizations are actually using you as a sensor to collect valuable data points.

Amazon Web Services jumps on Spark bandwagon

Growing competition for Spark services should help it take off on larger scale

SAP steps up its IoT push with new Hana, analytics releases

SAP Cloud for Planning gets a new mobile app with a remote data-synchronization feature

big data fabric

Log management is leading use case for big data

Companies' main uses for big data solutions are log management, data archiving, operational data storage, and advanced analytics, study shows

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IBM fires up Spark with Bluemix, machine learning contributions

IBM doubles up on Spark, adding it to Bluemix and contributing its SystemML machine-learning code to the Apache project

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Spark 1.4 adds support for R, Python 3, cluster management

Spark data processing framework adds languages used by many data crunchers, as well as container-based cluster management features

Data and analytics

LinkedIn fills another SQL-on-Hadoop niche

LinkedIn's open source, home-brew OLAP project is a new way for Hadoop users (and others) to query both real-time and historical data

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A better mousetrap: A JSON data warehouse takes on Hadoop

Sure, a NoSQL or JSON data warehouse sounds faddish, but SonarW is a better solution for many

big data fabric

Cascading big data framework gets Apache Tez support

Version 3 of the Cascading open source Java big data application framework has support for the Apache Tez compute fabric

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