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CoreOS ramps up container scaling with ETCD 3.0

The technology for maintaining consensus and distributing data across a cluster now powers more than just container-based projects

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Nvidia plugin makes GPU acceleration possible in Docker containers

Machine learning apps in containers can't run GPU-accelerated code, but a new Docker plugin by Nvidia is set to remedy all that

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Red Hat builds Linux container security scanning into RHEL

The latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux features two directly integrated scanning mechanisms to find and block known vulnerabilities in containerized apps

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Red Hat opens the door to wider use of OpenShift container technology

New pricing and support levels are designed to entice developers into building private and hybrid clouds with OpenShift

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Microsoft Azure makes Docker a first-class citizen

The newest features for containers and microservices in Azure are another step away from the obtrusive toolchains of the Microsoft of old

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Read my lips, says Docker: Containers aren't VMs

A major form of confusion about containers says that they're a next-generation, lightweight replacement for VMs. But container advocates say that's never been the goal

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Docker 'swarm mode' aims to steal Kubernetes' thunder

The newest revision of Docker's core product aims to widen its appeal by adding a native app orchestration and clustering system

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Survey: Container use is way up -- and way different

Containers are in use more than ever, but for shorter stretches -- indicating they may be complementing existing IT modes, not displacing them


Red Hat revamps OpenShift Online for containers

The newest version of Red Hat's PaaS for business uses the container-centric revamp of OpenShift for easier app deployment and management

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Jailed JavaScript library runs untrusted code safely in browsers, Node.js

Jailed uses native JavaScript functions to run other libraries in a sandboxed environment, which could be the route to safer plugins and better automated testing of code

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Unikernel power comes to Java, Node.js, Go, and Python apps

Anyone who wants to experiment with deploying apps as self-contained miniature OSes now have a UniK, a new software tool to speed the process

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CoreOS harnesses Kubernetes to tame container storage

It's hard to do persistent data right for containerized, distributed apps, but CoreOS has a Kubernetes-based solution

network monitoring

Open source tool watches Linux systems, containers for suspicious activity

New from Sysdig, Falco alerts you to unwanted behaviors, not just in Docker apps, but throughout the system

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Enterprise IT startups are doing it all wrong

Vendors keep focusing on Mode 2 solutions when Enterprise IT remains predominantly Mode 1

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Docker Security Scanning helps root out container vulnerabilities

The newest addition to Docker Cloud flags vulnerabilities in containers before they ever make it into production

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Containers vs. virtual machines: How to tell which is the right choice for your enterprise

Just because containers are extremely popular doesn't mean VMs are out of date

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Docker's ready for Windows Server 2016

The latest build of Docker for Windows Server 2016 addresses Docker's distribution of apps written for multiple platforms and OSes

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Coming soon to PowerShell: Docker controls, courtesy of Microsoft

Though still in early alpha, Microsoft's project to add native Docker commands to PowerShell is available for testing

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