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CoreOS fuses Docker and App Container, to Docker's dismay

CoreOS adds Docker support to its App Container system, offers to do the reverse for Docker -- which is unlikely to reciprocate


Docker 1.5 seeks to ease networking, documentation woes

The newest Docker release rolls in IPv6 networking and a comprehensive description of Docker's image format

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The world of containers doesn't end with Docker

Docker, the open-source app containerization startup has built up quite a bit of momentum in the past six months, but it's still not entirely ready for enterprise. (Insider, registration required.)

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Docker grows up -- and has the reorg to show for it

Faced with an exploding contributor base and widening real-world usage, Docker is restructuring to stave off growing pains and external criticism

2015 Open Source Rookies of the Year

The top 10 rookie open source projects

Black Duck presents its Open Source Rookies of the Year -- the 10 most exciting, active new projects germinated by the global open source community

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CoreOS Rocket hits second stage, still aimed at Docker

With the release of Rocket 0.2.0, CoreOS hints that its developers are trying to learn from Docker's legacy

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Novm challenges the definition of what's a container and what's a VM

The experimental hypervisor from a Google developer behaves like a container and explores the possibilities of both

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Your PaaS has Docker ... so what?

Docker is becoming standard issue in PaaS offerings, but merely 'Docker-washing' a service is no longer enough

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Containers: The new building blocks for apps

Moving to containers is in demand and is in tune with the devops trend toward delivering microservices

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SaltStack expands container support for Docker and beyond

The cloud automation system's newest release beefs up its Docker features, but also is ready for the rise of other container technologies

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Four no-bull insights into Docker's next steps

It's been a wild week for the app container technology; here's what to keep in mind about its near-future evolution

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Docker expands and fine-tunes container orchestration services

Docker Machine, Docker Swarm, and Docker Compose deal with all phases of an application's lifecycle

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Docker derailed? CoreOS’s rabble rousing might work

An argument is brewing over whether to press forward with Docker as we know it or to start anew with a different app container system

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CoreOS: Dump Docker for our more secure replacement

CoreOS has devised App Container and Rocket, its own standard that goes back to Docker's roots

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Can't wait for Docker on Windows? Try Spoon

Spoon app-containerization technology for Windows offers some Docker technology, but with an emphasis on desktop apps

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Microsoft brings Docker CLI to Windows

The Windows CLI brings Microsoft closer to full Docker container support, but many more pieces must still click into place


Docker gains migration and networking help with Flocker

Flocker promises to address issues of data portability and migration between systems, but the project is still in its early stages

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4 ways Docker is remaking Linux

Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse, and CoreOS are following different paths for adopting Docker and its virtualization technology

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