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Read the fine print contract agreement

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How Yahoo wrangles its giant private cloud

Yahoo VP of Cloud Services Preeti Somal pulls back the curtain on the internet company's vast private cloud—and offers valuable lessons any enterprise can use

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Cloud portability? Keep dreaming

It's the age-old problem in cloud form: Platforms compete by offering unique services, but as soon as you use them, you're locked in

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IBM adds API tools to Bluemix serverless framework

Bluemix OpenWhisk now uses API Connect to manage lifecycles for the APIs that drive serverless apps

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Get started with Twilio’s programmable SMS API

A quick guide to sending and receiving SMS in your web applications with Twilio and Node.js

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Digital transformation isn't only about technology

While APIs are the secret weapon binding together best-of-breed solutions, true digital transformation comes from an innovative mindset that combines technology with business transformation

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5 reasons Node.js rules for complex integrations

With JavaScript, JSON, REST, NPM, and an ever-increasing supply of modules, Node.js should be your first choice for integration

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How to build your own Alexa-like personal assistant

Voice and natural language serve up the UI of the future. Here's how to incorporate them into your applications, without relying on someone else's API

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If IFTTT can’t, then Microsoft Flow can

Miss Yahoo Pipes? Microsoft's low-code tool for application mashups does a better job in meeting business needs

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Microsoft's AI APIs add content moderation, speech recognition

New APIs for Microsoft's Cognitive Services cloud allow speech-to-text and vice versa, as well as provide tools to automatically moderate images, video, and text

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Build 'em now! 5 uses for serverless frameworks

Confused about the practical application of 'serverless computing'? Here are five areas well suited to AWS Lambda and other function-driven frameworks

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Tap the power of graph databases with IBM Graph

A graph database can help you discover connections in your data you never imagined; here’s how to get started

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Fannie Mae CIO: Regulation fostered innovation

CIO Bruce Lee says regulation resulting from the subprime crisis put needed standardization in place. Now the stage is set for AI, IoT, an API ecosystem, and more


From chatbots to Einstein, artificial intelligence as a service

From Salesforce Einstein to chatbots, artificial intelligence is going through always broader adoption and becoming part of the “as a service” landscape

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Modernize your API with webhooks

Webhooks are event-driven APIs that overcome all kinds of integration challenges; you should be using them


3 no-bull takeaways about Google buying Apigee

What's driving Google's pickup of a major API management vendor? Incentives to get enterprises to pick its cloud, among other factors

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Tame microservices complexity with APIs

APIs not only bridge the gap between microservices and traditional systems, they make microservices easier to build and manage

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High technology: How IT is fueling the budding cannabis industry

From APIs to dispensary robots, new innovations are popping up like weeds

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Hey Google, Android APIs are a mess

The most popular mobile platform in the world doesn't seem to care much about making developers happy

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