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6 signs enterprise security is getting better

After decades of fumbling, companies have grown painfully aware of the risks of poor security and are finally taking best security practices and technologies seriously

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Network management vulnerability exposes cable modems to hacking

SNMP authentication bypass flaw could be used to hijack hundreds of thousands of cable modems from around the world

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Google zero-trust security framework goes beyond passwords

Google outlines how BeyondCorp determines whether a device should be allowed to access an application in a perimeter-less network environment

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Why we need to encrypt everything

Many major websites already encrypt by default. Here’s why encryption and multifactor authentication should be everywhere

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Biometrics can provide better data provenance

Data provenance is "showing your work": the entire historical record for any piece of data, stored and searchable. Given the high stakes of its data and the tight regulations around its practices, the financial industry is...

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LastPass is scrambling to fix another serious vulnerability

Flaw in the password manager could allow malicious websites to infect computers with malware or steal users' passwords


Could iris recognition be coming to the enterprise?

Iris recognition will be widely included in future mobile devices reducing the hardware investment and potentially preventing fraudulent access via biometric authentication

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6 security essentials the CIA forgot

Good security isn't magic. Common-sense measures could have stopped all those secrets from being revealed and damaging the agency


Mobile devices: The 'last mile' to enterprise biometrics

Businesses need to completely secure access to their systems and data and be certain that only those who are granted access have it

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Google tries to beat AWS at cloud security

New tools that protect enterprise applications running on Google Cloud Platform may help take the spotlight away from AWS and Microsoft Azure

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7 Wi-Fi vulnerabilities beyond weak passwords

Using strong encryption and passwords is only the first step in protecting your wireless network. Make sure you’re not exposed in these other ways


Experts at RSA give their best cybersecurity advice

Users and businesses can protect themselves with these tips

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Microsoft unveils a bonanza of security capabilities

New features for Windows and Office 365 aim to help businesses with cybersecurity

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Facebook taps FIDO U2F for stronger login security

Facebook joins Google, Salesforce, GitHub, Dashlane, and Dropbox in supporting FIDO U2F to help prevent attackers from hacking user accounts

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Office 365 outstrips Salesforce, Box as top enterprise app

Okta's latest survey of its customer app usage data shows Microsoft Office 365 way out in the lead, and Slack gaining fast but facing a possible glass ceiling

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Got microservices? You'd better secure them

Our modern world of containers and microservices presents new challenges that open new vulnerabilities if left unaddressed


Better authentication: Go get 'em, FIDO

Security standards always seem to languish in committee, but the FIDO Alliance breaks the mold, rolling out new, usable authentication systems at a rapid clip

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Moment of truth: Web browsers and the SHA-1 switch

SHA-1 encryption is ending. Here's how your browser will react

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