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Review: Scikit-learn shines for simpler machine learning

Well-tended Python framework offers wide selection of robust algorithms, but no deep learning

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Intel's BigDL deep learning framework snubs GPUs for CPUs

Why create a deep learning framework that doesn't use GPU acceleration by default? For Intel, it's part of a strategy to promote next-gen CPUs for machine learning

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12 New Year's resolutions for your data

Your data is a mess. Stop procrastinating and put your best intentions to work with this handy priority list

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Microsoft’s R tools bring data science to the masses

Open source R is key for big data analytics, and Microsoft has infused many of its tools with the language

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Tech luminaries team up on $27M AI ethics fund

A team of philanthropists and tech luminaries have put together a fund that’s aimed at bringing some more humanity into the AI development process. It’s called the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund, and it will...

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U.S. workers beware: Japanese insurer to replace humans with A.I.

By 2021, intelligent systems and robots may take up to 6 percent of U.S. jobs, according to Forrester Research

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'Transfer learning' jump-starts new AI projects

Machine learning, once implemented, tends to be specific to the data and requirements of the task at hand. Transfer learning is the act of abstracting and reusing those smarts

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Innovators wanted: Machine learning, IoT jobs on the rise

Machine learning and AI-related job offers outpace the number of searches conducted for them, according to job search engine Indeed

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IBM: AI, IoT, and nanotech will literally change the way we see the world

IBM holds its 9th 'Five Innovations that will Help Change our Lives within Five Years' -- and none of its predictions sounds like science fiction

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Review: Caffe deep learning conquers image classification

Caffe offers a strong brew for image processing, but the project shows signs of stalling

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How Microsoft will drive enterprise IT in 2017

Microsoft’s enterprise reach is stretching beyond Windows into the wider world of cross-platform computing and the cloud

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Machine learning: From science project to business plan

In addition, machine learning became more widespread, powered by better hardware, and democratized through as-a-service APIs

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Google and Facebook: It’s your job to fix a broken internet

The internet giants need to step up and repair our information system, because only they have the wherewithal to do it

artificial intelligence in the workplace

Obama White House’s final tech recommendation: Invest in AI

Potential negative impacts can be offset by investments in education as well as by ensuring there is a safety net to help affected people, the White House argues

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Build chat bots with Microsoft's Bot Framework

Microsoft's Azure-based services are a good place to start with conversational computing, even outside Microsoft environments

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Open source challenger takes on Google Translate

There's a new open source machine translation framework, but Google with its trove of language data could have the upper hand

IBM's Watson Analytics Mobile for iPad- analyzing tweets

First look: IBM's Watson Analytics comes to the iPad

The app is designed for quick data discovery on the go but has some omissions compared to the web version

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Why the cloud? In 2016, it was the lure of the new

This year the cloud became not only the new normal, but also an irresistible ecosystem of the most exciting new enterprise tech

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