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How Amazon's AI-powered store might work its magic

Amazon Go is billed as a checkout-free store powered by AI and machine learning. Here's what might be going on behind the shelves

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Lift language opens the door to cross-platform parallelism

A project sponsored in part by Google aims to allow algorithms to be optimized to get the most out of whatever hardware it runs on

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Disruptive Technologies to Track in 2017

5 disruptive technologies to track in 2017

Savvy tech execs are keeping these cutting-edge developments on their radar screens

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How cognitive computing will touch your life in 2017

Cognitive computing has already affected your life, but expect your encounters with machine intelligence to be more frequent and profound

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9 enterprise tech trends for 2017 and beyond

The swirl of new enterprise tech settled a bit in 2016, leaving a clear framework for the future -- and a handful of new tech trends to bet on

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AI is coming, and will take some jobs, but no need to worry

There will still be plenty of work to go around so job prospects should remain good, especially for those who keep up with technology

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Amazon's next wave of machine learning: Powerful, practical

Experts get more flexible GPUs on EC2 and FPGA programming, while users looking for out-of-the-box smarts can build Alexa-style conversational interfaces

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Why Amazon picked MXNet for deep learning

Amazon plans to further develop this compact and versatile machine learning framework. Hosting it at scale would also fit the company's overall plans

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Not so crazy after all: 4 Silicon Valley notions IT really likes

It takes a few years for the tech industry's cool ideas to get traction in mainstream IT, although many still don't

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IBM, Intel, Google, Microsoft prep next-gen hardware for AI

See how the four tech giants are working on hardware to complement and accelerate the software side of machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Intel chases AI with new chips, but still lacks a potent GPU

AI chip code-named Knights Mill, targeted at deep learning, will ship next year as part of the Xeon Phi chip family

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Google-Intel alliance boosts Kubernetes, machine learning, IoT, and more

Joint projects between Google and Intel point up areas in which both can collaborate, and places where Intel is looking to maintain an edge as the PC market dries up

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AI beating humans? Not in my lifetime, says Google's cloud chief

The so-called singularity is still some ways away, says Diane Greene, despite recent rapid progress that has surprised many

Nerves can get to you worried anxious fret nervous anxiety

10 things you need to worry about in 2017

It's time for our annual ritual: Burn some incense, peer into the dark, and fret about the future

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5 things AIs can do better than us

AIs are giving us a kicking in board games and video games, but what else are they good for?

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Google's cloud GPU undercuts, outperforms AWS, Microsoft

Google's cloud GPU instances offer a granular, pay-by-the-minute option to attach GPUs to VMs -- and cutting-edge hardware for those who can use it

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Review: Spark lights up machine learning

Spark ML brings efficient machine learning to large compute clusters and combines with TensorFlow for deep learning

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Google goes all in on cloud machine learning with new services

Google's latest cloud machine learning enhancements are aimed at everyone from job applicants to corporate customers

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