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CIOs still don't get open source

CIOs are clueless about open source in 2016? So it appears, according to a fresh Forrester report

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The secrets to LinkedIn's open source success

Highly useful LinkedIn projects like Kafka, Samza, Helix, and Voldemort have gained broad adoption -- and LinkedIn engineers have benefited from the experience

Version control in the devops era

How Perforce Helix enables development, deployment, and IP protection for agile enterprises

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Why Jenkins is becoming the engine of devops

The CEO of CloudBees, which offers the open source Jenkins project as a cloud service, explains Jenkins's appeal and why it's central to devops


Being a change agent for digital transformation

In the technology world, the only constant is change. Digital transformation and disruption are all around in the shape of new technologies or in the way we get things done. It can be a real struggle for businesses to keep pace....

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Codenvy teams with Microsoft to help developers work together

Microsoft also joined the Eclipse Foundation to support the project underpinning the integration

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Why IT tasks take as long as they take

An hour or a week? For technical work, estimating the time required is the eternal challenge

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What the increasing venture capital investment in devops means

In the end, money is talking in the debate over the phrase -- more investors and VCs are voting for devops with their dollars

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We're living in the golden age of software development

With an unprecedented choice of tools, languages, platforms, and architectural styles, developers are creating a wildly inventive, software-defined world

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Can agile scale and does it matter?

Most literature on scaling addresses how to overcome objections and best do it, but perhaps 'Does agile scale?' is simply the wrong question

2016 software predictions

2016 enterprise software: 5 industry predictions

What does the future of software look like? Experts share their opinions on how the industry will shift in 2016

Agile Development Tools for Working at Warp Speed

9 agile development tools for working at warp speed

Agile everywhere: Powerful, intuitive tools are spreading the agile gospel from software development to the business at large

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New Docker tool removes a big barrier for enterprises

With the Universal Control Plane, companies get operational control without restricting developers

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Continuous improvement starts with IT culture

How to avoid IT's three toxic characteristics and create a culture of continuous improvement

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Is your business a digital enterprise?

Creating a digital enterprise that uses technology to accelerate and transform business models is critical

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7 agile certifications to take your career to the next level

The agile methodology has changed the face of software development and project management -- and also increased demand for professionals with agile skills

Take agile methodology beyond the team

A quick guide to scaling an agile software delivery lifecycle across your organization

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Businesses will eat up Amazon API Gateway

Apigee, Mashery, MuleSoft, and WSO2 pioneered the technology, but AWS is about to make it mainstream

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