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Microsoft will continue developing SwiftKey's iOS and Android apps after acquisition

Microsoft may bring the SwiftKey keyboard to its Windows platforms as well

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What works where: Outlook vs. Outlook vs. native apps

Office 2016 starts to unify the Exchange experience on the desktop, but native apps do better on mobile clients


PCWorld Show Episode II: Tanking tablets, the SwiftKey acquisition, and the new Windows phone

In this week's episode of the PCWorld Show, we ponder why PCs are killing tablets, why Microsoft would buy SwiftKey, why anyone would make a new Windows phone, and why we love (or hate) USB-C.

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Samsung adds ad blocking to its Android browser

Also in today's open source roundup: Removing the Facebook app can help boost your Android device's battery life by up to 20 percent. And is Linux Mint better than Ubuntu?

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Google fixes multiple Wi-Fi flaws, mediaserver bugs in Android

Of the 13 security flaws fixed in the latest update, 11 were rated as either high or critical in severity


The PCWorld Show Episode 1: Surfacegate, spec leaks and teeny-tiny phones

Welcome to the first installment of PCWorld's first long-form video show! Florence Ion, Gordon Mah Ung and Jon Phillips discuss, analyze and goof on the most interesting news of the week.


Deep learning is coming to your phone through a new Google partnership

Movidius chips promise to enable real-time image recognition in Android devices

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New Android ransomware uses clickjacking to gain admin privileges

A new Android ransomware app called Lockdroid.E is abusing system dialogs to hijack user clicks and grant itself administrator privileges.

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Oracle raises questions on open-source license for Android with OpenJDK

Google has discussed the release of a version of Android based on the OpenJDK code

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Why Linux is still better than Windows 10

Also in today's open source roundup: Why one writer dumped Windows and switched to Linux 13 years ago, and Amazon wants its Android OEMs to integrate its services into their phones

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Google paid Apple $1B to be default iPhone search engine

Court transcript also revealed that Google has made a total of $31 billion in revenue on Android

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Google issues fix for zero-day kernel flaw, says effect on Android is greatly exaggerated

Most Android devices are unlikely to run vulnerable kernel versions -- and those that do are protected by SELinux, the company said

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Linux zero-day hangs heaviest over Android and IoT

Most Linux vendors will promptly patch this escalation privilege vulnerability, but many Linux devices are likely to remain vulnerable for years

Zero-day vulnerability lets Linux applications gain root access

Plus: Why Linux gamers should hold off on preordering the Oculus Rift, and LinuxInsider reviews Deepin 15 (Depth OS)

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Linux zero-day affects most Androids, millions of Linux PCs

A new zero-day vulnerability allows Android or Linux applications to escalate privileges


Quick look at Google Pixel C

Network World's David Strom gives a quick overview of the Google Pixel C Android tablet/notebook combo.

9 ways to make the most of your Android device

Chrome OS alternative promises Android on a PC

Remix OS -- the brainchild of three ex-Google engineers -- promises a Windows-like experience on minimal hardware

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How Linux won without winning

You rarely see Linux when you boot your computer or turn on your smartphone, but the truth is Linux is everywhere

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