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Take agile methodology beyond the team

A quick guide to scaling an agile software delivery lifecycle across your organization

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Comparing scaling agile frameworks

As larger organizations scramble to apply agile software development methodologies, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the different approaches

Talent Acquisition Methods

How to fix the tech talent shortage

There is a frightening shortage of IT skills in the United States today. Why is the shortage of skilled developers so threatening? Because failure to capitalize on digital trends and transform can result in lost competitive...

mob programming

Introducing Mob programming: The best team technique you've (probably) never heard of

Mob Programming extends Pair approach for productivity, quality gains in software development

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Making the case for agile in the enterprise

In part 1 of a three-part series on how IT leaders can make sense of agile methodologies, we look at the business case for agile (Includes video)

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When organizational debt slows software projects down

When companies embark on new software projects, they too often ignore organizational idiosyncrasies that make software tougher to deliver. Having a culture that is particularly tied to broken processes is one such issue that should be...

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Conquer continuous delivery with GitHub and Jenkins

GitHub and Jenkins together help make agile development real, enabling you to automate the build process and focus on test-first development

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Does software craftsmanship make project success harder to attain?

There's a relatively new movement among software developers called "software craftsmanship" which is meant to help developers learn the right approaches to avoid project failures. My experience has been that the software craftsman...

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How to use Git for continuous delivery

Agile development demands shorter cycles and better source control. Here's a quick primer on using Git and the Git-flow method of handling branches, commits, and merges

digitalizing processes

5 steps for transforming your business using data

Digital organizations rely on their IT platform and on data-powered business processes. If your organization was not born digital, discover 5 steps that can bring you closer to a digital business and create new opportunities.

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Saving TDD from itself

Before Extreme Programming and Test-Driven Development (TDD) became part of the Agile canon, unit testing was well understood and infrequently practiced. Some fifteen years on, unit testing is now widely practiced and poorly...

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How just about everyone gets unit testing wrong

Automated unit testing is a great tool to help deliver higher quality software at a lower cost. But most software teams either don't write any unit tests or write too many

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Making a business case for refactoring code

Many software teams find themselves taking an increasing amount of time to deliver new features as time goes on. It doesn't have to be this way. Consistent investment up front editing your code for readability can pay big dividends in...

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Why time and budget are stupid measurements of project success

The success of software projects is traditionally measured by the ability of the team to meet a pre-determined budget and timeline. But these measurements only indirectly measure the software's true value to the business.

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Beyond requirements: understanding what the business needs

Poor requirements can derail your software project before development starts. Here's how to get started in the right direction

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Low software quality? Poor requirements may be to blame

The software industry spends a lot of time refining its project management approaches, its tools, and its techniques, but spends relatively little time refining its requirement gathering methodologies. This is a problem for software...


7 tools tuned for agile development success

Dev shops versed in agile development can choose from a wealth of rapidly improving project management tools to hone their processes

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Devops, agile development cut through federal agency's red tape

Scrum, waterfall approaches, paired with Jenkins, Git, Chef tools as well as Java and Spring add up to higher efficiency and better tech management

Devops has moved out of the cloud

The cloud is a natural venue for taking advantage of devops -- but you shouldn't stop there

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