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How big will Amazon's data get, and what does that mean for companies working with AWS?

If Amazon Web Service is becoming a nearly ubiquitous technology, what does that mean for the future of data and how companies work with Amazon moving forward?

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Hortonworks buys better Hadoop data flow management

Hortonworks' newest acquisition is a prelude to creating an open-source-based data flow management product


Binding compute to storage considered harmful

The unbundling of the database is here

IoT to drive network traffic growth

PostgreSQL moves toward NoSQL-style scaling

The relational database will get autosharding capabilities to help it better handle large workloads

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Mesosphere's new big data solution: Add Spark, hold the Hadoop

A data-processing solution from Mesosphere leverages Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra -- but eschews Hadoop -- for enterprise level real-time big-data needs

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Why big data isn't always the answer

Qualitative data can provide deeper insight into customers, behaviors and trends

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How Apache Ranger and Chuck Norris help secure Hadoop

The Hadoop ecosystem has always been a bag of parts, each of which needs to be secured separately -- at least they did need that, until Apache Ranger came to town

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Python-only no more, IPython becomes Jupyter

Julia, R, Scala, JavaScript, Matlab, and Bash are among the supported languages for the recomposed IPython

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Why are software vendors going private?

For many private IT companies, an IPO is the ultimate achievement -- and a way to attract and reward early-stage investors and employees. But another trend is picking up steam in the IT space: public companies going private

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The 7 most common Hadoop and Spark projects

Think you're breaking new ground with your Hadoop project? Odds are it fits neatly into one of these seven common types of projects

Google moves two cloud data analysis services out of beta

Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Pub/Sub are both now available as commercial services

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Review: MongoDB 3.0 reaches for the enterprise

MongoDB zeroes in on operations with pluggable storage engines and revamped management tools

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Micromanaging computation considered harmful

SQL isn't just a database language; it's also management by objective


Who will be the Ubuntu of Hadoop?

While Hadoop and its innumerable satellite projects make for a confusing market, there's more healthy unity there than may be obvious

IBM's new $1B acquisition will help Watson 'see'

The addition of Merge's imaging data could advance personalized medicine, IBM says

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9 big data pain points

Do enough Hadoop and NoSQL deployments, and the same problems crop up again and again. It's time for the industry to nail them sooner rather than later


When cable companies and fashion magazines invest in big data (literally)

The parent company of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Wired acquired big data vendor 1010data -- an unlikely match. Can a media group recoup such a half billion dollar investment?


Visual ETL considered harmful (to your skills)

Why hasn't the ETL process evolved with the times?

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