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Making a business case for refactoring code

Many software teams find themselves taking an increasing amount of time to deliver new features as time goes on. It doesn't have to be this way. Consistent investment up front editing your code for readability can pay big dividends in...

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Why time and budget are stupid measurements of project success

The success of software projects is traditionally measured by the ability of the team to meet a pre-determined budget and timeline. But these measurements only indirectly measure the software's true value to the business.

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Beyond requirements: understanding what the business needs

Poor requirements can derail your software project before development starts. Here's how to get started in the right direction

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Low software quality? Poor requirements may be to blame

The software industry spends a lot of time refining its project management approaches, its tools, and its techniques, but spends relatively little time refining its requirement gathering methodologies. This is a problem for software...


7 tools tuned for agile development success

Dev shops versed in agile development can choose from a wealth of rapidly improving project management tools to hone their processes

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Devops, agile development cut through federal agency's red tape

Scrum, waterfall approaches, paired with Jenkins, Git, Chef tools as well as Java and Spring add up to higher efficiency and better tech management

Devops has moved out of the cloud

The cloud is a natural venue for taking advantage of devops -- but you shouldn't stop there

Software testers balk at ISO 29119 standards proposal

The ISO wants to standardize software testing, but it's encountering pushback from testers and is unlikely to get uptake in large companies

In Microsoft's cloud quest, some will get left behind

Risk of 'technical drift' is especially pernicious when your vendor appears to support the cloud but is only paying lip service

Our fault? Read the project audit and weep

A wise development team brings in the big guns against accusations of mismanagement on a troubled software project

Fantastic failures: 9 startups that sank in 2014

Despite the hype and promise, these unfortunate startups hit the wall this year

Devops adopters: Your trust is rewarded

Devops can be used to foster not just rapid innovation inside a company, but also trust and cooperation

Scrum co-inventor: Agile can lower risk, but it won't tell you how to code

Ken Schwaber recounts the invention of scrum and compares it to reading a book about chess

3 stooges and a bozo make a mockery of the IT department

Apathy, chaos, and mediocrity are the norm at a company that doesn't seem to care about the quality of its products

Developer picks: 7 hot tools for agile development

Project managers weigh in on the top tools fueling the agile movement at modern dev shops

Continuous delivery revs up software updates

Implementing the concept can automate software delivery, but companywide buy-in is needed

Pivotal adds mobile platform development with Xtreme Labs acquisition

VMware- and EMC-backed startup moves beyond cloud, big data, and platform as a service by adding mobile to the mix

Web app coders: Clean up your act!

When writing JavaScript front ends, is your workflow all over the place? Do you cling to repetitive actions instead of automating? Then this advice is for you

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