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OpenStack can't carry the private cloud without AWS

OpenStack is flying high in the private cloud, but success may ultimately depend on Amazon's support

Amazon buys ClusterK, a firm that helps users buy cloud capacity cheap

ClusterK helps companies use AWS spot instances for mission-critical applications

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Function junction: An introduction to AWS Lambda

Stateless, event-driven, and message-oriented, Lambda is a new kind of service for new kinds of applications

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Amazon throws down the gauntlet with detailed AWS earnings

By breaking out details about sales and expenses of its cloud business, Amazon is daring other cloud kingpins to do the same

Amazon says its cloud is 'a $5 billion business'

AWS generated $1.57 billion for Amazon in the first three months of 2015, nearly 7 percent of Amazon's total revenue

Amazon and Microsoft take aim at new workloads with souped-up cloud services

Better performance is promised for applications that need fast GPUs or storage

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Amazon dumbs down machine learning for the rest of us

The Amazon Machine Learning service offers an easy way to do basic types of data analysis, but what makes it easy also makes it limited

AWS drops prices -- and barriers -- to cloud adoption

Everyone wants high performance at low prices, and you'll buy from the public cloud providers that offer both

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The cloud is full of zombies, but that's OK

Zombie VMs comprise half the public cloud, which enterprise IT needs to embrace -- that's where the best new stuff is being built

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Microsoft Azure is giving Amazon a run for its cloud money

Microsoft poses a serious challenge to AWS cloud dominance -- and that’s good for enterprise IT

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Google whips up PerfKit tools to make cloud benchmarking easier

Assessing cloud performance is less of a struggle with PerfKit Benchmarker and Explorer's slew of open source benchmarks

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Amazon rolls out Config to manage cloud resources

AWS Config records and tracks changes made to EC2 setups, with ample room for both Amazon and third parties to monetize results

Amazon offers troubleshooting tool to Web services users

For a couple of dollars per month, Amazon adds better tracking of configuration changes

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Amazon hits 5-year high in cloud market

Microsoft and Google make strong surges in the cloud while IBM holds steady

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Amazon's next targets: Microsoft Exchange and Gmail

WorkMail, Amazon's new cloud-hosted email for business, is aimed squarely at existing Exchange and Gmail customers, but its cloud still draws more attention than its desktop enterprise offerings

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10 things you should worry about in 2015

We live in an age of uncertainty, where old assumptions suddenly become open questions. Generalized anxiety is bad for you, though, so focus on these 10 points

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Amazon, Google clock best cloud uptimes as Azure struggles

Cloud statistics show Amazon and Google with the least downtime in 2014; many lesser-known players and newcomers sported impressive numbers as well


Which cloud providers had the best uptime last year?

Amazon and Google recorded impressive statistics for how reliable their public IaaS clouds were in 2014

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