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Message handlers in Web API
HTTP Authentication

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Jaws takes a bite out of AWS Lambda app deployment

Applications without servers, containers, or infrastructure? The Jaws framework attempts to deliver exactly that for AWS Lambda

Where to start with containers and microservices

Lessons from Java and VMs show enterprise operations pros the way to microservices adoption

Web API Security

How to secure Web APIs using authorization filters

Take advantage of authorization filters to authorize incoming requests to your Web API

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Roadmapping: The key to getting your digital house in order

Here's what a best-practice roadmapping approach looks like, plus a structure to set your course


Protect your assemblies using obfuscation

Obfuscation makes your assemblies hard to reverse-engineer, thereby protecting your intellectual property

Garbage collection in .Net

Best practices to facilitate garbage collection in .Net

Although .Net is adept at reclaiming managed objects, you should follow certain guidelines to facilitate faster garbage collection to improve the performance of your application. This article presents a discussion on how garbage...

Multicore JIT

Improve your application startup time using multicore JIT

.Net framework 4.5 and later versions can leverage the multiple cores in your system by allowing the JIT compilation to run in two processors in parallel; hence reducing the compilation time. This article discusses in depth how...

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Microservices: Simple servers, complex security

As microservices replace monolithic applications, they're proving to be more flexible, but also more complex to secure and protect


How to work with generics in C#

Generics enables you to work with type safe data with no boxing and un-boxing overhead. You can leverage generics to create typesafe collections, create classes and methods that can accept a type as a parameter. This helps your code...

EntityClient Data Provider

Working with the Entity Client Data Provider in Entity framework

Take advantage of the Entity Client Provider -- a client side query engine, to execute queries against a conceptual model of data

Adapter design pattern

Working with the Adapter design pattern

Leverage the Adapter design pattern to map incompatible interfaces, increase code coverage, and reduce complexities in designs

Working with Protobuf in Web Api

Working with Protocol Buffers in Web API

Take advantage of Protocol Buffers media formatter in your Web API services to reduced payload and generate faster responses


Implement a simple logger in C#

You may want to log information on the sequence of events or errors when they occur in an application. To do this, you would typically design and develop a logging framework. This article discusses how you can design and develop your...

Entity Framework

Explore the different approaches to model entities in Entity Framework

There are three approaches to model your entities in Entity Framework: Code First, Model First, and Database first. This article discusses all these three approaches and their pros and cons

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6 next-gen monitoring tools tackle Docker

Docker doesn't have to be a black box; peel back the lid with these tools and services designed to harvest statistics from containers

WCF Streaming

Transferring large data over the wire using WCF

Take advantage of the streamed transfer mode to transfer large amounts of data using WCF


Best practices in caching in ASP.Net

Caching enables the web page to be rendered faster, and proper use of caching minimizes or reduces database hits or consumption of server's resources

Dependency Injection Principle

Exploring the dependency injection principle

Take advantage of the dependency injection principle to provide support for pluggable implementations in your application and build loosely coupled, testable components

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