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samsung note7 warning

Samsung's smartphone share hit by Note 7 debacle, stiff competition

The smartphone market grew by 6 percent in the third quarter, said Strategy Analytics

Will Aspyr release Civilization VI for Linux?

Also in today’s open source roundup: Apple’s secret mockups of iMessage for Android, and how to benchmark your Linux system.

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How bad is the Dirty Cow Linux kernel vulnerability?

Also in today’s open source roundup: Android phones rooted by Dirty Cow, and the Build The Wall game is now available for Android.

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For mobile, PowerPoint still can't match Apple Keynote

The reason: Microsoft hasn't taken the vagaries of on-the-go-environments seriously enough

ransomware hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Physical RAM attack can root Android and possibly other devices

Researchers have devised a new way to fully compromise Android devices without exploiting any software vulnerability and instead taking advantage of a physical design weakness in RAM chips.

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Why is Ubuntu's Unity 8 development taking so long?

Also in today’s open source roundup: DistroWatch reviews Ubuntu 16.10, and 9 Android apps for Halloween.

microsoft cloud windows

The cloud will absorb Windows (and the rest)

It's hugely inefficient and expensive to manage client operating systems -- and the cloud gives us a way to stop doing so

phone repair kit

42% off 17-Piece Precision Smartphone Repair Kit For iPhone, Android, Samsung and Others - Deal Alert

Save money by repairing your own device. This 17-piece tool set is heavy duty, lightly magnetic, and highly rated from over 450 people on Amazon. Currently listed at 42% off its typical list price.


Google Pixel Camera Shootout

We take the Pixel XL into the lab and square it off against the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Review: Google's new Pixel XL is a fine phone -- but not that special

Google’s new flagship phone offers fast performance and the latest hardware, but it may not meet expectations

Best Android Phone hub primary image

Best Android phones: What should you buy?

Picking an Android phone can be difficult, but we're here to help. These are the top Android phones you should consider bringing home.

samsung galaxy note 7 fire battery explode 100686346 orig

Galaxy Note 7 hurts Samsung's profit forecast

Also in today’s open source roundup: A Mashable writer dumps his Android phone for an iPhone 7, and how Linux has influenced modern IT.


Google Pixel XL Top 5 features

The Pixel XL is the first Android phone to deliver an emphatic, cohesive, surprise-and-delight experience. Let's investigate exactly how.


Google Pixel XL Unboxing

An Android user, an iPhone user, and an all-around mobile curmudgeon unwrap and boot up Google's new superphone.

andrew zuis note7

Some reports of faulty Note 7s invalidated

Fewer incidents of burns and property damage, but there were 23 new cases of batteries overheating since Sept. 15 recall, consumer agency says

google pixel xl

Verizon Pixel phones will get Android updates at the same time as those sold by Google

Verizon also reaffirmed you'll be able to uninstall the three Verizon apps that will come preloaded on the Pixel sold in the company's stores

samsung note7 warning

Samsung hikes recall incentives to retain Note 7 customers

Note 7 owners who exchange their recalled phones for another Samsung model will get a $100 bill credit from select retailers and carriers

samsung galaxy note 7 fire battery explode

Note 7 doomsayers sell Samsung short

Everyone has an opinion on Samsung's next move after the Note 7's battery problems, but the path is not clear-cut

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