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machine learning misunderstandings 1

taskcontinuation in .net

My two cents on task continuation in .Net

Create continuations using the Task Parallel Library that can run immediately after the execution of the antecedent is complete or to chain tasks as continuations

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Google Go 1.8 steps up compilation, garbage collection

Expect performance improvements for the compiler and shorter garbage collection for Go 1.8

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Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade

Oracle has released a guide to help developers move from Java 8 to Java 9

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Q&A: Oracle's future lies in cloud, APIs, and microservices

In addition to its Java work, the company is moving forward with cloud deployments, but will keep accommodating behind-the-firewall installations

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7 simple commands for Git survival

You don’t have to get fancy to get most of your work done with Git; start with these essential commands

google cloud plans primary

Heroku: PaaS is the future of development tools

Heroku CEO Adam Gross highlights the integral role of PaaS for companies ramping up customer-facing apps

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New Windows 10 SDK prods devs to embrace Windows' future

The new Windows 10 SDK is all about moving beyond the Windows legacy, into the Universal Windows Platform, then the eventual multi-OS workflows


Seastar C++ framework looks to simplify coding

Concepts capability that simplifies design will be featured in the next version of the event-driven framework

H-1B visa Statue of Liberty America

H-1B visa restrictions: Tech innovation requires a global mindset

Addressing the controversy of H-1B visa restrictions: The opportunities for inshorers and nearshorers, yet the impact on the global market for tech talent

Java 9's other new enhancements, Part 2

Java 9 enhances the Java language through several small changes that are managed by JEP 213: Milling Project Coin. This post continues my exploration of Java 9's enhancements by focusing on these language changes.

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NativeScript 3.0 lines up release with Angular 4

Meanwhile, the framework for building native iOS and Android apps in JavaScript has improved debugging and Angular performance

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Cloud made easy: Get started with DigitalOcean

Build a web presence in minutes with DigitalOcean’s dead-simple cloud service

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Java, C, C++ face growing competition in popularity

The three languages are still tops in Tiobe's popularity index, albeit with sinking ratings

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How to work with xUnit.Net framework

xUnit.Net is an open source unit testing tool for the .Net Framework that provides an easy way to work with data driven unit tests

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Got secrets? Docker Datacenter can help your applications keep them

Docker Datacenter now supports secrets in containerized apps -- API keys, passwords, and encryption keys -- and ensures they are securely stored and transmitted

Dell XPS 13 Developers Edition (Kaby Lake)

Surprise! Here's the language devs play with at home

The quirky functional language Haskell is surprisingly popular for 'weekend' projects, but it won't gain traction at work without a patron

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Slimmer, nimbler Visual Studio 2017 will ship March 7

A multitude of improvements are planned for coding, startup and testing


Java framework builds microservices as Docker containers

The java-micro platform lets developers build and configure environment, command-line, and external services

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