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Google launches a service for storing big data

Google finally opens up its speedy BigTable technology for third-party use

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Big automakers, big recalls, big data solutions

Product safety recalls in the manufacturing industry are at an all-time high, but completion rates for fixes remain stubbornly low. Better data management strategies could be the key.

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Adatao enhances Hadoop with natural-language queries and machine learning

By leveraging machine learning, the Data Intelligence Platform hopes to make querying Hadoop as easy as typing questions

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Can a startup democratize big data apps?

Startup Adatao claims it will do for data intelligence what the iPhone did for the mobile Internet

Microsoft sets up machine learning demo site that guesses your age

The website's purpose is to convince developers that machine learning algorithms are easy to use

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Microsoft's Azure moves indicate its big data ambitions

Azure SQL Database and Data Lake allow big data work to be done locally or remotely -- and break down barriers between the two

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Dell brings advanced visualization to analytics platform

Partnership with data visualization specialist Datawatch gives Dell's Statistica analytics platform new capabilities for business analysts

Microsoft to offer three new ways to store big data on Azure

Azure to feature a data warehouse, a 'data lake,' and the ability to pool multiple databases

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10 ways our data overlords could serve us better

Dear corporations: We've already ceded our privacy. Now implement the technology to serve us right

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Open source threatens to eat the database market

The database market has largely been impervious to open source pricing pressure. That may be about to change

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Apache Parquet paves the way for better Hadoop data storage

Newly graduated from the Apache Incubator, the Parquet project allows column-stored data to be handled at high speed

SAS enlarges its palette for big data analysis

SAS offers new tools for training, as well as for banking and network security

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Controversial unified-Hadoop project bears first fruit

Hortonworks and Pivotal's Open Data Platform project yields its first tangible results, but they're unlikely to dispel controversy over ODP's mission

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6 data sources you should secure for your digital business

Data-driven businesses depend on data from multiple sources. This post studies 6 types of data sources and offers practical actions to secure them and ensure they remain available to feed your business.

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Review: Tableau makes sophisticated analysis a snap

Innovative, self-service data visualization tool makes quick work of exploratory data analysis from 50-odd sources

IBM launches new threat-analytics tools in the cloud

Based on QRadar, the new security-focused offerings are available as SaaS

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Why you need to control your data supply chain

One year after acquiring its primary reseller of data, Twitter is cutting off its other resellers. If you are selling data, you should analyze how and why Twitter is integrating its supply chain, and how far you should go with your...

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Machine learning and the strategic snake oil reserve

Outside of programmatic trading and fraud detection, we're only starting to use machine learning in business. The biggest inhibitor may be our lack of imagination in applying it

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Big data has changed things less than you think

According to a new survey, 75 percent of enterprise data remains structured, although modern data technologies are growing fast

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