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Docker founder Solomon Hykes


Docker goes rootless -- and that's a good thing

Containers will no longer have to be run as root in Linux, thanks to a new feature in Docker 1.10

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CoreOS launches Rocket 1.0 directly at Docker

CoreOS's container runtime has better default security and full Docker compatibility

The sun sets on original Docker PaaS

In a shrinking PaaS market, dotCloud could no longer compete with more upscale competitors

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Google's new managed containers are brought to you by Red Hat

Having Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform is another step toward Google building an open source hybrid cloud

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Docker kicks off the unikernel revolution

Until now, unikernels were an experimental OS-plus-application technology. Docker wants to make them as easy to assemble and work with as the company's trademark containers

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Review: Joyent Cloud runs closer to the metal

Through clever engineering, Joyent gives you faster startups and more speed than VM-based clouds

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6 signs containers will gain ground in 2016

There's little question containers will continue to reshape IT in the coming year; here are several insights into what might happen

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2015: The year containers upended IT

Few recent technologies have shaken up IT's possibilities as thoroughly as containers. Here are the major shifts over the past year

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3 reasons why Oracle bought StackEngine

The tiny startup that aids ops teams with Docker has been snapped up to become part of Oracle Public Cloud

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How computer security changed in 2015

We made progress, suffered setbacks, added complexity, and did little to deter the onslaught of cyber crime

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Weaveworks wants to fix Docker's networking woes

Weaveworks promises to make Docker networking less brittle and difficult to manage -- something Docker might want as a standard feature

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Docker add-ons take center stage

By calling attention to third-party Docker add-ons in various categories, Docker's working to defray criticism of how its native solutions are often the only ones used

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Red Hat CloudForms 4 takes command of Azure and containers

Red Hat's hybrid cloud management solution adds Azure and container tech to an arsenal of supported technologies


First look: Run VMs in VMs with Hyper-V containers

Windows Server 2016’s Hyper-V containers are lighter weight than traditional VMs and more secure than traditional containers

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Open Container Initiative must balance Docker, CoreOS demands

Industry consortium has the messy task of creating a true open standard for software containers and an open process for maintaining it

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Docker, Twistlock, CoreOS, and the state of container security

Cryptographic hardware keys, inspecting for flawed software, and end-to-end trust add up to secure containers

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The 5 biggest debuts at DockerCon

Throughout DockerCon Europe last week, new products and services made their first appearances, including Docker's fledgling management system

Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO

Windows Server 2016's latest beta brings first look at Microsoft's new containers

The release also comes with improvements to the networking stack and changes to Hyper-V

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