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Volkswagen Sedric concept

Sedric is Volkswagen's first autonomous car

Sedric is all-electric, fully autonomous, and operated by a voice-controlled AI agent.

Oracle headquarters

Oracle plans ‘startup organization’ focused on cloud computing, AI, and VR

The company plans to set up two ‘Solution Engineering Centers’ in the United States

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11 technologies developers should explore now

From machine learning to digital twins, opportunities abound in emerging (and converging) tech trends

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Python power comes to SQL Server 2017

The next version of Microsoft's flagship database will run Python scripts, with full access to Python third-party libraries, as native T-SQL stored procedures

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SnapLogic's AI simplifies enterprise software connections

The new Iris feature uses machine learning to suggest what users may want to do next with data

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Can the enterprise save Facebook bots?

Business users may get more out of Facebook's automated conversations than consumers

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Facebook's Caffe2 AI tools come to iPhone, Android, and Raspberry Pi

New intelligence can be added to mobile devices like the iPhone, Android devices, and low-power computers like Raspberry Pi with Facebook's new open-source Caffe2 deep-learning framework.

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The strange new world of hiring and employee tracking

Cloud-based HR systems are bringing more data collection for 'measuring every human-powered process in the enterprise'

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New AI language hides TensorFlow complexity

The Inkling programming language makes it easier to build artificial intelligence applications

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With robots on the job, it won't be IT as usual

What IT managers need to know about enterprise robotics

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Why smart enterprises are thinking AI

Companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bolster customer experience, improve security, and optimize operations

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LLVM-powered Pocl puts parallel processing on multiple hardware platforms

Open source implementation of OpenCL automatically deploys code across numerous platforms, speeding machine learning and other jobs

App dev trends going hot -- and cold

21 hot programming trends—and 21 going cold

Hot or not? From the web to the motherboard to the training ground, get the scoop on what's in and what's out in app dev

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Android Gboard smartens up with federated machine learning

Google's Federated Learning lets smartphones collaboratively learn a shared prediction model while keeping training data on the device

Lego wall breakthrough

4 machine learning breakthroughs from Google's TPU processor

Google has revealed details about how its custom Tensor Processing Unit speeds up machine learning; here's how the field is set to evolve in its wake

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IBM adds cutting-edge GPUs to Bluemix on bare metal

The latest generation of Nvidia GPUs for machine learning and number crunching will be offered via IBM Bluemix, but only on bare metal and not more malleable VM types


After Spark: Ray project tackles real-time machine learning

A new project aims to create a faster framework for real-time processing that can be used to power machine-learning apps with Python

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Enterprises want to add Alexa-style interfaces to apps

Conversational interfaces a la Alexa, Siri, and Cortana top the list of tech trends companies want to incorporate in their software

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