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CoreOS Stackanetes puts OpenStack in containers for easy management

Stackanetes uses Kubernetes to deploy OpenStack as a set of containerized apps, simplifying management of OpenStack components

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Containers in Windows Server 2016: What you need to know

Microsoft has not done a great job of documenting its container options. Here's what you need to think about as you start

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Microsoft launches Azure Container Service, minus Kubernetes

Microsoft's containers-as-a-service system on Azure has thrown open its doors to all users, but for now, it's Mesosphere DCOS and Docker Swarm only


Docker and CoreOS no longer have an image problem

With the Open Container Initiative's new project for creating a single container image format, container-runtime makers can settle on one unified format

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Docker 1.11 adopts Open Container Project components

Docker's participation in the Open Container project has come full circle, as the latest version of Docker is now built with components donated by Docker to the OCP

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WinDocks does what Docker and Microsoft can't do

Designed to run on Windows Server 2012, WinDocks also wants to bring SQL Server to containers, which Microsoft doesn't yet do

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Containers plant a flag in the enterprise

A new survey shows containers work, and they are now moving into operational roles

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Docker goes native for Windows and Mac

Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac incorporate OS virtualization, thus establishing a bridge to true native containers on the platforms

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Docker, not production-ready? Not so, says Docker

Docker has taken dev-and-test by storm, but production deployments have awaited more mature security and management. Some customers, however, aren’t so patient


4 Docker gems for container lovers

Got Docker? You'll want this quartet of third-party tools for reducing images, simplifying the command line, managing processes, and more

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CoreOS takes on software security for containers

Got containerized software with vulnerabilities? CoreOS's Clair project will bring it to light -- and help you figure out what to do about it

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Kubernetes 1.2 steps up its container game

The new version of Google's container orchestration system improves scalability, expands app deployment and management functions, and gets a GUI face-lift

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Docker Swarm beats Kubernetes? Not so fast

A new study from Docker shows its Swarm orchestration framework beats Google's Kubernetes in raw startup time, but critics say it's about more than speed alone

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MapR invites Docker and Mesos to its big data party

MapR's updated Hadoop distribution provides persistent storage for Dockerized apps, enables Hadoop jobs governance via Mesos


Docker snaps up Apache Aurora devs for Swarm team

Docker's acquisition of Conductant brings big-scale app management to Docker Swarm -- and Docker's commercial offerings will benefit the most

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4 no-bull takeaways about Docker Cloud

Multicloud app delivery service Docker Cloud means a lot for users, the company, and their ecosystem


You're doing it wrong: 5 common Docker mistakes

It's easier than you think to use Docker in ways that harm, not help, your setup

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Docker Datacenter promises end-to-end container control for enterprises

Docker's container management and deployment platform aims to make enterprises happy, but its ultratight integration might not please open source fans

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