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chalk workflow chart

Android Studio 2.0 zeroes in on improved workflow

A preview version of the IDE also highlights emulation and GPU profiling


How to buy a productivity tablet

Whether you're opting for an iPad or a Surface, here are five things to consider before you buy a tablet.

android apps gears productivity

Android Studio upgrade improves memory profiler

Android Studio 1.5 also fixes bugs and improves lint checks for static code analysis

android m app permissions primary

Android Marshmallow vs. iOS 9: Which has the better app permissions system?

Knowing what your apps are up to is more important than ever. How do the two leading mobile OSes stack up?

A dart board with darts far away from the bullseye

Google engineers craft a Dart framework for iOS and Android

The UI framework uses its own rendering engine to draw widgets


4 old-school BlackBerry features in Android-powered Priv’s Al Sacco demonstrates four distinctly BlackBerry features in the new Priv, BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone.

blocked shot volleyball

Blocking apps? There's a smarter way to manage mobile

To safeguard data, too many IT organizations use a chainsaw rather than a scalpel. Here's how you should be managing cloud storage access

android security danger

Android security update focuses on media files

Do you like audio and video on your Android device? They lie at the heart of recent vulnerabilities in Google's latest security update


Hivemapper, a flight guide for drone pilots

Hivemapper takes the video signal from your drone and superimposes onto it details of buildings and points of interest nearby. And if you get too close to those buildings, it also serves up a warning that you might be about to hit...

android for work play store

Google tries to woo enterprises with new Android for Work initiatives

But will a free smartphone for testing be enough to get IT to give Android at Work a chance?

Chrome OS Upgrades

Senior exec says Alphabet remains 'committed' to Chrome OS

But if rumors about combining Android and Chrome turn out to be true, Alphabet may want to focus developers on a single OS for greater efficiencies

iphone 6s upgrade plan

Tim Cook says 30 percent of iPhone buyers are switching from Android

iPhone sales could keep growing because of people jumping ship from Android

priv blackberry

Priv, BlackBerry's first Android phone, goes on sale for $699

The slider handset, with a 5.4-inch display, will start shipping Nov. 6


5 Best Features Of Nexus 6P

It's the perfect marriage of Android Marshmallow and high-end hardware. Jon Phillips explains why the Nexus 6P moves him like no other Nexus phone before.


Hands-on with the HTC One A9

It looks like an iPhone, but it's really a mid-range Android phone in a pretty package.

150817 google marshmallow 03

Google makes full-disk encryption and secure boot mandatory for some Android 6.0 devices

Devices with enough memory and decent cryptographic performance will need to have full-disk encryption enabled

Microsoft Office at Cebit

Office 365 collaboration: Confusion reigns across platforms

Microsoft releases components for its cross-platform tools willy-nilly, so it's hard to actually deploy them

Apple’s Craig Federighi in front of a Swift logo at WWDC 2015

Apple's Swift takes first steps toward Android app development

Developers can use available workarounds today, but the coming open-sourced Swift will be the real enabler

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