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What's behind NoSQL maker FoundationDB's disappearing act?

NoSQL database creator ceases offering downloads and removes its GitHub repositories after reportedly being bought by Apple

Why analytics is eating the world

New tools promise to empower an increasingly diverse set of business users, but there are potential pitfalls

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Beyond Hadoop: The streaming future of big data

Big data technologies like Spark are all the rage, but are they the future? The answer is complicated

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Where to find more data

To efficiently drive digitalization of your business, you need to feed business intelligence process with any relevant input data. Many sources of such data exist and yet, they are often left untapped.

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4 ways to beat the big data talent shortage

Big data will continue to be hamstrung by a lack of talent for the coming years

EMC pools enterprise smarts to create data 'lakes'

Technology from VMware, Pivotal, and EMC storage will go into big-data analytics systems

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Expect superior scale-out in Couchbase Server 4

Couchbase Server 4 will allow indexing, querying, or data services to be concentrated on specific node clusters

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The all-consuming future of cloud analytics

An explosion of use cases is driving runaway growth in cloud analytics -- but can anyone really declare that the cloud is the omega of IT platforms?

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Turbocharge business processes with analytics

Operational business intelligence integrates insights into business processes. The degree of integration and sophistication required to enable the digitalization of business is higher than it has ever been, but done right it will give...

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Cloudera declares victory in the war for big data dominance

Despite the triumphalism, the big data market is growing too fast, with too many players for any one company to dominate

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Review: Aerospike kicks scale-out NoSQL into high gear

Aerospike Server leverages memory and SSDs to bring extremely high throughput to a flexible, scalable key-value database

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IBM's Watson mines Twitter for sentiments

IBM's new Insights service harvests data from millions of tweets and uses Watson to analyze them for sentiment and behavior

5 reasons to turn to Spark for big data analytics

Smoothing the way to advanced and real-time analytics on Hadoop, Apache Spark is fast becoming the next big thing in big data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets an analytics-infused update

Highlights include new social and mobility features, closer Office 365 integration

Oracle introduces big data-infused marketing services

Oracle is launching three new services around customer service and prospect marketing

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The drive toward real-time business intelligence

Turning business intelligence into a real-time proposition is a key to unlock digitalization. A number of challenges abound on that path, ranging from upstream data collection all the way to usage of insights.

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What you need to know about Hadoop right now

Ten months ago, we published a cheat sheet for learning about Hadoop, the center of the big data vortex. Check out what's been added since then

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Tableau adds new enticements to its free data visualization tool

Tableau Public gets new tools and data sets to better withstand growing competition -- at the same free price

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