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Best practices in caching in ASP.Net

Caching enables the web page to be rendered faster, and proper use of caching minimizes or reduces database hits or consumption of server's resources

Dependency Injection Principle

Exploring the dependency injection principle

Take advantage of the dependency injection principle to provide support for pluggable implementations in your application and build loosely coupled, testable components

Customer Experience

X marks the spot for digital transformation

Getting customer experience right is becoming a make-or-break for many businesses. And best-in-class digital transformation must be underpinned by enterprise, business, and IT roadmaps -- that is, by enterprise architecture

Liskov Substitution Principle

Exploring the Liskov Substitution Principle

The Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) is a fundamental principle of OOP and states that derived classes should be able to extend their base classes without changing their behaviour

Interface Segregation Principle

Implementing the interface segregation principle

The interface segregation principle states that the clients should not be compelled to implement an interface that contains declarations of members or operations that they don't need. This article explores this principle with code...


Exploring instancing, concurrency and throttling in WCF

When working in WCF you should be aware of the concepts of instancing, throttling and concurrency to build services that are scalable and can provide better throughput

Open Closed Principle

Realize the Open Closed Principle using abstractions

The main objective behind the Open Closed Principle was that once the application has been tested and deployed in the production system, you should no longer have to change the existing source code. Ideally, you should enable such...

Video: Why architecture matters in open source

In his OSCON keynote address, Martin Fowler gives developers a dose of practical wisdom about architecture


Working with the ServiceStack open source, cross platform Web service framework

ServiceStack is a good alternative to popular Microsoft technologies like WCF and WebAPI for building scalable web services because of its simplicity, high performance, true platform independence and less configuration. This article...

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Kubernetes hits 1.0, and Google gives it away

Google's container orchestration system is now a community project -- good reason for Google to try to make an open hybrid cloud system with it

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5 steps to becoming an enterprise architecture ninja

Enterprise architects who have a clear view of where they fit in the EA pecking order and a roadmap for taking their practice to the next level are likely to prosper

Coupling and cohesion

Design for change: Coupling and cohesion in object oriented systems

Reduce coupling and maximize cohesion to build systems that are scalable, manageable and can be extended over time

REST- based architecture

Best practices in using RESTful services

Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural paradigm that is used to create reusable, scalable services. REST divides an application's state and functionality is divided into resources. This article discusses the best...

Single Responsibility Principle

Implementing the Single Responsibility Principle in C#

This post discusses the Single Responsibility Principle and illustrates how one can avoid designs that are fragile and can break over time by following this principle.

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Evolutionary architecture provides the path to concise, functional code

To avoid slapdash or overdone engineering, start with the simplest architecture that could possibly work, verify it works, and leave it alone

EA Crystal ball

What will enterprise architecture look like in 5 years?

Numerous challenges face EA over the next 5 years but if it plays its cards right a seat at the top-table is assured. From the data mining gold rush to the algorithm economy, without it, executives risk playing Jenga with critical...

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Which approach to use for your data APIs: generic or specialized?

Common wisdom calls for a single, generic API to concentrate all interactions between frontend and backend. But the continuous increase in the diversity of client devices and objects makes architects rethink this design and take a...

building a wall

Use the right approach for building a data back end

Start with development or with design? This long-standing conundrum of software engineering is more acute than ever when it comes to building the interactions between front-end apps and their back end

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